Get to know the various kinds of dolls available in the market

Baby dolls in the market

Collecting dolls is a hobby and also a passion. Whether you are looking for collection dolls that remind you of your childhood, you are choosing a gift for a special child, or investing in old dolls for your collection, you can find them in the virtual market.

If you are a fan of dolls, then the online market is your only hope for finding less popular types and dolls equipment. Not only that, but online markets like Amazon also offer attractive events full of discounts such as L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco Chalet Doll House.

Discover Types of Doll Collections

  • Rag Dolls
  • Composite Dolls
  • Bisque Dolls
  • Rigid Dolls
  • Rigid Plastic Dolls
  • Metal Dolls
  • Paper Mache Dolls
  • Porcelain Dolls
  • Vinyl Dolls
  • Wooden Dools
  • Barbie Dolls
  • Madame Alexander Dolls
  • Lee Middleton Dolls

For centuries, doll makers have made them use all kinds of materials, from paper to metal. Choosing a collection of dolls with the most precision is a matter of determining which material is most interesting to you.

Rag Dolls: These are collection dolls made from cloth or cloth. Many Cloth Dolls have flat cloth faces with hand-painted features, wigs made from yarn and handmade clothing.

Composite Dolls: Composite Dolls are made from a mixture of several components (such as sawdust, paper, glue, and plaster).

Bisque Dolls: Made of colored porcelain, not varnished. Collection doll makers add color before placing it in a hot place.

Rigid Plastic Dolls: Made of rigid flesh-tone plastic, these collectible dolls became very popular between 1940 and 1950. Rigid Plastic Dolls, for example, tend to have sharper characteristics than composition dolls.

Metal Dolls: Metal dolls can be made entirely of metal, or they can only have a metalhead. The United States and Germany produce most metal dolls, starting in the mid-1880s. Metal puppets can be found in various metals, such as silver, lead, lead, and bronze.

Paper Mache Dolls: Paper Mache Dolls made from a mixture of paper, glue, and brittle water are hard to find in good conditions.

Porcelain Dolls: Fine ceramic porcelain dolls made by baking pure clay. Material transparency makes the doll elegance.

Vinyl Dolls: Most of the dolls produced in series are Vinyl Dolls made of soft plastic.

Wooden Dolls: Wooden Dolls come from primitive times. Carved linden wooden dolls exist as folk art objects.

In addition to collecting rare and old dolls, many collectors have recently been interested in modern dolls. Modern dolls offer good conditions to collectors, reasonable prices and high availability.

Barbie Dolls: A favorite of many generations, Barbie Dolls are popular with collectors because they have a variety of themes and designs that keep them interested.

Madame Alexander dolls: Madame Alexander old dolls can be expensive, but there are modern dolls that offer themes such as The Wizard of Oz, comic characters, or high fashion, which are found at a fraction of the price.

Lee Middleton Dolls: Known for their “baby dolls”, Lee Middleton offers affordable collection dolls. But because of their good manufacturing and very limited production, collectors are always looking for them.

There are so many types of dolls in the world, but their essence is the same as a means of entertainment for their owners.

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