Cross Browser Testing in 2022

Cross browser testing

The internet has become a staple across the world. It’s a no-brainer that a website should run flawlessly on every device. Delivering a robust product in the market is not child’s play.

Developers and designers have to be on alert for any possible bottlenecks.

The internet era has also given rise to the usage of a wide variety of browsers and browser versions. This is the primary reason behind the rising popularity of cross browser testing in the coming year. Testing is a crucial asset for gaining an edge in the super-competitive market.

Businesses have to maintain their web app and website functionality across different combinations of browsers, browser versions, and operating systems.

Earlier, this used to be a challenging task full of hurdles due to the high dependency on manual test cases. But recently, QA professionals have been facilitating cross browser testing and speeding up the entire process using test automation. This is definitely going to revolutionize cross browser testing in 2022 and beyond! Let’s dig into some more details.

Will Cross Browser Testing Still Be Relevant in 2022?

Now that 2021 has come to a halt, most browser vendors have been introducing plenty of innovations. Some of them are aligned JavaScript engines that can standardize the process of configuring browser engines. Still, 2022 will once again reinforce the undeniable importance of cross browser testing.

Even though a standardized process reduces the chances of browser compatibility problems, it just doesn’t eliminate the need for cross browser testing in the coming year. At present, if you take a look at the backend technology of popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and they’re all different.

Since all browsers have different engines in the backend working towards rendering the same pieces of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes, the end result can still be highly variable. As long as you have reliable cross browser testing tools that can test across thousands of browsers at the same time, you’re good to go.

Benefits of Automated Cross Browser Testing In The Time To Come

Human test efforts were reduced to 70% with the introduction of test automation. Now, with automated cross browser testing, all you need to do is write the initial test scripts, choose a reliable grid or automation tool and begin testing! Here are some evergreen benefits of cross browser testing to take a look at.

1. Better Test Accuracy

No matter how much of an expert a tester is, human errors are bound to occur. However, automated cross browser testing increases test accuracy and precision and record a detailed report for easier viewing.

2. Improved Test Coverage

When you are testing long end-to-end tests manually, it requires more effort and time. However, automation testing can help run even the longest of the tests quicker and more often.

3. Parallel Testing

Automated cross browser testing facilitates the continuous running of multiple tests at the same time. This comes in handy, especially with regression tests. For instance, suppose your testing is working on a large application that requires a week for testing and implementing.

With the manual approach, it will take the same amount of time even if you increase the number of testers. In the meantime, the development team would be waiting around for the bug report, which is a waste of time.

However, automation helps cut down a week’s testing time to a day or even a few hours. This way, the development team can fix the bugs and be done with implementation quicker.

4. Avoids Repetitions

No matter how sincere, people can get run over by extreme monotony if they have to repeat a task over and over again. Wouldn’t your testing team get bored? So here is the solution. As long as your test automation script covers every testing aspect, it will help you avoid relentless repetitions.

5. No Need for Test Infrastructure

If you’re working on a cloud-based tool for Selenium grid, there is no need to set up an entire test infrastructure. This saves a lot of upfront costs and increases return on investment. After all, what could be better than you being able to directly run as many tests as you want on the cloud?

6. Choice of Preferred Language

Leading automation testing tools allow you to test your web application or website using the language of choice. The most popular ones include C#, Ruby, Java, Python, and so on.

Top 3 Requirements for Hassle-Free Automation Testing in 2022

Time is money and obstructions waste time. That’s why it’s important to know the requirements for hassle-free automation testing now that we are on the verge of welcoming the new year. Here are the top 3 prerequisites that simplify automation testing and make it more progressive in the coming year.

Let’s take a look.

1. Quick Test Execution

Drastically increase your regular speed for test execution with a platform boasting more speed than most other cloud grid offerings. Traditionally, test execution can take somewhere around 15 minutes. But more powerful and more intelligent systems offer 70% faster end-to-end test execution times.

