10 Ways To Up Your Presentation With A Pie Chart Generator

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One thing that is very common in presentations is pie charts. While pie charts are simple to understand, it is really hard to create one on your own. You can spend hours trying to make a perfect pie chart for your presentation, only to find out it looks awful when printed on paper or viewed on the computer screen.

This article talks about how you can make better pie charts with the help of a pie chart generator in just minutes.

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1. Select Your Chart Type

Before you can make a pie chart, you should select the type of pie chart that best suits your purpose. Online pie charts are available in 4 types: 3D Pie, Donut, Slice, and 100% Stacked. The type you choose will depend on what information you’re trying to show and what type of data you’re trying to display.

Check out some pie chart examples on Venngage.

Business marketing challenge pie chart
Business marketing challenge pie chart – Venngage

2. Select The Data You Want To Display

After selecting the type of pie chart you want to use, it is time to select the data you want to visualize with it. A pie chart can contain up to eight different data points. You can select a different data point for each segment by clicking the dropdown arrow beside the “Data” text box in the chart wizard and selecting your desired item from the list.

3. Select The Label For Each Data Point

After you have selected all of your data, it is time to add labels to them. These labels are what your readers will use to decipher the different data points. This chart wizard has some label options you can choose from: currency, percentage, and Standard. The standard text box lets you enter your custom label for easy identification.

4. Decide If You Want Shadows Or Textured Effects

One of the options of a free pie chart maker is shadows and textured effects. In most cases, you’ll want to leave these options unchecked. However, if you’re using a pie chart to compare different items against each other, then it would be helpful to have some visual cue that shows which one is higher or lower than the other.

5. Put Your Pie Chart Preferences In The Pie Chart Maker

The chart wizard has a whole list of settings that you can change to make your pie chart look better. There is no harm in checking out these options and seeing how they affect the end product. Change the graph type, slice thickness, and more to find something that looks great on your presentation slide.

What are the main greenhouse gases - Venngage
What are the main greenhouse gases – Venngage

6. Download Your Pie Chart

You will be presented with four different options for downloading your pie chart. You can choose to download the image straight to your computer, copy the image by right-clicking it and pasting it into another program, or copying its code. Or you can print out the presentation slide straight from the website itself. Whatever works best for you!

7. Edit Your Pie Chart

There is always room for improvement. If you feel like your pie chart needs some work or if you want to set it apart from the rest, this pie chart generator allows you to make modifications and changes as you please. This feature takes a little of fiddling with, but once you get the hang of it, making pie charts will be a breeze.

8. Add A Text Box For Explanation Or Instructions

This pie chart generator helps explain what the different sections of your pie chart mean or how they correspond to one. However, if you would like to include additional information or explanation, you may also use a poster maker for this.

9. Or Add A Text Box With Instructions On How To Read The Pie Chart

If you want to make sure the person reading your presentation (or looking at your poster) knows how to correctly read your pie chart, this feature will prove very helpful. This text box will automatically update if you edit the pie chart in any way.

10. Edit The Pie Chart Labels At Will

Sometimes your data will change, so it can’t hurt to have a quick and easy way to change the labels on the pie chart without having to go through all the steps again. This feature is especially helpful if you are making frequent presentations or sending out the same pie chart. This way, you won’t have to continue re-entering all of your data and creating a new pie chart every single time you change something.


A pie chart generator is very helpful for anyone looking to make a presentation or poster on pie charts. Pie Charts can be hard to understand, especially with unequal slices, but this tool makes everything clear by making the slices of the pie proportional to one another. All you have to do is enter your numbers and let this online pie chart maker work its magic!

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