BitDefender vs. McAfee: Why I switched to BitDefender?

BitDefender vs McAfee

The cyber threat has been rising exponentially in the past couple of years. Especially after COVID, as a large number of individuals adopted WFH, cyber crimes have spiked.

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One primary reason is the personal devices of these individuals are not as secure. So when they are managing their business from personal & least secure devices, it’s easy to steal data. Most of these systems are targeted using one or other form of malware or computer virus.

The best solution to this problem is reliable, robust & all-sensing Antivirus software. It protects your systems from these malicious threats. There are many such antivirus software available in the market.

McAfee & Bitdefender are among the most popular ones. I have been using McAfee for the past couple of years. But recently, I switched to BitDefender. But it doesn’t mean that McAfee is not a good antivirus. So Why I switched to Bitdefender?

Bitdefender – A global leader in cybersecurity

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Bitdefender - Antivirus, VPN, Password Manager, Total Security

There are numerous reasons to do so. In this comparative article, I will explain to you all the features of BitDefender vs McAfee in a comparative way. This will help you understand my decision and will help you make the right decision for yourself!

So let’s get started.

BitDefender vs McAfee: an overview

Both softwares are popular in the IT & Computer domain. We all have used or at least heard about this software. They offer robust protection against threats like phishing websites, scammers’ websites, ransomware, malware, Trojans & many more.

You name it; they will offer protection against it. But at some stage, Bitdefender outplays McAfee easily. For e.g., Bitdefender offers a dedicated & secure browser to perform high-risk activities. So if you regularly use banks’ websites or perform other financial transactions, this browser is a boon for you!

It also secures your other peripheral devices, like webcam & microphones, from cyber threats to protect your privacy.

But such a simple comparison won’t give you a clear picture. So let’s compare each feature in detail, offered by both the software. This will help you better understand which one suits you better.

Bitdefender vs McAfee: Malware Scanner

Bitdefender vs McAfee: Malware Scanner
Bitdefender vs McAfee: Malware Scanner


BitDefender’s Malware Scanner is exceptionally robust & efficient. It offers complete protection against threats like rootkits, trojans & ransomware. As the software is cloud-based, it will consume significantly less portion of your system’s CPU power.

So even if the full scan is running, you can efficiently perform your routine tasks while BitDefender runs an in-depth Malware detection. BitDefender has a massive threat directory & it also uses Machine learning to identify even the most secretive threats to your system.

Additionally, you get a real-time protection tool called BitDefender Shield. The software is feather-light & hence it won’t hang your system.

In a nutshell, BitDefender gets 10/10 in terms of Malware protection.


McAfee still uses the old method of detecting threats by comparing your system files with their massive database. But that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. When I ran the test on a few sample files, McAfee could identify all the threats, just like BitDefender.

The only problem with McAfee is it’s not cloud-based software. So it will need a lot of juice from your CPU, resulting in a sluggish system. While the scanning time in both of the tools is similar, you won’t be able to perform medium to heavy CPU-intensive tasks during the scanning.

Like BitDefender, McAfee also offers real-time protection, so there are no winners.

In terms of Malware protection, I will give a 9/10 to McAfee as it hampers the system’s performance.

Bitdefender vs McAfee in Malware Scanner:
Bitdefender Wins

BitDefender vs McAfee: Web Security

Bitdefender vs McAfee : Web Security
Bitdefender vs McAfee : Web Security

Today, we perform most of our tasks online. Many prefer online modes, whether banking, managing work or even shopping. But the online marketplace is abuzz with cyber threats & criminals. So it’s important to have an antivirus with a powerful Web Security tool.


BitDefender clearly takes the lead here. It’s well-known to offer industry-leading web security to its users. It has a plethora of features that will keep you safe when you are online.

For e.g., if you land on a website that automatically starts downloading malware, BitDefender will block that website immediately. This will ensure your system is safe from such malware.

Its anti-phishing protection is another marvelous feature. BitDefender compares every website you visit with its massive database of risky websites. So if you visit any website & it’s dangerous, BitDefender will block it right away. It also constantly checks the website for fraudulent content & encrypted websites that pose a threat to you.

If your kids use your system, BitDefender offers you an added layer of security. With its excellent Parental Control, you can restrict the access hours of your device and whitelist & blacklist certain apps and websites. This will protect your kids from any adult or unsuitable content.

VPN from BitDefender is also great. But the issue is you can access just 200 MB of data per day via VPN with your total security plan. If you want unlimited VPN browsing, you will have to spend some extra bucks on their VPN service.

A few things that Bitdefender can work on is the lack of 2 Factor Authentication. Other than that, there is nothing to dislike about Bitdefender!

Here’s what you get with BitDefender Total Security Plan (which is their most premium plan):

  • Complete, hassle-free protection across your phones, tablets & laptops (total 5 devices)
  • Protection for multiple operating systems, including Android, Windows, Macs & iOS
  • Absolute Parental controls across all devices
  • Extensive privacy protection, including firewalls, webcams & microphones
  • Secure web browser for safe online payments.
  • Password manager.
  • VPN (a virtual private network).
  • Anti-theft protection for Windows and Android.
  • BitDefender’s standard protection suite against adware, malware, web attacks & ransomware

Based on my usage from the past few months, I will definitely give BitDefender a 9.5/10 for Web security.


The web security offered by McAfee is on par with Bitdefender. For e.g., it can identify phishing & malicious website with almost safe efficiency as Bitdefender. McAfee, too, has a massive database of risky websites that it uses to compare every website you visit.

