Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Placing a contact form on a WordPress blog can increase leads and save you time communicating with visitors.

Adding a contact form manually can be time-consuming work, but worry not in this article you will find popular contact form plugins for WordPress.

Why Use Contact Form?

A contact form is a way to gather customers, information as per your suitability. Generally, you find the options in the contact form such as name, email account, and a message box. But these spaces can be extended to congregate more data from clients, sides such as contact numbers, age, location, and objective behind filling the form.

Another side, if you replace the contact form with an email address, then senders would likely pitch details as per their preference.

Through a user-friendly contact form, WordPress users may receive more sign up, business inquiries, customers, interactions, etc.

1. HappyForms

You might be thinking about how a simple WordPress plugin can help you to grow up the client base.

The answer is the Happyforms WP plugin.

HappyForms is a well-designed plugin for the high conversion rate with visitors that let you build a manageable contact form directly in the WordPress customizer.

HappyForms WP plugin is available in free and premium versions. For beginner-level WP users, a free Happyforms tool is sufficient, but to get extended features, you might need paid subscriptions.

Happyforms Plugin works better with all WP themes such as Elementor, SiteOrigin, and Divi setup, etc.

Besides, you can collect the data from visitors who just leave the incomplete form. You can set up a popup contact message box easily.

Features for Happyforms:

  • Multi-page forms features
  • Get free access to the Form date/time scheduler
  • Advanced filtering of messages
  • Strong security for passwords

The paid version is available at – $49/Yearly

2. Formidable Forms

Are you running a WordPress blog/site? It will be impossible to avoid a reliable formidable form WP plugin. In less time, you can perform better with a formidable forms plugin that might be used by beginners and advanced-level users.

This WP plugin has two free and paid versions that are compatible with all available WP templates. Building simple contact forms and multipage contact forms is easier with the Formidable Forms WP plugin.

Features with Formidable Forms:

  • Automatic saved Meta and information features
  • Easy to customization (no coding hassles)
  • 1-click new features installation
  • Simple drag-drop builder interface

3. Form Craft

Form Craft is a new plugin in the series of lists of advanced contact form plugins for WordPress. On the official website, before installing a FormCarft plugin, you can start examining functionality by selecting free demo features.

FormCraft claims to have a responsive design that runs efficiently on mobile devices, as well as AMP WP formats.

Under the FormCraft plugin, you get the simple drag-and-drop features to develop and launch a stylish and beautiful contact form for your WordPress site.

Features for FormCraft plugin:

  • The contact form can be placed using shortcode
  • Translation-ready plugin (works with your preferred language)
  • Do not interfere with WordPress site speed.

4. WeForms

Are you still finding contentment in contact forms plugins?

Install the WeForms contact form builder plugin that is free to access. Before choosing the WP plugin, you should pay attention to its adaptability and speed.

Under the WeForms plugin, users enjoy both services at the moment. Your site visitors will not face any issues regarding sending messages. Several form templates might be employed to position a form for eternity.

Features with WeForms:

  • Necessary customization alternatives
  • Free export/import forms
  • Anti-spam features
  • Redirection available

5. CaptainForm

Your dream survey and form can be built and published to power up your website sales with CaptainForm WP Plugin. CaptainForm plugin lets you employ more than 30+ tempting templates for free. This plugin is full of intuitive features that might be utilized to put down an advanced contact form on a WordPress theme.

Merely drag-and-drop options provide comfort so that the users could not feel like uninstalling the plugin. You can add additional gadgets to extend usability, such as PayPal, Stripe, Getresponse, etc.

With free CaptainForm, up to three contact forms are created, but in the premium plan, you enjoy unlimited form options.

Features for CaptainForm:

  • Robust Captcha protection
  • Easy data management
  • File Upload fields
  • Custom Themes
  • SMS Notifications
  • Multilanguage Forms

6. ARForms

Do you need an all-in-one contact form builder? Instantly activate ARForms WP Plugin which is available free in the WordPress plugin directory. With the ARForms WP plugin, modern material-style contact forms can be constructed that would be highly responsive.

As per the reviews available on the ARForms site, this plugin has the best real-time form editor along with handy features of built-in pop-up forms.

