Office Organisation: Implementing Online document management systems

ODMS - Online Document Management System

Organizations in current times induce a large number of electronic files and documents like pictures, videos, etc., and store them. But the task of storing these files becomes necessary as they all are crucial for work.

Unfortunately, storing these files in file centers can be expensive for companies that incorporate a large number of files and records. Also, poor document management adds to stress while corporates work and look for a particular file.

Online Document management systems have gained popularity as they do not just provide the companies with larger storage space and easy management but also save the costs that get incurred unnecessarily on storage. These document management systems assure good quality and maintenance of files too.

What Is An Online Document Management System?

Online document management systems remotely maintain, manage, and backs up files. The services allow the storage of files online so, you can access them anywhere online. Most organizations today opt for online document management systems over local servers or files centers.

So, before you adopt any online document management system for document management, make sure that you are aware of its advantages and disadvantages first. You will first have to decide whether you just want to opt for a simple storage service or a high-performance-based storage service.

Let’s know more about what an online document management system is.

Advantages Of Online Document Management Systems


All online document management systems give easy access to desktop folders on both Macs and PCs. With this feature, the users drag and customize the files right from the local storage to the online document management systems. This makes the task easier.

Easy Sharing

You can share your files with all the recipients at once instead of getting it done individually. In fact, this saves time when you manage your files.


Surprisingly, the problem of not getting access to files when needed gets eradicated here. You can have access to your files whenever you want and whenever required. But for making use of that advantage, you should have an internet connection. These files can be accessed from various devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

Useful For Recovering Files

Companies must always have an alternative backup for their files. This backed-up data can be stored in the online document management system and be accessed online whenever necessary.

Saves Costs

Storing files in data centers gets expensive for corporations. Online document management systems are relatively less expensive storage than local storage.

Disadvantages Of Online Document Management System

Although online document management systems have very few disadvantages yet, they are worth keeping in mind before proceeding. So, before opting for an online document management system, remember these few facts discussed below.


Being able to share easily is one of the best advantages of an online document management system. But within that too, lies a demerit. Every online document management system has a limitation for Bandwidth.

Bandwidth in the storage systems, in easier terms, determines the number of files that can be passed through the network at once. It mainly affects the uploading time and downloading time taken by the cloud. Now, if the companies surpass the limited allowance, there will be additional charges if extra space is needed.


When you drag/drop a file from the local storage to the cloud folder, it permanently gets settled in the cloud. Remember, this step cannot be redone. Therefore, for maintaining the file’s local position, you’ll first have to copy and paste instead of using the option of dragging/dropping in the cloud. Although there are service providers that allow full allowance, corporations have to be very careful when it comes to bandwidth.

No Access Without Internet

Accessing files easily from anywhere is an advantage of an online document management system but it needs a good internet connection as mentioned earlier. If there is no connection, the files cannot be accessed, then be it anything.

Relatively New

Not many users are well-versed with technology, so, online document management systems can be a drawback as it requires its users to access files online.


The security in the online file management system is also reliable as the hackers don’t get a direct target to attack. Interconnectedness can be a major drawback as the hacker can breach one system and then link it to other systems.

It is very important that you opt for an online document management system that fulfills your requirements and is affordable for you in the best ways. Every storage system and file syncing service has its uniqueness and offers that will give you the best storage and help you with document management.

Be it any, it will definitely be user-friendly, give you a satisfying file managing experience, save time, and also keep the files secured and in a desirable condition, unlike paper files.

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