10 Best WordPress Automations to Make Your Life Easier

Why You Need Automation Plugins & Which Ones

With advancing technology, automation is all the rage in recent times as it allows you to ignore mundane tasks and instead focus your efforts on more creative and productive activities.

In fact, did you know that a study by Communigator and SmartInsights predicted that marketing automation can increase conversion rates by 59%?

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While automation can be implemented for multiple tasks, one of the most effective is website development. There is a constant need to update your website from time to time to ensure it stays relevant.

However, this process can be extremely time-consuming. But, you can dust all that manual labor off your desk and use the time more efficiently by opting for WordPress automation.

Building a versatile repertoire of WordPress automation plugins, you will find that your WordPress website will perform well, without any need for frequent manual involvement.

So, while designing your website, be sure to try out these 10 amazing WordPress automation and see how these plugins will make your life simpler. But, before we jump into automation, let’s first understand why it is important to use them.

Why Should You Use WordPress Automation?

WordPress Automation are plugins developed to automate various facets of the performance and sales of the WordPress website. You can upgrade plugins manually, move content, and connect with customers using WordPress automation.

Rather than manually executing these functions, you can set WordPress automation to execute these workflows without interference. Using this saves a huge amount of time and leads to better conversions due to accuracy.

In this time and age, the key reasons for using automation are to save time, improve the generation of the lead, and raise sales.

In fact, 75% of businesses are using automation software, according to Social Media’s Today 2019 State of Marketing Automation Survey report. 48 percent of companies use marketing automation to customize their user experience, whereas other WordPress automation involves:

  • Communication channels
  • Link builders
  • Analytics
  • Website updates
  • Spam control, and more

10 Best WordPress Automation Plugins Every Company Needs

Now that you understand why you need WordPress automation plugins, it’s crucial to find the right plugin that matches your requirement. Failing to do this may result in you spending extra time fixing the work of the plugin, making the entire purpose of automation useless.

On the other hand, with a suite of state-of-the-art WordPress automation, you’ll find that you’re raising your sales and earning hours. So, let’s get started!

1. Akismet

Akismet WordPress plugin
Akismet WordPress plugin

Automate the spam check with Akismet free as it is a highly flexible spam handler for WordPress automation. This plugin checks all forms and comment sections to search for spam automatically. Moreover, the application blocks and eliminates spam to keep the website looking safe and new.

Akismet Pros:

  • For every comment and form, users can enjoy a complete status history to validate historical spam choices. This helps you to prepare the extension to process it faster.
  • The plugin has already been built in WordPress, you just need to enable it. This is what makes it a joy to set up.
  • The simplified interface is really pretty easy to work with. Beginners won’t have any problems deploying this WordPress plugin.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin
MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

With this Google Analytics plugin, track your WordPress website analytics as MonsterInsights’

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin is a robust plugin for Google Analytics.

By automatically capturing and tracking user behavior, this extension automates website analytics. To boost e-commerce revenue and customer loyalty, use this plugin to review metrics, make reports, and track behavior. This is the most common Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, with much more than two million active downloads.

MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics Dashboard Pros:

  • This plugin provides the newest update to Google Analytics to track any web post.
  • The detailed dashboard makes it easier to produce visually dynamic reports.
  • This plugin will be installed in just a few minutes and will be easy to set up.
  • Enjoy seven forms of personalized reports on your dashboard.

Monsterinsights – Google Analytics for WordPress

WordPress plugin for understanding your audience with tracking and ease of use. The pro version also helps with page and post tracking, creating custom reports, and tracking Adsense besides 404 error page tracking.

Monsterinsights logo

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign WordPress Automation Plugin
ActiveCampaign WordPress Automation Plugin

Streamline marketing automation for WordPress with ActiveCampaign as it helps you personalize your user experience through WordPress marketing automation.

This plugin allows you to gather leads, connect with your CRM and contract management applications to submit and close electronic transfers, and send personalized marketing messages.

Nowadays, 55% of e-commerce marketers use automatic email marketing tools, so a platform like ActiveCampaign is a must.

ActiveCampaign Pros:

  • Users love site analytics to boost their engagement rates.
  • Using forms to connect leads to ActiveCampaign CRM to simplify customer relationship management.
  • Scale the customized marketing touch using a wide variety of dynamic consumer service automation software.
  • This plugin includes 24/7 live chat capabilities for reliable online customer service.

4. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms WordPress Plugin
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

Create smart, competent online forms with Gravity Forms as it offers a simple way to create advanced forms on WordPress pages.

With advanced forms, you could automate all aspects of data collection, lead generation, market
analysis, and consumer input. Gravity Forms is a very famous form maker with a prestigious reputation.

Gravity Forms Pros:

  • The versatile drag-and-drop form creator makes it easy to design and publish sleek WordPress forms in moments.
  • The form-building platform easily combines with various third-party applications, such as MailChimp and Stripe.
  • Tour the plugin with the free full demo. Know how it works and what rewards it offers.
  • There are more than 30 prototypes to easily create technical forms for your WordPress website.
  • Users are given handy email alerts to check on lead generation.
  • Automate distribution of the form. Activate this plugin to schedule the forms to be released as needed.

