BIONICWP Review: Hack-Proof Managed WordPress Hosting

BionicWP - Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a blessing in disguise that helps us save ourselves from ourselves.

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Why Use Managed WordPress Hosting?

Well, here goes!

In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting is a service that takes a lot of responsibilities of managing your website off your shoulders.

Now, it is pretty easy to run a WordPress website as it is.

  • But what would you do if there is a bug in the operating system?
  • How would you remove malware that has sneakily entered your computer and is affecting the performance of your website?
  • How can you make your website hack-proof?
  • What if some plugin breaks your website with errors? How would you debug?
  • How can you secure your website from Cybercriminals?

And these are just some of the common few concerns you’ll have to look after. Problems worse than these could arise, and we, as laymen, will definitely not be able to manage everything on the ground level.

That is what managed hosting is for. While many hosts offer a managed WordPress hosting service these days, you should also know about its benefits. Basically, opting for a managed hosting plan will make things easier for both you and the host.

One should choose managed WordPress hosting because there is server-level management involved in this process, and it is in your best interest to choose a package that includes all the features.

The best part of managed hosting is that everything is customized to WordPress, and you will not be sharing your server with websites from other domains. Due to this, all the features are tailor-made, and the whole process is optimized.

To give you an example, managed hosting is a better option when you look at website caching. You couldn’t do that optimally with the use of front-end WordPress plug-ins.

Another important factor we should consider here is security. Managed WordPress hosting providers to help you remove the malware regularly. What if someone hacks your website and you haven’t opted for managed WordPress hosting?

No one will take the responsibility of helping you out with the same. Simultaneously, some of the plans offered by managed hosting providers will include securities like firewalls and save you from incidents like DDoS attacks to offer you all-around security.

BionicWP Way - The Managed WordPress Hosting
BionicWP Way – The Managed WordPress Hosting

BIONICWP: One of the best Managed WordPress hosting platform

There are gazillions of hosting solutions you’ll come across in the market. It is completely up to you to choose one for your website, but are you ready to risk it all by choosing any rando off the internet? Nope, nope!

Wouldn’t you better prefer a premium hosting solution that takes care of all your needs and actually cares for your requirements as a customer? If you are looking for something like that, BIONICWP is the one for you. Let’s dive right in and understand what is it that makes BIONICWP our strongest candidate here?

BIONICWP provides managed WordPress hosting with application-level management. What is application-level management, you ask? Have a look at this list:

  • Try Before You Buy
  • Core WordPress, theme, and plugin updates
  • Unlimited Free migrations
  • Automated daily site backups
  • The ability to quickly and easily create staging sites
  • On-demand WordPress-specific one-click backups
  • Daily malware scanning
  • Hack-proof WordPress hyper optimized hosting
  • Server-level caching (and many other performance-specific services)
  • High-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Staging Website Environment
  • Guaranteed 90+ GTMetrix speed test score
  • Hyperspeed powered by NitroPack
  • Weekly Speed Monitoring
  • White Label Support

It adds rocket boosters to your websites by a hyper-optimized stack. BIONICWP uses Google Cloud Infrastructure and allows you numerous edits for your site, guarantees better page performance, along a lot of plugin updates. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore what lies underneath.

BionicWP dashboard
BionicWP dashboard

Features and Services that you get with BIONICWP!

From site management and post edits to all-around security, BIONICWP provides all the features that can make WordPress management simpler and safer. Here is the list of the same:

1. 90+ Google page speed

Bionic provides excellent front-end performance for your site and offers optimization solutions that might elevate your Google Page speed insight score to more than 90. A page speed of such high levels can upscale the ranking of your website in mobile searches too. Thus, BIONICWP walks the extra mile by providing site speed monitoring every week.

BionicWP - Gtmetrix grade
BionicWP – Our test site Gtmetrix grade

2. Faster cloud services

The Google C2 high compute instances ensure that you get higher site performance through better Cloud instances. BIONICWP provides these instances with a premium tier bandwidth. The high-speed servers and huge cloud memory make them one of the quickest Google cloud service providers.

