Tips for Finding the Best Aquarium Air Pumps

Fish aquarium with air pump

Setting up your first fish tank is challenging! It’s not a simple case of buying a tank and filling it with fish. If your fish are to survive, the tank has to be set up correctly.

To begin with, you require the right equipment. And one piece of equipment that will help you’re your fish healthy is an Air Pump.

A lot of people overlook the benefits of using an Air Pump. The majority of newbies and some experts believe that what you need are air pumps with air stones. The fact is, an air pump is not at all needed for fish to survive.

But air pumps do provide two benefits in any aquarium. They do:

  • Increase the surface area
  • Improve air circulation

They do not add oxygen to the water, as is commonly thought.

You may want to use an air pump in your tank because:

  • air pumps act like sponge filters
  • you are using decorations that need air
  • you like the look of a lot of bubbles.

Can Fish Survive With No Air Pump?

Fish will survive without an air pump. But to be sure, you need a few things in place.

Oxygen comes into the aquarium when the surface water is agitated. What happens then is that the oxygen is pushed into the water via gas exchange.

Most canister and hanging filters provide enough surface agitation to allow your fish to survive with no air pump.

But, the areas under gravel and sponge filters need an air pump. This is used to both operate and to agitate the water’s surface.

There are three things to think about when you don’t use an air pump.

1. Medication and water temperature

If your fish are suffering from a disease, you are probably using some sort of medication and possibly chemicals. Some of these need the temperature to be raised. This may lead to the development of a film on the water.

This can prevent oxygen from getting into the aquarium. What air pumps do is provide a quick and easy method for increasing oxygen levels when needed.

2. Going on vacation

If you go away for an extended period, you need to ensure you are using an air pump with battery power.

This ensures the fish tank has enough oxygen if there is a power failure that can cause a filter to close down.

3. Lack of oxygen

Sometimes you may find you don’t have adequate oxygen in the fish tank. Your fish are bound to let you know.

When you notice any fish gasping for breath or swimming near the water’s surface, it may well be a warning of low oxygen levels. This is when you need to add an air pump with an air stone. This will increase the area by agitating the surface water. By doing this, the equipment allows oxygen to enter the tank.

To find and buy the most suitable air pump for your fish tank, set up go to this site.

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