6 Tips on Managing Millennials

Tips to manage employees at workplace

The individuals born between 1981 and 1996 are known as the millennials. Different from any other demographic that came before, researchers are puzzling over the complexity of the group.

With social trends and marketing strategies seeking ways to make money off the up-and-coming age group, millions of dollars have been pumped into creating strategies that will help businesses understand the newest group of employees and consumers.

Estimated to contain more than 80 million members, the group is a force to be reckoned with. Here are just a few things the research found.

Understand Motivation

While many generations have been motivated by the need for money, the millennials look at the compensation packages as more important than the end pay. Telecommuting, days off, free meals, and flexible hours are much more appealing than an extra dollar per hour.

This group wants to impact the world with their thoughts and ideas, so although they may not seek a job title, they are driven. Managing millennial’s office time with praise and opportunities that let individuals show they are capable is an important first step for office managers.

Provide Opportunities

One of the most plugged-in groups, the millennials have been surrounded by stimuli and immediacy since birth. Short in attention and eager to try new things, most of this group’s members are driven to accomplish, rather than focus on how to get to the results. Managers can help by changing types of assignments and projects that offer new skill sets.

Present Balance

Money isn’t as important as flexibility, individuality, creativity, and autonomy for this group. They would rather work outdoors or at home than in a cubicle in an office space. While the generation gap widens between the Millennials and Gen Z, they both agree on one thing, the results are important to them, not the endless office meetings.

Create Culture

As some of the largest high-tech companies built in the past two decades have demonstrated, the new way to build employee satisfaction and dedication is through creating a company culture.

The millennial group has a free, easy-going lifestyle, but that is based on high ideals regarding the health of the earth. They want to work with a purpose that has a positive effect. Managers can work to establish a consistent and worker-friendly environment to encourage this age group.

Offer Mentorship

The old authority structures don’t impress the millennials because they were raised in a more permissive world. Power displays or strict protocols can send them running instead of responding to authoritative demands.

When managers offer mentorships instead of requirements, Eyal Gutentag believes the group will in return offer respect for the action.

Tender Praise

Millennials live for praise. It is found in their social media, the snapshots they share, and the way they communicate with each other. Because of the group’s desire for praise, a manager can readily use small compliments to motivate employees.

If you want to manage millennial employees, you need to understand what motivates the group as a whole, and each individual. After all, management is all about adapting and motivating.

Ways to manage millennials
Tips for managing millennials at work.

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