Questions enterprises must ask before hiring dedicated developers

Hiring dedicated developers

In these perilous times, when we humans have locked ourselves in our homes, many businesses’ growth and progress has come to stagnation! Not only that, but certain industries are facing major crises, and such is the problem that if the world doesn’t go back to normal shortly, there will be a question about their survival!

Digital transformation in the post-pandemic world:

But in such uncertain times when all the predictions and planning have been proven wrong, one prediction will definitely see its fulfillment, and that is the growth of the Digital Era! Even though the world will go back to its old ways in the post-pandemic world, businesses will evolve with the evolving consumer mindset.

For instance, even though all the restrictions have been lifted from Wuhan and Germany’s country has also allowed the local shops to resume their operations, people have chosen to stay indoors and make the majority of Digital Platforms purchases.

Even the businesses have understood that work from Home and Remote work approaches can ensure effective and smooth business operations. Thus, many businesses will carry on these practices even after the threat of Coronavirus passes.

So, not only will businesses adopt Digital Platforms and Digital Transformation, but these practices will also encourage them to outsource their development project as the alternative is successful as well as cost-effective!

Why you must hire Dedicated Resources:

So while enterprises plan to outsource their development project, they must also understand how to proceed and why it is best to hire dedicated resources for their project.

Because while many enterprises choose to outsource the project at a fixed price to an IT solution provider, if you are looking for a development project that would need regular updates and long-term and continuous development, you must go forward by hiring Dedicated Developers.

This is essential because:

  • You will not have to explain the whole project to new developers every time you need certain changes to be made.
  • The dedicated resources will become accustomed to your nature and culture, and you, too, will not have to deal with new individuals.
  • Dedicated Resources are basically like in-house resources that you can hire without making any preliminary infrastructure and recruitment expenses.
  • You will not be bound to the limitation of scope document and fixed cost projects.
  • You can establish a multi-vendor network and hire expert resources from across the globe.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are looking for development services with frequent innovation and continuous development, it is better to hire dedicated resources instead of making in-house recruitments or in the future with a Fixed Cost project.

But, since these resources will have to work with different people from different countries, different time zones, and different cultures and be associated with you and your project for a longer period, you must ask the following questions before hiring Dedicated Resources.

Questions you must ask to IT service providers before Hiring Dedicated Resources:

1. Will I be able to interview the dedicated developers who will work on my project?

To ensure that you get developers who can align with your vision and with the culture of other resources who will work on your project, you must interview the developers who will work on your project.

When you interview these developers, you can not only ensure their technical capability; you can also ensure whether they can match the speed and culture of your other team members.

2. Can I review the personal portfolio and client testimonials of the developers whom I wish to hire for my project?

While the portfolio that you review initially will be of the IT service provider company, you must know the past projects on which your selected developers have worked and how their performance in those projects was. You can also demand what the client had to say regarding those developers you wish to hire for your project.

3. What are the tools and approaches that are known to your resources?

When you state the requirement of a specific tool or technology to be used for development in most IT companies, they would require you to pay for the tool’s licensing fee if they do not have those tools pre-installed in their devices.

It is also essential that you know the reporting tools that the IT Company uses to transfer data and report about the project’s progress. This will help you choose the right tools that your dedicated developers are comfortable with, and if not, it will help you better plan the investment you would have to make in installation and training.

Apart from these, when you interview developers, there are certain things that you must determine before hiring Dedicated Resources for your Development project:

Things you must ensure your Dedicated Developers have before hiring them:

1. Good Communication and Time Management Skills:

When you outsource your project to offshore countries, the resources that you hire for your project must have good communication and time management skills. This will ensure that the developers will easily understand the requirements you put in front of them without miscommunication. They would also be prepared to deliver work by working in different time zones.

2. The resources must have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Apart from good coding skills, you would also want your developers to consult you on making your platform better for your audience. For this, they would require in-depth knowledge of the industry or category in which your digital project falls and the users whom you wish to target with your digital solution.

And to help you better understand the project from the technical point of view, the dedicated developers must have an entrepreneurial mindset apart from technical proficiency.

There is this quote that says, “Modern problems require modern solutions.” So, while you prepare for the post-pandemic world and the challenges that your business will have to face to adapt to the evolving consumer behavior, it is also inevitable to plan your digital projects thoroughly and get a digital solution that is flexible enough to adapt to these evolving market expectations.

Hire resources that can lend their technical expertise and use their entrepreneurial mindset and domain experience to deliver a scalable and futuristic Digital Solution.

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