How to Spend an Entire Day in Atlanta; the City Of Peaches

One Day in Atlanta - Travel Guide

Atlanta, known to the people as Hotlanta or “The city of peaches” holds many famous sites and rich history.

With this being said, the people know that once they are within the Atlantian territories; it is highly unlikely that they will not get an activity.

Because of tons of different and best things to do in Atlanta, it is obvious that the residents and the visitors are never bored in this city of amazing history and culture.

People who are short on time can take a tour around the major places in one day because most of these places are quite close by and you really don’t need a lot of time to jump from one place to another.

Let’s discuss the top-most and best things to do in Atlanta, even if you are short on time.

Martin Luther Historical Museum

Consume the energy of the visionary leader in civil rights on the Auburn Avenue for some well-spent hours near Howell and Jackson Roads. Take a guided ranger tour or explore Dr. King’s home on your own.

The property includes renovation rooms and initial decorations from childhood, and cross Boulevard on the Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolent Social Change property, for your respects at his crypt.

This is where you can find exhibitions devoted to his father, his wife Coretta Scott King who is also recognized as a famous opera singer and Mahatma Gandhi, a fellow social reformer and a very good friend of Dr. King.

Take a break to listen to preserved sermons at Ebenezer Baptist Church a few blocks later, that Dr. King taught the year of his assassination from 1947 until 1968.

Atlanta Beltline

The beltline is focusing on joining all ends of the city in one place. The Atlanta Beltline will not be fully completed until 2030, which will convert 22 miles of the old train corridor in the city center.

Such a concept, however, simply has had a transformative impact on a city that wants more human pace through its ongoing evolution and construction. This pace will link 45 districts through 33 kilometers of multiple-use roads and 1 300 acres of parks.

Sections of Northside, Westside and Eastside parks, restaurants, beer gardens, street art, and outdoor activities are currently open for bikes and walkers.

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a paradise for joggers, Bocca players, and picnic enthusiasts, in Atlanta’s answer to Central Park. It is a world far away from the concrete city metropolis with flourishing greenery, rippling waters and bustling wildlife.

The 189acre Piedmont Park is situated around 1mi north-east of the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia between the communities of the Midtown and Virginia Highland. Dr. Benjamin Walker initially owned the land and used it as his farm and home out of the area. In 1887 he sold the grounds to the Gentlemen’s Driving Club, which was to create an exclusive club and running field for horse enthusiasts.

Joseph Forsyth Johnson originally designed the park for the first of two large exhibits in the late 19th century in the city. The Show Piedmont began to have great enthusiasm in October 1887. The event was a success and laid the stage for the international exhibition Cotton States, which took place seven years later in the park in 1895.

Georgia Aquarium

The biggest indoor aquarium in the Western world doubles as a hospital for teachers with more than 100,000 species with water as their main habitat. This destination, next to Centennial Park, provides plenty of new and saltwater landscapes for even the most diligent tourists to spend an hour’s content.

The main highlights of the aquarium are the huge reef sharks and the beluga whales. The exhibitions can be accessed with a free autonomous tours device for access.

Decatur Square

Decatur has been able to preserve its small-city charm in spite of its industrial growth around it by anticipating the Community of Atlanta itself. A stop is enjoyable (or two) to have fun at the gazebo or a beer sidewalk and watch people spend hours playing.

The square has a vibrant restaurant and arts scene, a short ride on the MARTA from Atlanta’s heart. Characterized (indubitable) as the New York Times ‘ Brooklyn of Georgia, the whole year round is full of things to see and do.

Clermont Lounge

In the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel (recently opened as Hotel Clermont) in 1965, almost every Atlantian citizen has a tale about the Clermont Lounge. Maybe a tenth of that story is true and for the ones that are not true, well, they are too fascinating to be not true.

The Clermont, mixing seedy ingredients with actual seedy, inexpensive PBR booze, scantly tucked away with un-clad and funky with spirit, is certainly one of the most popular record stores in the city.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Fernbank is not just a school trip option between the breathtaking atrium with a floating brontosaurus skeleton and swan activities after hours. Move over swamplands and foothills in a crowd-pleasant display called’ Travel Over Time in Georgia,’ or take a 3D-Imax educational film that is more detailed than a lifetime.

Only at the Fernbank Museum can the world’s largest dinosaurs come together, explore developments on Earth in today’s Georgian landscapes, connect with cultures around the world, and participate in various hands-on exhibitions and more! And you’re not going to miss amazing special revolving exhibits or the incredible five-story IMAX video show.

The Museum is dedicated to fostering a lifetime learning about our planet and its inhabitants through immersive programming and unrivaled experiences.


Atlanta is one of the top travel destinations in the U.S. With the economy flourishing and the city rich in national and civil history, Atlanta has a lot of natural and historical places that the residents and visitors can enjoy during their stay.

You can also enjoy your time here by exploring some of the best and top-rated sites in the beautiful capital of the southern state.

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