Why Has Hiring Dedicated Developers Become A Trend Across Businesses?

Hiring dedicated developers for your business.

Being an entrepreneur, running a business in a market full of opportunities and competition, we all know the value of time and investment. It becomes even more important when building and launching your custom business-specific software product in the market to gain your competitive edge.

But what if the requirements are still not clear? Or what if the requirements are clear, but you neither want to hire the whole in-house team nor outsource it? All you want is to hire a reliable professional with specific skills to work according to your time-zone availability. Then dedicated hiring is the best-fit option you need!

But what does it mean to hire dedicated developers, and what concerns can lead to this decision apart from the one we have mentioned just above?

Don’t you worry! In this blog, I have covered each and every detail about this dedicated hiring, which you need to know about to finally make the decision. So, let’s dive into the world of dedicated developers:

Who are Dedicated Developers?

Simply put, dedicated developers are the ones who extend your IT team capabilities and are hired specifically to work on your project through flexible remote hiring models.

Some experts also call this team – an augmented IT team. Additionally, this team of dedicated developers can be augmented with talents/resources who are freelancers, professional developers from IT companies, or a combination of both.

Whether you’ve hired them from your time zone or a different one, they ensure to be available to have meetings or even work dedicatedly according to your time under your remote supervision.

If considering results, your dedicated developers go beyond delivering the asked software solutions. Rather than just building the software solution quickly, they try to understand your business and project objectives, conduct market research, understand your wavering demands, to finally put together the best-fit tech stack and solution that can rocket-fuel your business operations.

Aha…! Caught your excitement to know the benefits of hiring dedicated developers. Well, that’s what the next section is all about!

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers Over Freelancers and Fixed-Bucket Model?

If there’s one reason to hire dedicated developers, then we can understand not writing about it. But there are many reasons to make you hire developers for your business to touch the height of success. So, shall we get acquainted with them one by one? Let’s go:

Flexibility And Scalability

This is one of the prominent reasons why you should opt for this dedicated hiring model. Here, flexibility and scalability can be seen as the broad terms of hiring.

First, hiring dedicated developers gives you the flexibility to scale up and down your project development requirements (scope) and collaboration duration. With this, you also have total command and flexibility over scaling up and down your augmented team when and as needed.

And when you’ve no strict fixed project model signed up, you can move onto it fearlessly whenever there’s a question of scalability. The main reason behind this is the flexible engagement models, which allow you to hire developers on an hourly basis with risk-free trials.

On the other hand, freelancers don’t offer you risk-free trials or even do service-level agreements sometimes.

Get Access to A Diverse Set Of Skills

With the flexibility to team scale up and down, you also have access to a large resource pool to hire dedicated developers with diverse skill sets, from beginners to expert-level professionals with expertise in different technologies.

In addition, once hired, they will show their commitment to ensuring a long-term association with your firm by not only being limited to the single project they are hired for but are also open to work on other projects with dedicated, managed IT services.

Moreover, once hired, that doesn’t mean you can’t hire other talents with other skills from the same firm or other firms or end the contract with the existing dedicated team. With this model, you have the freedom to build and change the team of your required skills when and as required.

In the case of freelancers, you do have this freedom of hiring one from a diverse skill set but with a little bit of insecurity for reliability.

Cost-Effectiveness While Hiring Dedicated Developers

Unlike time & material or fixed-price-based pricing models, you can hire dedicated developers of your required skill set on flexible hourly models. Also, with hourly-based support, it allows you to hire developers on a weekly, monthly (guaranteed 160 man-hours), quarterly, and yearly basis, with no strict rules for scalability restrictions.

So, you can first hire developers for a week, and if you feel like there is more need to implement extra features on your app, you can flexibly change it to a monthly, quarterly, and thus, yearly basis as per your budget and requirements basis.

As you’ve total control over what your dedicated developers are doing for those hours with detailed regular hour-based reports, you get total value on your spending, which is what cost-effectiveness means.

Enhanced Business Focus With Easier Project Management

When you hire a dedicated project manager with your team of dedicated developers, they will take complete responsibility for fulfilling your shared project requirements. They also conduct frequent meetings with you to share updates and take feedback on the progress of your project.

