Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms on Google Cloud: Compared and Reviewed

Benefits of Google cloud managed wordpress hosting platforms

For any website to become public and be accessible by the people, you basically need two things: domain name and hosting. Besides a domain name, choosing the correct hosting plan appropriate for your needs is highly important.

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As if the servers on which you run your website do not support your needs and went down, you would be losing money every second it went down. And more dangerously, it would give your visitors the impression that you do not take your business seriously.

WordPress has been very popular recently, and many people are using it to build their websites. Suppose you are a WordPress user and wondering what kind of platforms are best for you. And if you see whether managed WordPress hosting platforms are good for you, specifically the kind of platforms that say they use “Google Cloud” infrastructure. You are in the right place.

In this article, we will answer your questions and present our top picks for best-managed WordPress platforms. However, we first discuss managed WordPress hosting and Google Cloud to understand everything and decide if you need those clearly.

What is a Managed WordPress hosting platform?

Hosting normally involves many managerial activities in which you assign domains, take backups, and do lots of other tasks. You can perfectly use WordPress on normal hosting sites. However, there would be a lot of work on your side as you need to install WordPress and take care of all the configurations yourself.

If you are a beginner, this certainly places a lot of stress on you. Managed WordPress hosting is where the hosting provider themselves manages most of the things regarding your WordPress site, which lets you focus on the important things other than site management.

However, as they do more work than general hosting platforms, their pricing would be more than the normal hosting. We want to think of this price as the price you pay for added comfort and valuable time to improve your business.

Advantages of Google Cloud Hosting for Managed WordPress platforms:

Now, hosting companies have the option of using their own pool of servers to host your site or choosing a cloud service provider. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are three of the major cloud service providers, and recently, many managed WordPress platforms are opting for Google’s platform.

One of the best things about Google Cloud is that it has several data centers worldwide. Thus, based on your needs, you can choose a data center close to your visitors’ location to enable fast responses on top of Google’s servers’ already fast working.

The fact that they are built and maintained by Google gives it certain authority. With millions of applications using Google Cloud for various purposes, Google ought to make them perform faster, better, and more secure.

A unique advantage of cloud hosting platforms is that they would support on-demand resources. The number of resources you need to be dedicated to your website depends on various factors regarding your users and the kind of requests they have on your website.

In general hosting platforms, you need to specify the number of resources you need statically, and if at a certain time, your visitors are low or the requests they make are low, the money you pay for the resources would be gone wasted. Google Cloud provides infrastructure and resources on demand which would allocate more resources only when you need them, thus saving you money!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms:

With you having an understanding of what a managed WordPress hosting platform is and what advantages Google Cloud has for you, let us jump right into our picks for the best-Managed WordPress hosting platforms:


Kinsta is a premium Cloud Platform that offers managed WordPress hosting, application, database, and free static site hosting platform that caters to small-scale business needs to those of large-scale businesses.

Their flexible services are reflected everywhere: from their general service to their pricing plans. An important thing about them is the scalability of resources.

If you want to scale your website’s allocation of resources from just a few visitors a week to thousands or even more, you can easily achieve it from the dashboard itself! At Kinsta, it is easy to switch plans and move to higher ones.

They are committed to security, and performance and use all improved tech stacks to maintain it. They use the Premium Tier Google Cloud platform for all their plans, and even their basic plan contains a free Content Delivery Network based on Cloudflare’s infrastructure with 100 GB bandwidth.

Their pricing plans are flexible enough to encompass the different unique needs of businesses. However, if you do not find the plan that suits you, you can contact them and get a custom plan worked out for you.

The range of pricing plans includes a Starter plan, a Pro plan, and 4 different incremental plans for Business and Enterprise. The cheapest of them, the starter, is $35 per plan.

Kinsta – Managed WordPress Hosting

The ultimate next-gen hosting solution powered by Google Cloud’s Premium Tier. The basic plans offer you wildcard SSL certificates for security, regular backups, etc.

Kinsta logo

WP Engine:

Slightly cheaper than Kinsta, the WP Engine gives reasonable capability and service for managing your WordPress hosting well.

With WP Engine, you can know performance insights and metrics at a very detailed level, which helps you diagnose and solve various problems. Another notable feature they have out of the box is that they help you change and provide dynamic content to your users based on their geographic location. 

As needed in every managed WordPress platform, the WP Engine takes security seriously and provides robust site protection services from various attacks that include known WordPress-specific vulnerabilities.

A great advantage of using WP Engine is that by signifying up with WP Engine, you would access many themes from StudioPress and the Genesis theme framework, which would help you start with the design. WP Engine can bring you this because of the partnerships they have with the respective makers. If you buy them separately, it could cost you over $1000!

The Pricing plans of the WP Engine start at $30 per month, and it involves only one site. With the next plans, the number of sites you can use increases, and the highest-scale plan lets you have up to 30 websites!

WP Engine – Managed WordPress hosting

A platform helps you grow your business by hosting your WordPress and WooCommerce websites effortlessly. WP Engine Coupon Code: WPE4FREE – 4 months free on annual shared plans.

WP Engine Logo


If your site is small, then Closte might attract you. It has all the general features that one expects for a managed WordPress hosting platform: a good dashboard, automated backups, provides free SSL, includes a staging area, and lots more. It uses Lite speed built-in the cache and integrates with Google Cloud well.

