Top Four Marketing Gimmicks That Actually Work!

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Are you looking for a fun way to market your business that will stand out in people’s minds? Then you want to look for gimmicks that still work in today’s marketplace. Some people want to use the same old methods that worked for businesses a generation ago or more.

Unfortunately, those types of tricks do not work in today’s digital age. If you want to stand out today, you have to take a step forward with something to offer. Here are a few fun marketing gimmicks that can get your business noticed in a positive and fun way.

Turn Your Marketing Plan Into a Game Plan – Literally

The process of marketing with gaming in mind is called gamification. It is a relatively recent way of marketing. If you go out of your way to create a fun game, people will want to be a part of it. No one, in general, likes being left out. By giving them the option of playing something silly with no pressure, they often feel inclined to participate.

These simple little games stand out in their minds and help your brand stay fresh. The more you can make your name stand out, the more likely these people will recall your name should something you offer come up in their lives.

Get Locals Involved

If you want to reach people at a local level, ask for their help. Create a fun prize for the best local photo with your product in the photo, or have people caption an image of your company or product in a locally recognizable place. This gets people talking, plus adds to a fun, competitive edge that few others are able to match.

People enjoy these silly little competitions, and it can become a tradition with your business if you set it up over a holiday or a recognized day within your city. Let people come in, show you what they came up with, and give them a little something in return for being a part of your event.

Hand Out Prizes to Those Who Stop By

If you want another option of getting people through the front door, then offer them something free! You can look around your business and give them something of value, or you can go through a catalog and find the perfect gift.

Looking through an online catalog of union-made products, you will find options to add your logo, so the marketing efforts keep going after the giveaway.

You can opt for a mask with your logo, bandanas, snacks with your logo printed on the packaging, or even water bottles with your logo on the wrap. That way, you get the initial benefit of the people coming in and the long-term benefit of people walking around with your logo visible.

Don’t Always Be Serious

Any business that really wants their effort to stand out needs to take a look at how to connect with their audience without the serious tone constantly. Having fun is something everyone wants. If you can make sure that interactions with your business are fun, people will remember that you made them feel good during your time together.

There is a quote by Maya Angelou that says, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Between top-notch customer service and some fun times, people are sure to remember your business if you can add that to their busy lives.

Marketing is an art form. It is not something everyone is going to be able to get down on every time they try. If you are looking for ways to get your business noticed, think outside the box. Some businesses will do best with more traditional forms of marketing. However, if you truly want to be seen as unique and a business that can stand out from the crowd, do the same thing with your marketing campaigns.

If you are feeling stuck, talk to your customers. Ask them what it was about your business that caught their attention. Listen to their suggestions because if it worked for one, it could work again. Use their opinion of you as a driving factor when it comes to developing marketing ideas that will work.

Customers talk, and when they have a good experience, they share it. Give each customer you interact with a great experience, and your marketing efforts will provide even stronger returns in the future.

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