As the project manager takes on all the project and dedicated team management-related responsibility, you can focus on your other business competencies. So, a dedicated team means two-way value-generating for your business with tons of other benefits.

Time-Zone Alignment With Easy Accessible and Manageable Team

Your dedicated team is like your trusted, reliable in-house team working according to your business operating hours. And that’s what makes this dedicated team model a friendly, manageable option that lets you manage your remote team as per your time-zone-based working hours.

In fixed-bucket models, it’s a bit hard to get as they usually prefer to work according to their set of working time zones. On the other hand, freelancers are a bit moody, they sometimes do work according to your time zone and vice versa, so managing them can be a bit of a headache with their lack of professionalism.

Improved Project Outcomes

You have the flexibility to make changes to your project requirements, such as removing or adding up features and functionalities. Additionally, you get a detailed report on the project progress with the enablement to provide feedback to improve the build quality. So, definitely, you’ll get an improved project outcome.

Better Turnaround Time

It is the best-class benefit you get by hiring dedicated software developers. Unlike traditional hiring with tons of paperwork, here, when hiring a dedicated team, you only need to make them understand your project requirements, and they will take care of the rest.

No extra paperwork other than an NDA and SLA, so no extra worries about dealing with organizational issues of managing the team. Ensure to conduct meetings at certain intervals and when required, no unnecessary discussions, no more disturbance, and voilà faster work delivery.


As the name suggests, dedicated developers are superbly committed to your projects. When you hire dedicated developers, they are not only limited to your single projects like a fixed-bucket project. They are versatile to work on your other running software projects as well.

Moreover, hiring such resources from a professional IT firm will give you the assurance of never ever being left hanging in the middle like freelancers do; they stick to your project till your requirements are met. This, in turn, gives you the confidence of maintaining a long-term business relationship, leading both businesses to the next fortune.

When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

Well, if we see there’s no particular time or situational criteria to hire dedicated developers. However, for the mentioned below criteria, it is a must to hire a dedicated team of developers, designers, and a project manager:

  • Your in-house team is overwhelmed with the project and a bit skeptical about managing the workload due to a lack of expertise to utilize the required technology stack;
  • You need a specific set of skills and expertise to work on the software development project as a reliable, commendable team that is acquainted with your business and project objectives;
  • There’s a pressing need for building and scaling up your technical expertise quickly and remotely in a cost-effective way without needing to invest in any physical space or hardware for them to work;
  • You want your project to succeed on a decided timeline with minimal risks within your budget;
  • You have your project requirements undefined and unclear, a wavering mindset about that project, and a frequently changing scope.

So, when your checklist even gets marked with one or more checks, consider that it’s time to hire your dedicated team.

Checklist to Hire Dedicated Developers For The Best Results

In order to unlock all the benefits of dedicated developers, you do need to find the right candidate, which can be challenging. Here’re some steps to assess and find your right-fit dedicated talent:

  • First, define a list of skill sets, experience, and qualities that’d be required for your project to be completed successfully; for example web or mobile app developers with particular expertise;
  • Use corporate networks and job boards, like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, etc., to filter out the best companies that are persistent in delivering values to their clients, by assessing their portfolio;
  • Reach out to the company with your requirements, receive the list of their available talents who can fit the best for your project;
  • Screen their profiles and pick out some impressive resources to finally conduct interviews to assess their technical skills, communication and collaboration skills, attitude towards dealing with complexities/issues, etc.;
  • Ask for the trial period, which usually, IT companies with great client values do offer a 15-days risk-free trial for clients to get assurance on the replacement of talent or even the worst-case scenario to walk away;
  • With all necessary inquiries and paperwork, hire and onboard your dedicated developer and allow them to start delivering value from that moment on.

Start Your Hunt Your Dedicated Developers Today!

With the market exploding with digital apps with similar concepts like yours, you do need to buckle up and start your hunt for the IT team, the dedicated one that understands your business values and offers valuable inputs to your app idea.

Now, you have and know everything you need to know about hiring dedicated developers, so utilize it and hire the best-fit developers for your business-critical app development project.

Here, concluding the blog with the hope that the content provided has helped you get the information for what you’ve come here for! Thank you for reading through!

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