So when it comes to web security, McAfee gives tough competition to Bitdefender. They constantly keep updating their database to add new malicious websites to ensure all-around protection. It also offers a Password Manager, which is almost as good as Bitdefender’s. But the problem here is the same: McAfee also doesn’t offer 2-factor Authentication.

McAfee also offers Parental Control so your kids can enjoy safe & secure browsing. But I personally felt that BitDefender’s Parental Control is better.

Here are some benefits you get with McAfee Total Protection Plan:

  • Personalized firewall.
  • Excellent Web protection against online threats
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge for better online security or cybersecurity
  • System tuneup tools to ensure your systems run flawlessly
  • Network scanner
  • Unlimited Browsing through VPN
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Secured Password manager
  • Constant Identity theft monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Parental control

All I can say is, McAfee performs equally well when it comes to web security.

So I will give it 9.5/10 to McAfee here.

BitDefender vs McAfee in Web security:

BitDefender vs. McAfee: Ease of Use

Ease of use is the factor that affects the popularity of any software or tool. McAfee & BitDefender both are very popular. So it’s pretty clear they are both easy to use. Let’s take a look at what both tools have to offer in terms of usability.


BitDefender’s UI is exceptionally pleasing. You can access everything right from the dashboard. The layout is properly spaced with pertinent details & all the sections are easy to find. You can customize the dashboard by adding or removing the buttons too.

All the services are classified into 3 categories for ease of use: protection, privacy, & utility. This saves you a lot of time going through the menu & finding individual services.

If you are using BitDefender on your Smart Phone, you will be equally pleased with the layout. This feature-app lets you control your web security with a few simple clicks.

I just loved BitDefender’s UI & will definitely give it 10/10.


McAfee, too, is exceptionally well-designed. The UI is clean & clutter-free, with all the options available on the dashboard. You can perform a plethora of tasks, including running malware analysis, accessing VPN tuneup systems, customizing parental control & manage the firewall.

McAfee, too, has a pleasing iOS & Android app that offers excellent control over your data security & online protection.

So in terms of Ease of use, I’ll give McAfee a 10/10.

BitDefender vs McAfee in Ease-of-use:

BitDefender vs McAfee: Customer Support

Bitdefender vs McAfee: Customer Support
Bitdefender vs McAfee: Customer Support

When purchasing any software, you want the seller to offer excellent support whenever required. When it comes to Customer Support, McAfee & Bitdefender are almost similar. But there are subtle points that put Bitdefender ahead.


BitDefender offers excellent support to its customers. They have a massive & in-depth knowledge base to help customers with some FAQs. You will find a ton of technical details in this knowledge base. And if your issue is not resolved & you still need help, they offer multi-channel support.

You can get in touch with their support team via Live Chat, Email Support, or On-call support. While setting up BitDefender on my system, I needed some technical advice. So I reached out to the support team via call.

My call was quickly answered & the issue was resolved. The technical team seems very sound & knowledge base. 

So in terms of customer support, BitDefender definitely gets 10/10.


McAfee’s support, too, is great with features like Live Chat Support & On-call Support. They, too, have a knowledge database. But frankly, I was unable to find much information & details on their knowledge base.

Additionally, they do not offer email support. Moreover, the answers to FAQs are often outdated versions. But, the Community Support of McAfee balances the equation. You can reach out to the McAfee community & get quick solutions to your problems.

But over an all, BitDefender still beats McAfee in terms of Customer Support.

So here, I will give a 9/10 to McAfee.

BitDefender vs McAfee in Customer Support:
BitDefender Wins

BitDefender vs McAfee: Why I switched to BitDefender?

In most of the criteria, BitDefender vs McAfee both offer quality services. They both are well-designed, well-maintained & highly efficient tools. There is no or minimal difference in terms of pricing, so there too is insignificant.

But, when it comes to Customer Support & impact on the system performance, Bitdefender is the clear winner. And that’s the reason why I switched to Bitdefender.

Whenever I am in the system, I am engaged in multitasking. So when I was using McAfee, I experienced a dip in performance whenever McAfee performed the scan. And given the tight schedule, I could no longer afford such delays.

So, after performing in-depth research, I decided to switch to BitDefender. Here’s a quick comparison table for you:

BitDefender vs McAfee: Comparing Features

System PerformanceWinsLooses
Ease of UseDrawDraw
Customer SupportWinsLooses
Feature Comparison of BitDefender and McAfee

BitDefender vs McAfee: Parting thoughts

BitDefender & McAfee are both great tools. If you work on a PC, I would strongly recommend getting one based on your needs & the review I shared above.

No matter what tool you pick, you will get excellent services. But, I would personally recommend BitDefender as I am experiencing better results from it. Rest, I leave it up to you!

I hope this comparative BitDefender vs McAfee guide will help you make an informed decision. If you want to know more about technology or business, feel free to visit our topics page. You will indeed find a lot of worthy pieces!

Till then, Happy Reading!


Is BitDefender better than McAfee

In terms of customer support & system performance, it’s better than McAfee. Other than that, there are no significant differences.

Does any of the tools offer a free pack?

No, they offer a free trial. But that’s for a limited period.

Does BitDefender offer Parental Control?

Yes, it offers excellent Parental Control to protect your kids from harmful content.

BitDefender vs McAfee: Which one is better for Web security?

Both offer quality web security services. But BitDefender’s Web security is better.

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