Features of ARForms:

  • Quick analysis for all data entries (catchy charts)
  • Multistep forms as well as survey forms
  • Confirm/Summary on Submit
  • Easy Navigation Menu Support
  • Captcha Free plugin (enable options available)

7. Contact Form s7

Contact form s7 WordPress plugin can work as assistance in operating multiple forms at the same time. Many WordPress bloggers prefer to install this contact form s7 WordPress plugin at an advanced level.

The reason behind this is that this plugin is considered safe and provides the default settings in which a user finds a wide range of customizable pre-defined form templates without cost as well as users earn space to prove their coding skills and make this plugin for personalized uses.

Note: Contact form s7 should not be installed by WordPress newbies. You need to have in-depth knowledge of customization with sharpening coding skills.

Price: free plugin

Features of Contact Form s7:

  • Recaptcha Support
  • Supports Akismet spam filtering
  • Quiz Form creation freedom
  • Easy to prevent spam features

8. Jetpack Forms

Jetpackforms have more than five million installations that make it one of the trusted WP plugins for taking steps into contact forms. As per the reviews available on the site, this plugin is a sign of performance, security, and enlargement of business to which you are entitled to great features.

All the features and options that are needed to design an ideal contact form are provided with the jetpack forms WP plugin.

For most WP bloggers and small business owners, spam is still a major concern as they get stuck on how to deal with spammers. You always end up with a confused mind and deleting spam comments.

But With the Jetpack forms plugin, you should go with the anti-spam plugin Akismet. Besides, this plugin is on the list of our must-have WordPress plugins.

Features of Jetpack Forms Plugin:

  • Smart auto-updated plugin
  • Compressive backups for entire sites
  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Expert-support for WordPress
  • Malware and code scanning
  • Free analytics and sites reports
  • Best customization dashboard and tools
  • SEO-optimized Plugin

9. WPForms

Under WPForms Plugin, you can build several types of forms such as payment forms, registration forms, survey forms, newsletters forms, and contact forms that can be generated with a single click. You might enjoy the freedom to have pre-built 100+ different templates.

Without spending time on coding, just employ drag-and-drop options and finish an amazing form in seconds.

Features of WPForms:

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Instant notification feature
  • Captcha and Honeypot to stop spam
  • Can be customized as per your needs

WPForms – Building forms on WordPress

A WordPress plugin that allows you to generate forms with simple drag-and-drop functions.

WPForms logo

10. QuForm

Do you want to give a try this eight years old WP QuForm plugin to display contact forms? More than 25,000+ installations have been recorded so far for QuForm.

Even if you are planning to have a registration form, money transferring form, or booking form, this plugin contains easy one-click features as well as a drag-and-drop dashboard. QuForm comes with an easy theming system, well-designed complex layouts, and responsive and mobile-friendly designs.

For the premium QuForm Version, you need to pay just $29.

Features with QuForm:

  • Alluring submit button elements
  • Advanced confirmation system
  • New multipage forms
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA

11. Ninja Forms

Creating a contact form can be easier if you choose to have the Ninja Forms WP plugin in your WordPress dashboard. This plugin assists you in crafting beautiful call-to-action contact forms in a while.

Even complex forms can be launched quickly using Ninja Forms and you do not require having programming skills. Even beginner-level users can choose Ninja Forms and facilitate the visitors to connect with the site owners quickly.

Users have the advantage of grabbing more signup in the minimum time, as well as email lists, can be grown up rapidly. This plugin is integrated with email marketing tools such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, Campaign Monitor, and so on.

Ninja Forms features:

  • Build dynamic forms
  • Freedom to choose whom to send mail to or not
  • Extended freedom is unlimited
  • Generate longer forms with several options
  • Insert backgrounds, manage borders

Ninja Form – Drag and Drop form builder

Ninja Form is a bundle of add-ons like WordPress Form plugins.

Ninja Forms logo


The contact form is significant to be placed on a website to engage the visitors and remarketing objectives. And Being a WordPress, you are to be familiar with Plugins that are time-saving.

You can select your favorite plugin that suits your site superbly.

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