How to increase the life of a laptop: Increase Performance, battery life, and more

How to increase life of laptop

Do you want to extend the life of your laptop? Are you always looking for charging sockets to feed your every power-hungry laptop? Do you want to know How to maintain your laptop performance?

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Well, you have landed on the precisely right page!

Today, laptops have become an extension of our bodies, especially for the IT industry. Generally, laptops are built to perform flawlessly for at least 4-5 years. But given the ever-increasingly complex tasks & constant updates, laptops struggle to handle them.

They become slow, eat a lot of battery & even get stuck for hours. All these troubles might compel you to buy a brand-new & shiny laptop. But wait, Not Yet! Your laptop still has a lot of juice left in it. You can still tweak a few things & get optimum performance from it. Here are some laptop care tips.

So let’s begin.

How to increase the life of a Laptop?

How to increase life of laptop
Steps to increase the life of the laptop.

Now, there are a lot of steps you can take to increase the life of the laptop. Following them will ensure your laptop lasts long. Here are some steps:

Step 1: Prevent physical damage

The best way to increase your laptop’s life is to protect it from physical damage. You can do this by:

  • Keep your laptop away from pets & children
  • Keep your laptop away from high temperature, moisture, water & another extreme cold
  • Do not Eat, Smoke, or Drink near your laptop
  • Place it in a safe place once done working.

Step 2: Buy Laptop a Case

Even if you follow the above steps to perfection, there are chances you might bump your laptop every now & then. So it’s better to invest in some good quality laptop cases available online. These cases will ensure your laptop is safe when it’s bumped here & there.

Step 3: Clean your laptop regularly

Dust & fibrous particles are one of the biggest enemies of your laptop. They clog the exhaust, & other crucial components, resulting in overheating & poor performance. So it’s essential to keep your laptop clean.

You can do this by using an air pump or, even better, by disassembling your laptop & performing a thorough cleaning. Make sure you check out some tutorials online before doing so or get it done by professionals.

Step 4: Handle peripherals with care

I have seen people plugging in USB drives into HDMI ports! Please don’t terrorize your laptop in such a way. Be gentle while plugging in & plugging out your USB peripherals. Laptops have different ports for speakers, USB devices, HDMI cables, & other ports. So make sure you plug the suitable device into the correct port.

Step 5: Turn Off your laptop every few days

Every now & then, your laptop needs a bit of rest, just like you. So consider turning it off every couple of days to ensure optimum performance. Turning it off will let the laptops’ electronics cool & rest for a while. So once you turn it ON again, it will be ready to roll.

Step 6: Use your laptop systematically

Using your laptop in shabby & dusty conditions is not an ideal way. It will result in clogging & permanent damage to many critical components. So make sure you place your laptop on a clean, dust-free & flat surface to ensure maximum ventilation.

Moreover, avoid using your laptop in extremely humid & hot conditions. If you have your work, make sure you use a dehumidifier or some cooling pads.

Now you know how to increase your laptop life, it’s time to understand how to improve your laptop’s performance.

How to maintain your laptop Performance

How to increase life of laptop
Steps to Maintain Your Laptop Performance

Step 1: Disable unnecessary programs at Startup

A lot of software starts automatically when you turn your laptop On. So naturally, this impacts your laptop’s performance a lot. However, once you disable them, you will observe improved performance & minimal startup time.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the task manager by Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Click on the Startup & you’ll see a list of programs that are Enabled & Disabled on Startup
  • Disable all the unnecessary ones & you’re done
How to increase life of laptop
How to increase the life of laptop: Top tips, things to know, and much more

Step 2: Uninstall unnecessary software

This is the primary reason for your laptop’s poor performance. This unnecessary software eats a lot into your disk space & RAM, resulting in slowed-down laptops. So make sure you uninstall all the software that you don’t use.

How to increase life of laptop
How to increase the life of laptop: Top tips, things to know, and much more

Step 3: Invest in a Good Antivirus

Virus & spyware can slow down your laptop a lot. So it’s essential to protect your laptop from viruses & spyware. Windows laptops come equipped with Windows Defender, but it’s not enough. A better option is to invest in some good antivirus available in the market. Keeping your laptop free from viruses & spyware will ensure your laptop performs at optimum speed.

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Step 4: Try Additional RAM

This is the proven way to improve laptop performance (although a bit expensive!). Unfortunately, not all laptops support RAM up-gradation. But if yours do, visit a professional to upgrade your RAM instead of doing it by yourself.

Step 5: Shift to SSD

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are extremely helpful if you use top-notch video & photo editing tools. You can install SSD on your laptop if there is a DVD writer. If not, you can use it as an external drive. Anyhow, SSD will propel your laptop’s performance to a whole new level.

Now let’s take a look at how you can improve your battery’s performance.

How to make the laptop battery last longer?

Step 1: Don’t keep the laptop plugged in all the time

The best way to improve your laptop’s battery life is to charge it up to 80% & then use it till 40% before plugging it in again. This practice will ensure your battery will have maximum charging cycles & better Performance.

Step 2: Optimize your laptop’s performance

The best way to get the best performance from your battery is to optimize your laptop’s performance. You can select any mode from:

  • Best Performance
  • Better Performance (recommended)
  • Better Battery
  • Battery Saver

I use “Better Battery” mode as I don’t have high-end apps running on my laptop.

How to increase life of laptop
How to increase the life of your laptop: Increase Performance, battery life, and more

Step 3: Ensure Proper Ventilation

If your laptop doesn’t have proper ventilation, it will heat up & if it heats up, your exhaust will have to work more. This will result in a drained battery. So make sure you have proper ventilation for longer battery life.

Step 4: Close apps that eat a lot of Power

Certain apps consume much power, even when you are not actively using them. So closing them will get you a better battery life. If using Windows 10, type “See which apps are affecting your battery life” in the search bar.

You’ll see a pop-up box like the one below. Close them & you are good to go.

If you are using Windows 11, you’ll find these apps in the Power & Battery settings pane under Battery Usage.

How to increase life of laptop
How to increase the life of laptop: Top tips, things to know, and much more

Here is the bonus list of some laptop care tips:

  • Use skins, sleeves & covers to protect your laptop
  • Keep your OS & Software updated
  • Avoid overcharging
  • Remove temp files & junk files
  • Scan your laptop regularly with Anti-virus
  • Keep your laptop clean
  • Take regular backups
  • Declutter your Desktop Screen

Final thoughts

Your laptop will last as long as you care for it. Now obviously, with the evolving technology, your laptop will become outdated, but with these simple steps, you can extend its life.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know the best practices you follow to increase the life of a laptop by tagging us on Twitter @WittySparks.


Can I add more RAM to my laptop?

Some laptops support RAM up-gradation & some don’t. So please check your model info online.

Is charging a laptop all night bad for the battery?

Yes, it can impact your battery’s life. So avoid it.

How can I improve my laptop’s Performance?

Check out the blog above & you’ll get all the information.

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