How To Use Session Replays To Increase Website Conversions

Improve website conversions with session replays

Nowadays, eCommerce Directors, Product Managers, and almost everyone in the online business fields realize the importance of searchable session replay.

Why should you emphasize Session replays?

Actually, each and every web analytics tool provides solutions to only basic problems, such as offering reliable, actionable, and timely information regarding site users.

When real-life users start engaging with a website, many questions arise among marketing professionals regarding the customers’ activities or experiences.

Also, the professionals try to figure out which marketing strategies become successful and which one failed or whether users become frustrated with any of the aspects of the site.

Actually, conventional analytics tools address such questions by converting users into numbers, such as bounce rates, clicks, conversions, page visits, and various other abstractions.

You should always remember that analytics provide only abstract pictures of the actual scenario. In simple words, conventional web analytics overlook the complete picture.

If you don’t know about the user interactions and engagement with your business site and app, you can’t improve landing pages for more conversions.

And it’s where the concept of session replay comes into the picture. If you are curious about the activities on your website or application, you should mandatorily take the help of session replay tools.

It’s clear that these brilliant tools offer more detailed information about your website than conventional web analytics tools.

Actually, the former ones provide the entire picture of all the users on a website or application. With the session replay tools’ help, you’d get to know about every individual data point and get the idea of combining these points for making an experience.

What will be the result?

Every professional in your teams, including technical teams, product managers, marketing, sales, or support agents, etc., will start using the session replay concept to understand website users better.

For the sake of session replay, it’s also possible to find out the success and struggles of your site users. As a result, you’d get a clear idea about your site performance, update your site contents, and design better products or services accordingly.

Fintech, SaaS, or eCommerce from whatever industry you are if you’re running an online business, session replay is a must for you.

With session replays, you can finally get the answers you need to understand your customers and improve their experience on your site.

Session replay will help you find out all the answers that you want to know about your customers and prospects and boost their experiences on your website.

Actually, session replay is nothing but the reproduction of users’ interactions with a website or application. It provides accurate or similar information on how users experienced their journey on a particular site or app.

The session replay tools catch various important things for figuring out customer behavior, including clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, typing, tapping, swiping, and so on.

When you keep track of session replays of your site, it will be like a video-watching experience about the user activities on your website or app. Knowing about user interactions and activities means you can update your site or app accordingly (if needed) to improve conversions.

Benefits of Session Replays in Your Business Growth

Now, let’s check out how session replays can help you in the betterment of your website or application:

By taking the help of session replays, you can clearly figure out how audiences navigate your entire website. Session replays display all interactions and engagements, that happened on specified landing pages.

When you have only surface-level data, there’s a high chance of misinterpretation of various web metrics like TOS (time on site) and bounce rates.

For example, if a user spent 15 minutes on your site, you can figure out whether he/she was busy going through your site contents or it’s due to your site speed that it took long 15 minutes for them to find out the desired information, thanks to session replays.

What is the actual reason for the high bounce rate of your site? Is it for the quality of your website content? Or, the navigation menu of your website isn’t working?

Session replays help you save valuable time that could be wasted otherwise by sending emails to clients and prospects to sort out common problems.

Many times users submit support tickets. If the same situation arises for you, watch your session recording to figure out the root causes of the generated issues and find a correct set of measures to address your user complaints.

Which factors should you focus on while analyzing Session Replays?

When it comes to the analysis of session replays, you need to concentrate on some important factors for eliminating confirmation bias as well as guesswork:

“URL analyzed” is one of the important factors through which you will get information about your landing page for a specific session recording.

Owing to the “Audience segment” factor, you can figure out the persona of your audiences.

Another crucial factor is “Mobile/Desktop,” through which you can get to know which of the devices your audiences have used in recording the session.

Other important factors are “New vs. Returning,” “Source/Medium” (source of your site traffic), “Goal Action of the Page” (goals of your landing page), etc.

Now, it’s high time to use session replays to bring changes to your website and/or app and improve your website conversions.

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