3. Hyper optimized hosting stacks

Apart from the cloud servers, BIONICWP also provides application servers like Nginx, PHP 7.4, MYSQL, and FCGI with LXD. This is not the end! The hosting providers also offer Linux containers for a high-speed server system. This makes it one of the best choices for successful website owners.

4. Multiple edits

BIONICWP helps you save on your money by providing unlimited edit options for the website. You don’t need to opt for VA solutions from time to time to change the images, contents, or update plug-ins in your website.

5. One-stop solution for WordPress website

All the activities you need to perform to upscale and develop your WordPress site can be implemented through BIONICWP. Be it uploading an image, editing the graphics, or updating the content; this platform offers a solution for everything related to a WordPress website.

6. Services for all types of website owners

BIONICWP provides versatile solutions that are best suited for all types of website owners. No matter if you are a blogger, small scale, or large-scale business owner, you can always set up your online asset and optimize it for better traffic using this well-managed WordPress hosting.

7. Malware screening

You can enjoy all-around security for your WordPress site without installing third-party software for scanning and removing the malware. The steps to this are very simple:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on the “start scan” option
  • If the tool displays malware, clean/remove them by choosing the specific option

8. WAF firewall

This is a security feature that keeps a watch on the website traffic and analyses the customers. It prevents your website from unsolicited cyber-attacks. So, stop worrying about cross-site scripting, SQL, or DDoS and rely on the Website Application Firewall provided along with the BIONICWP WordPress hosting solutions.

9. Themes and plug-ins

When you subscribe to WordPress hosting, BIONICWP also offers multiple themes and plug-ins. This helps you update almost everything from your vast database with great ease. Further, you can also get quick updates for all the themes and plug-ins from your dashboard. Click on the “update all” option, and there you are with the latest versions of all the add-ons.

10. Staging environment

Making changes in a website is a process that needs multiple trials and errors. You also get a staging environment where you can create a clone of your website and make necessary changes. Check the results and make the necessary changes. Thus, you can ensure that you launch the changes that function perfectly on your website.

11. White-label support

BIONICWP offers 24/7 support with no delayed replies to queries. The team solves every issue within the minimum possible time and reverts to each question in less than 15 minutes. Hence, you need not worry about glitches and their solutions once you subscribe to their plans.

How competent is BIONICWP?

With all the features mentioned above, BIONICWP helps you gain higher conversion rates. It helps to draw more organic traffic towards your website, increasing the number of convertible leads. The hosting platform also provides CDN services. CDN has its servers spread across the six continents to improve your distribution in a few clicks.

BIONICWP also provides a shield to your site against hackers through WordPress hardening and firewall services. Further, it also promises the users to solve any issue that arises due to hacking despite the all-around security provided to your WordPress website. Additionally, you also get backup options and free SSL and bot blocking features with the hosting plans.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about site management when you work with BIONICWP. You can divert your time, efforts, and energy towards sales using hosting subscriptions.

BIONICWP offers the best pricing

BionicWP Pricing
BionicWP Pricing

The rates of BIONICWP WordPress hosting solutions are cheaper as compared to some of the top-notch hosting solutions. The excellent services and values offered by the company are worth the prices. The rates start from as low as $27.5 per month per site and increase with the number of sites, services, memory, visitors, and CDN bandwidth.

You can also start your free trial and get used to working with the hosting platform before starting to avail of the services. They also have a free knowledge section where you can find tutorials and information related to all the tools offered by BIONICWP.

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BIONICWP is an excellent platform for managed WordPress hosting. You can create highly productive and engaging websites on WordPress using the features provided by BIONICWP.

It is highly competitive among all the top-notch WordPress hosting providers. Yet, the prices are affordable, starting from as low as $27 per site per month. Choose BIONICWP to eliminate all the stresses that go into Website management and focus on upscaling the business.

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