How Do Social Intranet Platforms Foster Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

Smart Tips to Improve Communication in the Digital Workplace

Modern organisations can establish a collaborative environment by incorporating social intranet platforms into their employees’ work life.

Equipped with functional and easy-to-use tools, these networks help bring people from different locations onto a common platform to work together.

They allow the development of meaningful connections that result in increased productivity.

In today’s digital workplaces, a social intranet is a flexible management system whose objectives include improving communication, knowledge-sharing, and productivity. The platform achieves its goals by developing real-time connections between employees and remote colleagues.

There are many ways intranet platforms as collaborative solutions foster collaboration in an organization.

Below are some of them.

Boost Engagement Through Employee Recognition Programs

Employees are the real force that makes an organisation. A company can celebrate the hard work of its people by launching employee recognition programs on a social intranet network. These acknowledgements can be paired with hashtags that promote the company’s value and show how an individual has added value to the organisation.

Through these employee recognition programs, companies can boost engagement. They can show gratitude and value each other’s hard work.

Provide a Platform to Speak Up

In the form of social intranet platforms, employees get a centralized network where they can share their ideas and opinions without hesitation. The network removes communication barriers in large organisations and gives a voice to people.

An intranet as a platform for communication is a highly valuable tool in companies that operate in multiple locations globally and have employees from different communities. An intranet solution brings all these people in different regions onto a common platform where they communicate and deliver their ideas without fear.

By allowing people to speak up, a social intranet network promotes an open attitude in the work environment. It gives employees more opportunities to broaden their relationships by working with people from different parts of the world.

Also, the platform develops connections between co-workers with similar roles on different continents. They can use the network to discuss ideas and make more informed decisions to achieve common organisational goals.

Give a Centralized Space for Knowledge Sharing

Geographically dispersed workforces require tools that work as effective collaborative solutions to provide employees with the knowledge they need to perform their duties. And social intranet platforms are ideal knowledge-sharing tools. Through real-time collaboration, they allow users to communicate, send/receive files, and work simultaneously on one document.

Empowering co-workers, great intranet solutions are equipped with a wide range of easy-to-use yet practical tools to make knowledge sharing easy in a digital workplace. In addition to sharing information, authorised members can ask questions on the intranet’s forum or find answers to their queries.

In modern workplaces, intranet solutions help to build a community online where employees communicate with each other to retrieve information for their tasks quickly.

Offer Relevant, Valuable Information to all

A great social intranet platform is valuable for everyone in an organisation. The top management and the HR department can use the network to share information or broadcast news. On the other hand, project managers can assign work to team members, monitor progress, and give feedback.

Employees on the network can communicate with each other, share files, make changes to existing documents, and save their work. Also, they can remain in contact with their seniors for assistance.


Social intranet platforms foster communication and collaboration in an existing, engaging manner. Powered with next-generation features, they help employees work together and achieve common organisational objectives. As a result, a company gets an employee-friendly and productive work environment.

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