Reasons iPhone App Development Getting a Bigger Slice of Revenues in the Appstore

iOS Application Development Trends

With the constant increase in the number of smartphone users, there is a strong demand for mobile applications as users are looking for apps that make their daily work a lot simpler than before.

When it comes to mobile apps, the success of any app boils down to the revenue that it makes. Though the number of Android applications and users is higher than iOS, an average iOS application makes more revenue compared to an Android application.

There are 2.5 million applications on Android’s Play Store as of September 2016 and almost an equal number of mobile apps on iOS. As per the surveys, Apple’s app store is increasing by almost 1000 apps every day.

Still, most of the vendors prefer to launch an iOS application first for their business because Apple always prefers quality over quantity. Unquestionably, iOS app development companies are already dominating the mobile development world.

Let’s have a Look at the Different Reasons iPhone App Development Rules the Appstore Revenues.

Quality Plays a Significant Role Than Quantity

Approximately, there are 14 million applications at the Apple store that are available across 150 countries. The quality of the iOS app development is unmatched and it is only possible because Apple keeps a tight rein on both the iPhone hardware and the iOS and examines the apps before they even enter the Apple store. Therefore, the applications, which were obtainable, were of rich quality and well-integrated applications.

Lesser Number of Bugs

Fewer bugs are the biggest advantage, that Apple’s OS has achieved since its inception. As you know there are a few devices that run on iOS, so it is easy to develop apps with the least number of bugs.

In addition to this, the other benefit is the strict guidelines Apple follows when it comes to mobile app development. As Apple is well-known for its lesser code writing for the apps, the less the codes are written, the fewer the bugs to be fixed.

UI & UX of the Apps

Using iOS applications, users get a wonderful experience that is a few notches ahead of Android. As there is no need to optimize these apps for devices of varied brands, they are easy to adapt in terms of navigation. It improves user engagement and the users are not hesitant to perform in-app purchases or pay for the app.

Higher App Review

We all know that Apple is known for targeting the premium smartphone markets and especially those customers, who have a higher income. The company is spending a huge amount of money on tools and services related to them to improve their user experience.

However, mobile app development companies have discovered that they can make more profit by developing an app for iOS. They also know that if they monetize the application, it will give them good returns.

Incredible Developer Tools

For mobile app development, Apple offers more excellent developer tools than any other platform, so developers can get huge help while developing their apps. Developed with years of experience, these tools are extremely secure and faster emulators.

Process of Reviewing App

The process of reviewing applications is quite long on the Apple platform while other platforms have a small process. The store reviews all the apps submitted to it in an effort to determine whether they are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offense.

The reason behind this long process of reviewing the app is the strict guidelines that need to be followed while developing an application on the iOS platform. It ensures that the quality of applications that are launched on the App Store is high standards.

No Complications

Apple’s iOS has made developing the UI and UX simple as you only need to develop an application for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. As compared to others, iOS is more UI/UX friendly with easier frameworks to work with. It gives a chance for developers to mainly focus on making the user’s experience a wonderful one.

The Platform is More Secure

Recently, there was a battle between Apple and the FBI that shows Apple strictly believes in privacy and security, and these are two factors that are fundamental to the Apple brand. However, the company is also expanding the depth of its encryption whereas Android is behind on this.

These days, we become so desperate that we click on the “I agree” option so carelessly and agree on those things that we should not. Possibly, we do not care enough about it as with more personal information on the devices than ever, the company is showing that security matters.

Closing Thoughts

So, these are the reasons why the iPhone app development company is getting a bigger slice of revenue in the app store. Today, various businesses have realized the true potential of iPhone apps and adopting apps to acquire new consumers and retain existing ones.

The iPhone apps generate more sales and revenue as the company does not compromise on the quality of the apps and even targets the premium consumer base, which can afford the iPhone and can pay for the apps and in-app purchases.

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