How the Internet Has Changed During COVID-19

The coronavirus has definitely changed how we live in today’s world. With people staying at home, internet usage has skyrocketed for both work and play consumption. People are now conducting meetings on Zoom, but are also spending more time playing Xbox and watching Netflix.

With this increased internet consumption, 10% of all internet subscribers are using more than 1TB of the internet a month. Thankfully, most ISPs have lifted their bandwidth restrictions during the pandemic.

Overall, internet usage has increased by 47% during the pandemic. Since April 4th, Americans have streamed 50,000 years of media from services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Spotify. With business now being conducted online, Zoom has grown by an impressive 2700%, and Slack has increased their paid user acquisition by 80%.

These are just some examples of how our internet usage has exploded. For a deeper look at how things have changed, check out the infographic below.

How people are using the internet during COVID-19
10% of people are using more than 1TB of internet right now – here’s how it breaks down The 4 Comma Club – Infographic source:

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