Fun Things to Do In Hollywood

When it comes to entertainment Hollywood is the place to be, celebrities, memorabilia and in house recording all in one place. In addition, you get to experience art come to life through interactive museums set in the heart of Hollywood.

With over 10 interactive museums set on Hollywood boulevard, experiencing real art will never be the same again. Colorful exhibits turned into powerful 3D illusions, you can interact with each piece of art through touch and movement.

Museum of illusions

If you enjoy art then you will enjoy the museum of illusions, its fun-filled experience with you and your family. The art in the Hollywood museum literally comes to life; the 3D illusions come to life letting you dive into a different dimension. You can interact with the art through touch and movement while it challenges your sense through the different forms of art. Innovative and out of the box ideas will test your perception powers as you travel across artistic stories. In addition, you can take pictures with the art creating long term memory of your visit to the museum. Besides being the best destination for art lovers, it’s a great place to take your family, the all-rounded artistic nature of the interactive museum is ideal for children.

Walk of fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The star-studded sidewalk has honored Hollywood’s most renowned actors, radio and TV presenters, and musicians, among other people from the film, TV, and theater industry. Stars are added every year in June. Currently, there are 2,500 stars and counting. Get into the magic of stardom by taking photos with your favorite star.

Universal studios

Universal Studios is the most popular family tourist attraction in Hollywood. There are three main areas in the studio, the filming studio, the city walk, and the theme park. Tourists are taken for a tour by a virtual tour guide, which is mostly a celebrity media personality. You will get to see and experience making a movie behind the scenes. Be part of a live recording of your favorite shows and enjoy the behind the scenes with your favorite celebrities.

Iconic Hollywood sign

It’s the first thing you see when you enter Hollywood, it’s a sign that you have just entered into celebrity zone. Although the sign began as an advertisement by developers the iconic sign is now a landmark. Located in Griffith Park, the sign formerly read as HOLLYWOODLAND. You can see the sign from anywhere in Los Angeles, but it’s a much better experience to hike up there and view it. You can take close-up photos with your friends and see them be envious of your current travel.

If it is your first time in Hollywood, then the above list is a must for you. In addition to celebrities, good food, and great ambiance the historical aspects of Hollywood make it even more memorable. Rich in artistic history, the Hollywood museum holds memorabilia that dates back into the 1920s, you get to experience the Marilyn Munroe moments. Take a tour of the museums and take selfies with your favorite actors and musicians.

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