Speaking of which, LambdaTest features HyperTest helps your team free up time from test execution so that they can focus more on creating more test cases. It offers the fastest end-to-end test execution cloud, thanks to updated technology. This also helps in cutting costs that occur when your team finds issues at the later stages of the testing cycle. Remember this mantra: test early and test often!

2. Easy Collaboration

No one likes to ditch their favourite tools. That’s why LambdaTest saves you the trouble of making changes with your tool kit as it integrates with popular tools like Jenkins, Asana, GitHub, BitBucket, and so on.

3. Reliability and Security

Your testing platform should have unmatchable reliability. This reduces the chances of flaky test results and reduces time to market. As for security, opt for an SOC2 Type 2 certified platform that is also GDPR compliant.

How LambdaTest Can Be Your One-Stop Tool For Cross Browser Testing In 2022

Choosing the best cross browser testing tool can be daunting considering the high number of options available out there. The best bet is to go with one tool that can offer multiple cross browser testing solutions in the coming year.

Lambda test is one of the leading and trustworthy cross browser testing platforms where users can test their websites and web applications across more than 3000 browsers and browser versions, and operating systems and devices. The best part is, it’s GDPR compliant and SOC2 certified! Here are some more ways how LambdaTest can be your one-stop tool for cross browser testing in 2022.

1. Real-Time Cross Browser Testing

Even though LambdaTest is a cloud testing platform, you will get the feel of a real machine despite it being all virtual. There is no shortage of browser, browser versions, operating systems, and device combinations for both mobile and desktop devices.

Even though LambdaTest is a cloud testing platform, you will get the feel of a real machine despite it being all virtual. There is no shortage of browser, browser versions, operating systems, and device combinations for both mobile and desktop devices.

2. Smart Visual UI Testing

It takes literally a fraction of a second for people to judge a website. Do you wish to risk your UX and business reputation by giving a tarnished first impression? LambdaTest’s visual UI testing shows that your website is free of any visual bugs.

However, four times when they are not visible to the eye, LambdaTest’s smart visual UI testing takes a crucial role. The colour change feature helps to figure out intricate visual differences. On the other hand, uploading screenshots helps find out small visual bugs regarding text size, icon size, font style, padding, images, and so on.

3. Responsiveness Testing

Considering the wide variety of screen sizes, resolutions, and viewports available, testing your website or web application for different breakpoints is mandatory. LambdaTest offers relevant device combinations with different usability and breakpoints. All you need to do is enter the URL and select the Generate button. You will be able to see screenshots on your selected devices and whether the site or app is responsive.

In other words, just a single click and you’ll easily be able to see the responsiveness of your website or web application across different screen sizes and resolutions. If you wish to check whether your locally hosted websites are responsive, LambdaTest’s secure shell tunnel makes the task a cakewalk!

4. Browser Compatibility Testing

LambdaTest offers live browser compatibility testing across different browsers, operating systems, browser versions, resolutions, and so on. The screenshot and recording facility helps users keep track of how they’re real-time cross browser compatibility testing is going.

5. Seamless Collaboration and Integrations

Lambda test offers easy integrations with tools such as bitbucket commerce lakh,, get lab former Jenkins from Jira, and so on. Testers are easily able to collaborate with other team members while logging issues. They can share the problems encountered by email or any other tool like slack.

6. Selenium Test Automation

Users can easily run Selenium test automation scripts across an online selenium grid for both mobile and desktop browsers. This includes both iOS and Android. LambdaTest’s online automation cross browser testing grid helps users with quick development, testing, and delivery of software products.

Summing It Up

The bottom line, if any business wants their web application or website to maintain a high level of flexibility and consistency across different platforms, cross browser testing is a must. While manual testing increases dependency and is time-consuming, automation using a sophisticated cross browser testing tool can save ample time, resources, and effort.

Trusted by more than 600,000 users, LambdaTest has already made a mark in the software testing industry. Many big brands have been choosing the platform for their testing needs for years without any disappointments.

We’ve already established the credibility, authenticity, and a wide variety of features and functionalities of LambdaTest above. All in all, it can be the final destination for all your cross browser testing needs in 2022. Let us know if you have any queries in the comments below.

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