How beauty brands have evolved their influencer marketing

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With influencer marketing on the rise, it is becoming increasingly challenging for new faces to gain popularity. The competition is indeed quite high, with everyone from aspiring influencers to celebrities entering this field.

Before we get into how you can become a successful beauty influencer, let us first check out what influencer marketing and beauty influencing are all about.

How To Become An Influencer: Tips For Success

What is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is probably one of the oldest forms of advertising, where a famous personality with a large follower base would promote a product. However, it has evolved considerably over time. Influencer marketing is no longer limited to billboards and television ads, but has found its place in blogs and social media accounts of the influencers as well. The variety of ways in which one can become an influencer has grown too.

What does a beauty influencer do?

Beauty and fashion are among the top industries which use influencer marketing the most. This is because people tend to follow the lifestyle of influencers. Thus, when an influencer shares a positive experience with using a certain product, it creates hype among their followers.

The same technique is applied when a brand wants to introduce a new trend to its target audience. The brands producing beauty products collaborate with the top beauty influencers to reach out to the audience.

How can you start off your career as a beauty influencer?

Before you start planning, you might want to keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to be a model or a celebrity in order to be a beauty influencer. You may also enter the field as a blogger or someone offering tips and beauty hacks. Let us check out the ways in which you can kick start your journey as a beauty influencer.

Start as a micro-influencer: It is almost impossible to build a large follower base in a short time. Start with your friends and family, the people who currently follow you on your social media accounts. You may even join various relevant communities, such as Facebook groups. This would help you build up your follower base ad gradually your follower base would grow.

Share useful tips: When you face high competition, you need to come up with unique ways to beat it. People would be more likely to follow you if you provide them with new and helpful information. Many of the top beauty influencers who are into blogging and creating content offer unique beauty hacks. Naturally, more people would follow you if you offer them such innovative tips.

Reveal what you use: The beauty product brands prefer to collaborate with influencers who they know would help to increase their brand awareness. Hence, when you post your photos on Instagram or other social media accounts flaunting your makeup, make sure to add the names and brands of the products you use.

Once the brands seeking beauty influencers notice that you are willing to promote beauty products by revealing that you use them, they are more likely to collaborate with you.

Offer practical end-results: When you buy a new beauty product or receive one as a sample from a brand, don’t just post a photo of it. Use the product, click a nice photo, flaunting it and post it. The reasoning behind this is simple. People are more interested in how well a product actually works rather than what it looks like.

Stay up-to-date: If you are going to be a beauty influencer, you need to stay updated about the latest beauty products. Firstly, the older a product gets, the higher would be the competition you face because the number of blogs and other content regarding the product would rise.

Secondly, it is easier to draw the attention of your followers when you post about a new product rather than one which has been in the market for a while.

Build your knowledge: If you are planning to be a beauty influencer, especially by creating blogs, informative videos, tips, and tricks, etc., you need to possess in-depth knowledge. Only then you would be able to provide your followers worth detailed information. Beauty enthusiasts usually prefer detailed information regarding different products rather than a simple review.

Be creative: It is perfectly fine to take ideas and inspiration from other influencers. You may purchase magazines and follow the top beauty influencers to get ideas. However, make sure to be yourself and be creative. If you create the same content as those who are more popular than you, it would be hard for you to stand out from the rest.

Becoming a beauty influencer has become much easier than before, as you do not need to possess an excellent physique or be a model. However, it does require dedication. Find a niche you want to focus on, carry out the necessary research, and start building your career.

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