Online electricity bill payments are a win-win situation

On the go - online bill payments

Do you ever think about how utility bill payments benefit you and the service providers? Did you choose the electronic form of payment just because it is convenient and fast? It is time that you understand how a single decision on your part can impact your utility provider and the ecology.

But, first, how does the choice of electronic payment impact you – the customer?

As a customer of an electricity board in India, say, for example, TNEB, you have the freedom to choose between TNEB online payment of bills or paying the bills in the real world. Most customers today choose the former method, at least in cities and towns with good internet connectivity because for multiple reasons:

  1. Online bill payments are convenient because it is a straightforward method.
  2. No technical expertise is required–all that you need to do is download a reliable payment app, register with it, and link your savings account for seamless use.
  3. Online payment is fast–it happens within seconds in most cases. You do not need to move out of your home, travel anywhere, or face the crowd and traffic.
  4. In most cases, you either get cash back or discount coupons when you choose to pay online. In other words, electronic payment methods help save money, too, besides time and energy.

How does electronic bill payment help service providers?

Let’s understand this better and clearer with the help of an example. Suppose you stay in South Haryana and are a consumer of the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam or DHBVN. By opting for online DHBVN bill payment, you help the service provider save a considerable amount of money.

They make the savings at the cost of procuring paper used for printing the bills and receipts. Also, they save on the printing and postal costs required to send the bills to your registered address. Thus, as the country moves towards a paperless economy, you do your part by choosing the electronic form of payment.

With consumers thoroughly aware of their environmental responsibilities, most customers automatically prefer to go with a service provider that offers e-billing as an option.

How does the community benefit from your decision?

The digital economy is a big step towards sustainability. It is a topic of concern today for the entire world. In India, too, we see growing consciousness and awareness amongst end-users and the corporate world.

But, simply being aware is not going to help. We need to begin doing things at our level to make the Earth a sustainable place. It is not just for our present generation but for the future generations, too.

Your choice of e-payment every month has a long-lasting impact on the future of our planet and hence the civilization or the community overall. E-payment helps save fuel emissions, cut trees, make inks, etc. that degrade the ecology in many ways.

As we have seen here, one step at a time by every individual can make not just our life easy, stress-free, and comfortable, but also help the service provider save the environment and create a healthy futuristic society.

While we are mostly concerned about our comfort and luxuries, it is high time that we start to think about our contribution towards creating a safer and healthier planet–a deserving dwelling place for our future generations to come.

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