Food and Beverage

After the glamour industry, the food and beverage industry is stirring the storm and has become the most sought after. Food is a basic necessity and, therefore, a means of survival. In today’s world, food and beverage work in sync with each other and are indispensable parts of human life. Due to the ceaseless need for food and drinks in the market, the industry is growing rapidly. Food and beverages have become interdependent since people prefer to partake in a carbonated or flavoured drink instead of water after having eaten food.

Etiquette in Wine Tasting: The Do’s and Don’ts

So if you are going to a first wine tasting journey, probably, you might get intimidated. But, here is the compilation of the etiquette that surely gives you the best and most comfortable experience upon wine tasting.

Food Handling: What Certificates Should Your Employees Carry?

You know that food safety is of great importance. The local, state, and federal government require that certain standards be met in order to keep customers safe, to prevent the spread of illnesses, and to keep your business establishment in pristine condition.

Slouch, eat, sleep. Repeat. It’s Sunday!

Your taste buds want some freshly made steaming hot pizzas with some extra cheese on the topping, while the health-conscious side of your mind is warning you about your calories and weight gain.

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