How to produce cost-effective business with Micro and Macro Influencer

Influencer Marketing Impact on Business

What is influence marketing?

Influence marketing is almost known to everyone and is among the hottest business trend nowadays, still, Influence Marketing is a branding process that involves campaigns, brand posting, product promotions, and much more business outreach to expand and involve public engagements and hype business over social platforms via a well known public figure with a flooding fan following list.

Who are Macro and Micro-Influencers?

Micro vs Macro Influencer Marketing - Understand the difference.
Micro vs Macro Influencer Marketing – Understand the difference.

Influencers are typically social media personalities or popular figures over social platforms, they usually carry a comparatively lesser fan following than high-end influencers.

Micro and macro-influencers clutch around 5k to 50k followers over a single social platform, in some cases, on a larger scale, macro and micro-influencers hold over and above 100k followers too, based on their previous branding styles, and their engagement rates even get turned into a high-end influence marketer.

How do Macro and Micro-Influencers work?

Here, I am going to discuss how micro and macro influencers can help you to have better campaigns and brand engagements at a very lesser cost, basically what happens, is there exist some well-groomed and known international brands in the markets, and they usually hire some exclusive brand ambassadors or influencing figure, like someone who’s a social media tycoon or a celebrity figure on big tickets, but what about what local brands and newbies, there you fall into a flooding confusion on whom to hire and how to hire? and the most important is your budget, some influencer is easy and others are far harder than you think.

  • So basically micro and macro influencers are budget-friendly figures, and as per my marketing experience I have found macro and micro-influencer are more aligned to a particular niche or we can say the area of discussion, they are more of a subject matter expert compared to a large scale influencer who covers a variety of niches and topics.
  • Social media platforms are flooded with influence marketers, but you’ll struggle to fetch out the best one for you, several brands are already flocked with tons of macro and micro influence, Macro and Micro Influencer help brands to align more traffic on their sites and generate more leads than other influencers.
  • Macro and micro-influencers are normally reserved for a particular area of discussion alike food, clothing, cosmetics, fitness, home decor, etc, and there’s no topic left that you find on the internet to throw light on it, every kind is present you just have to list down those influencers who falls in your brand or product category.
  • Micro and macro-influencers are best suited for new start-ups entrepreneurs and local brands or even can be hired by high-end brands too, basically, they turn a greater audience than a high tire pricey influencer, micro and macro can easily groom their business and products within their budget and can expect dancing hype in sale rate
  • Micro-influencers are seemingly normal people with greater social presence with credible and reliable sources of information, they shadow more transparent returns and recommendations.
  • Since brands have come to know about macro-influencers they have attracted them with a little higher price and turned them into a brand collaboration.
  • Innumerable brands are finding them more attractive due to their loyal followers and real-time audience appreciation, micro-influencer tends to have greater engagements and returns just because celeb influencers are somewhere not so reliable to the audience, visitors usually thought of product advertisement by celebs as another money-making prodigy and rarely turn towards it but when the same thing is done by a macro and micro-influencer, people trust they believe and follow their recommendations.
  • To find and reach macro and micro-influencers you can either search and optimize at your own level or you can go for some influencer search tools like afluencer, these tools are systematically designed to have a greater user interface and have real-time values of data, you can use an influencer to find out and top-rated macro and micro-influencer and after falling into collaboration, this tool will help you to know your business hype ratio, with real-time data fluctuation report, and engagement ratio.
  • Next, it moves towards the pricing momentum, micro, and macro influencer charges comparatively lesser than the high brand promoter, pricing may vary from influencer to influencer, fashion bloggers or fitness blog poster charges around $2.5 – 10 for a single blog post, or $100- 1000 for every 500 engagement.
  • While asking for collaboration make sure you have turned to a genuine personality as there are already sacks of marketers who assures you good campaigns at the cheapest lighting deal, don’t get drained with such kind of stuff, faux influencer usually buys and sell followers and even engagements too, you’ll just get likes on your products with no return on genuine engagements.
  • Hiring or collaborating with a macro or micro-influencer gives you a 5% greater rate of audience engagements rather than a high tire influencer on an average estimate engagements rates and ROI with greater business traffic leads.

Macro and micro-influencers are truly cost-efficient business groomers, they can turn your business and take it to a new business height, you are just required to dig out the best-aligned macro or micro-influencer and ask for business collaboration, as you step into the social marketing with an influencer marketer you’ll find how effective and speedily your business can grow.

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