How to secure an iPhone: Superman level protection for your iPhone

How to secure iphone

Can someone hack my iPhone? Is the iPhone more secure than other smartphones? How to secure an iPhone from hackers?

These are the questions I often get bombarded with by iPhone users. As we all know, big brands like Apple focus on offering top-notch security to their customers; their products tend to offer a bit more protection than others.

But that doesn’t mean your iPhone is immune to cyber attacks from hackers. As these are high-end phones, hackers are always snooping around to get into them. So how to protect your iPhone from hackers? How to set iPhone security settings?

Well, there are some crucial steps that you should take to minimize the risk of getting hacked. This security guide will share some simple tips that will add an extra layer of security to your iPhone.

Let’s dive in.

How to secure an iPhone from hackers?

How to secure iphone
How to secure an iPhone from Hackers

Keep your iPhone updated

As I already mentioned, Apple is dead-serious about its customers’ security & privacy. So they release regular updates for them. Each update comes with a new security patch, bug fixes & security fixes.

So if you own an iPhone, the first step you can take to secure your it is by installing regular updates. As hackers usually target devices with older OS, this will keep you off their radar.

It’s very simple to install an update on your iPhone(which I am sure you are well aware of!).

But if you don’t know, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Navigate to “General”
  • Click on “Software Update”
  • Download & Install the update if available

Create tricky password

It goes without saying that your iPhone needs a strong & complex password. Make it a bit lengthy & avoid using any personal information like your DOB, first name, partner’s name, pet’s name, or address.

Reason? Human psychology! People tend to use this information while setting a password & hackers know it. So if you are using these names, there is a higher risk of your password being compromised.

So I recommend using the random name, location, or anything that doesn’t relate directly to you. You can use iCloud Keychain to generate random & complex passwords for your iPhone.

No Jail Breaking, please!

People often jailbreak their iPhone, thinking it will boost their iPhones efficiency. The truth is exactly the opposite! Once you Jailbreak your iPhone, I agree that you can enjoy a wide range of apps that are not available on your Apple store.

But once you jailbreak, your warranty goes void. So if something goes south, you won’t get support from Apple.

Moreover, you expose your phone to malicious hackers & viruses that can infect your phone via third-party apps. This will result in massive security breaches & data theft. And I am sure you do not want that.

So please avoid jailbreaking your iPhone.

Get Malware protection software & Ad-blocking tools

As mentioned above, if you don’t jailbreak your iPhone, you minimize the risk of facing malware attacks. But I said “minimize”, not eliminate.

So it’s always advisable to get Malware protection software & Ad-blocking tools. These tools identify malicious-looking ads & block them before they infect your phone.

If you search online, you’ll get many such tools. Some of them are free, while some will charge you.

I use Purify on my AdGaurd. Although it charges a bit, it’s safe & efficient.

How to secure iphone
STEPS to install an update on your iPhone

Avoid Public Charging Stations

Sounds weird? Wait till you read the explanation! You’ll always find iPhone charging stations on Metro stations, cafes, restaurants & other public places. It offers a lot of convenience to the users, as iPhones are not particularly well-known for battery backup!

But these public charging stations pose a serious threat. As the Lightning cables act as a charging cable and data transmission cable, hackers can easily steal your data from such public charging stations.

Solution? The good old power bank. You can check various power banks for iPhones here. Keep it charged, keep it around you whenever you are travelling & that is it! You are safe.

Get a reliable VPN

VPN is the ultimate protection you can offer to your iPhone! It masks your location whenever you are online. VPN bounces your signal from different servers across the globe, ensuring hackers do not trace back the origin of data to your device.

This offers an added layer of security to your iPhone.

But there is a catch! If you are using free-VPN services, the risk of your iPhone getting hacked increases instead.

Reason? Why would someone offer free service to you? Such free VPNs steal your data sell it to the highest bidder. So always choose a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

You can either download their native app if you are using the latest Apple OS. If not, you can manually install a VPN on your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Using an iPhone is a different experience in itself. But you can enjoy all its features only when you are sure about its security.

The first step towards iPhone security starts with your self-awareness. For iPhone security tips,
I hope this detailed guide will assist you in keeping your iPhone safe.

If you are looking for ways to secure your android Phone, don’t forget to read my detailed guide for protecting your Android phone here.

More resources to secure your iPhone:


Is it risky to use SIRI?

Yes, there have been some incidents where hackers could get access to the iPhone via SIRI. So if you ask me, stop using SIRI.

Can I use Free VPN for my iPhone?

Yes, you can, but there will be no guarantee of safety! As these free-VPN services often steal your data & sell it, I will not recommend it.

Is there any anti-malware software for iPhone available?

As iPhones are not at high risk of getting attacked by malware, there are a limited number of anit-malware for iPhone is available. You can check them out on Google.

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