Another thing to consider is that Closte is more of a developer platform than the general user. We get it; the main purpose of a managed WordPress hosting platform is to rid you of the complexities.

However, there could sometimes be when you might want to get your hands dirty and mess with code to get the certain desired output. Well, you can do that easily here. Also, it offers free migration support for migrating your WordPress site from other providers.

Their pricing is highly dynamic and uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay for your unique CPU and disk usage. However, on average, you need to pay around $12 for monthly visitors of 25,000 with the general usage of resources.


Cloudways might be a relatively new service, but they have established their name in the field of great managed hosting sites. Not only Google Cloud but also allow their clients to use many other cloud platforms like that of the Digital Ocean.

Also, they do provide general managed services than WordPress, so in case you want to go to a different CMS system and yet want to utilize the power of cloud platforms without taking too much stress. As with many other platforms, they do provide migrations free of cost.

Not only do they provide you with choices of using different cloud platforms, but also they give you the ability to mix and match between different services. So, based on your requirement, you can use different cloud providers.

The Specific Pros of Cloudways provide managed hosting solutions for WordPress and different other platforms. If you decide to switch to other systems, you can do that here for any use case. Also, they do provide free SSL certificates for your site. They, too, have good customer support with live chat support.

Coming to their pricing, the Google Cloud plan starts at $33.18 per month and gives you a bandwidth of 2GB. Then comes the $73.50 per month plan, and it extends all up to $1290.30 per month, whose ram is a whopping 120 GB!

Cloudways – Hosting with Lightning Fast Speeds

Cloudways focuses on crucial hosting factors, i.e., speed, security, and user-friendliness. Cloudways Coupon Code: WITTY20 (20% off for 2 months) or WITTY15 (15% off for 3 months)

Cloudways WordPress managed hosting

If you want to use a WooCommerce site specifically, then might be the choice for you. Not only do they provide managed WordPress hosting services, but they also have a separate plan for managed WooCommerce services.

They use all the important tech stack that is optimized for speed, security, and scalability. Then comes the free SSL, automatic backups, and free site migrations that you generally expect.

Their pricing includes 5 different plans, ranging from $15 monthly to up to $149 per month. A thing you must note is that all the plans come with one WordPress install. If you want to try it out, you can use a free trial for 10 days.

Templ – Professional WordPress hosting

An easier-to-manage Google Cloud service that provides you with efficient WordPress hosting solutions. It is a dedicated hosting solution for WordPress and WooCommerce. Get features like one-click WordPress installation, automatic backups, and high-end security.

Templ logo


The flywheel is another well-managed WordPress hosting platform that performs well. With its powerful and simple dashboard, you can manage one or even hundreds of sites very well and with ease.

They give your site Free SSL, backups, improved security, staging a performance, and host 24/7 support. They also provide powerful developer tools so that if you want, you can harness them and make your process even faster, even if you are solo or on a team!

Collaboration has received a good focus here. The platform lets you collaborate easily with coworkers and, by default, can transfer the bill to specific clients or co-workers. They have four pricing plans: Tiny, starter, freelance, and agency.

Both the tiny and starter allow only 1 WordPress install, but while the tiny plan supports up to 5000, the starter supports 5 times more with only a double price! (tiny is $14 while the starter is $30). 

Freelance costs $115 per month and allows up to 10 sites, and Agency is the highest of the price tiers and provides up to 30 sites involving 400,000 monthly visitors at the price of $290 per month.

Flywheel – Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers

FlyWheel is a cloud-based hosting provider for WordPress websites. It is a premium solution for high-traffic websites, startups, and agencies. Google Cloud offers seamless hosting and a robust network for speed, security, and scalability.

Flywheel logo


SiteGround is probably the cheapest managed WordPress hosting platform starting at only $6.99 per month. So, if you want to get well-managed WordPress hosting for your platform and might not be able to spare a large amount of money, then SiteGround is for you.

But being cheap and affordable does not deprive it of its essential uses though. It has all the important features that you expect from a managed WordPress hosting: a simple and intuitive interface, backups, staging tools, free SSL, and most importantly, 24/7 technical support to solve your needs.

In addition to WordPress hosting, they also have managed WooCommerce hosting, which provides additional benefits for people who want to specifically use the WooCommerce platform.

Other than the basic plan, Site Ground also has GoBig and GoGeek plans which also are quite affordable for the services they offer. Both GoBig and GoGeek allow you to have unlimited websites with Unlimited Databases. GoBig costs you $9.99 per month and GoGeek costs $14.99.

Final Words

In today’s world, much effort needs to be put into fine-tuning businesses and providing better services and offers for the users. If you get yourself in managing your business’s technical aspects, you only would be slowed down. Managed WordPress hosting takes away managerial complexity already taken down by WordPress so that you can ultimately focus on your business.

Many managed to host platforms that use Google Cloud infrastructure, with each one being unique and having good features. However, Kinsta stands out from all of them with its pricing structures, 24/7 quality support, and many other features.

So, if you want the best-managed WordPress hosting with a lot of flexible features to suit your needs, Kinsta can be the one!

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