Gravity Forms – Advanced Form plugin

Gravity Forms provides solutions for complex form requirements. You can add 30+ form fields, conditional fields, spam filters, partially save and continue, Calculations on data, email notification on form submission, and much more.

Gravity Forms logo

5. RankMath

RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin
RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math is also an SEO WordPress plugin that helps you to quickly customize your posts and pages with built-in tips based on generally agreed best practices. Large companies like Moz, Ahrefs, Hubspot actively use RankMath.

RankMath Pros:

  • This program enables a schema for 15 types of data,
  • Integrated with the Google Search Console
  • Automatically run 30 incredibly beneficial SEO checks to ensure that the site has been installed correctly.
  • SEO Score Review

Rank Math – WordPress SEO made easy

A WordPress SEO plugin that helps you integrate some powerful SEO tools within your WordPress website and helps to control the indexable pages. The plugin offers multiple features like in-built modules, keyword ranking tracker, smooth migrations, snippets that support 20+ schema types, and many more.

Rank Math logo

6. CoSchedule

CoSchedule WordPress Plugin
CoSchedule WordPress Plugin

Automate social sharing through CoSchedule, a highly automated plugin for social sharing. Schedule social media sharing throughout all channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the specialized editorial calendar.

CoSchedule Pros:

  • In the stylish dashboard, you can conveniently schedule Facebook posts and design email campaigns.
  • In the application, group members can exchange assignments and organize resources.
  • To instantly track your social movement, use CoSchedule
  • Organize the resources organizer, job organizer, content organizer, and social organizer features of your staff, time, and documents

7. Smush

Smush WordPress Plugin
Smush WordPress Plugin

Smush compresses images and optimizes image output to make the WordPress web faster. Switch on lazy load and indulge in automatic image resizing compression, and enhancement for better WordPress website performance.

Smush Pros:

  • Lossless Compression ensures that you can compact files without losing image quality.
  • The plugin can automatically recognize and find indirect images. This enhances the page speed by reducing the size of the image.
  • Use Smush to handle all PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats.
  • Enjoy no limits on photos up to 5MB annually, weekly or daily. This means free image optimization for smaller files.

8. Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro WordPress Plugin
Hummingbird Pro WordPress Plugin

The efficiency of the website is important. Ideally, the website should be loaded in less than 3 seconds, but 6 might be sufficient, to ensure your visitors have a good experience on your site while boosting the domain authority.

Low page loading speeds can impact conversion rates on your webpage. That’s why an app like Hummingbird comes in very useful.

This plugin boosts website performance and addresses the Google PageSpeed with a complete WordPress Speed Optimization suite.

Hummingbird Pro Pros

  • Improves dramatically the efficiency
  • Is an all-in-one WordPress stack that includes your security, CDN, image optimization, efficiency, etc.
  • It provides greater control over the success of your website

9. Tidio

Tidio Live Chat WordPress Plugin
Tidio Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Automate customer service communication with Tidio, a communication chatbot plugin that provides automatic assistance on your website.

Visitors can communicate with your chatbot at any time during the day or night to ask a question and request assistance. Using the chatbot to advertise goods and fix issues automatically by spending money on human support.

Tidio Pros

  • This automated chatbot WordPress plugin integrates with Facebook Messenger, though it can be used even though Messenger is offline.
  • Omnichat technology ensures that consumers can communicate with the native messenger they’re already using.
  • Allow 24/7 customer engagement with an intelligent chatbot that enhances user experience.
  • Access to information about the visitor, like their IP addresses, location, and browser utilized.
  • The plugin holds interaction and conversation history forever, so you can track input and train your chatbot.
  • This plugin is easy to incorporate with a wealth of common software and apps.

Tidio – Grow your sales effortlessly

A live chat software that caters to all the needs of its users with features like chatbot templates, a visual chatbot editor, zapier integration, live typing, viewed pages, live visitors list, permissions, and notes.

Tidio logo

10. Easy Updates Manager

Easy Updates Manager WordPress Plugin
Easy Updates Manager WordPress Plugin

Keep all of your plugins installed automatically with Easy Updates Manager. Sometimes you can notice some WordPress automation plugins can fail if they’re not updated. Solve this issue with the Easy Updates Manager. Automate plugin updates to ensure that the site is running smoothly at all times.

Easy Updates Manager Pros:

  • Users can switch between a multi-site and a single implementation.
  • This automation plugin helps users to experience one-click notifications.
  • You will configure which changes you want to automate and which you would like to do manually.
  • It’s easy to uninstall automated alerts if the condition changes.
  • The dashboard makes it easier to verify which automatic updates are functioning and to display detailed change reports.


Use these 10 fantastic WordPress plug-ins to simplify the website for better day-to-day maintenance and results.

This isn’t an exclusive list. You’ll find countless automation plugins for all facets of the brand’s website and marketing entries. Automating workflows can save time and resources while keeping the website up to date.

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