A business is a commercial activity where goods and services are exchanged for one another or money. In a business, an organization engages in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. A business is an innovative entity that can be a small-size or large-size, start-up or established, profit or non-profit, sole proprietorship, or an international corporation. Want to start your own Business? Explore this informative blog for a successful Business journey.

5 Great Entrepreneurial Opportunities in India

The economic crisis is not leaving its colors, the world is still managing to pull its financial statuses together. And while some countries are in clear debt, some are booming. Such is the economy of India, with a skyrocketing population;  the economy is majorly self-sufficient with its resources taking care of its citizens. This makes

Busting Business myths: Being Rich essential for Success

“You have so many great ideas, why don’t you start your own business”, said innocently a friend to another friend, ‘unfortunately I was not born with a golden spoon’ was the only thing running in his head. Many of us have been in these situations, believing that a load of cash is the only way

Nike Wins the Brand battle on Facebook and Twitter!

Social media has given a new way for brands to compete! It’s not only the customers’ preference but also the number of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. This has been enhanced by the Olympic Games, which required sponsors from the world’s leading brands like Nike, Adidas, and others. In such a

How Broadband is making the Web more Accessible for Consumers

In the past, dial-up was the only way to gain access to the Internet. Before that, without the use of the Internet, consumers were forced to actually drive to a store, look in a phone book, or check out a catalog to make a purchase. Now, broadband is making the web more accessible to consumers

India Gold hits record high of 27,996 Rupees per 10 grams!

With the gold prices touching an all-time high, many buyers waiting for a correction kept their purchases on hold, while some took the plunge – hoping to benefit if the upward march continued. The skyrocketing price of gold has made an impact on the purchasing patterns of the buyers in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city.

Drunken driving could be harmful but Driving A Drunken Car is Not!

How many of you have heard of a car which is drunk? Nope. It’s no fairytale or cartoon. It’s a real car developed by a group of intellectual group of people from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It got the name Schluckspecht [a German term for boozer] because one of the first

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