Make That Old Driveway New Again

Quick Concrete Crack Filler

Every driveway, whether it’s a blacktop or concrete, will begin to crack over time. The temperature fluctuations of the earth surrounding the driveway will cause the surface to crack.

When these cracks appear, water can penetrate beneath the surface, and then the freeze-and-thaw cycle of the weather will further worsen the problem.

You need to fix small cracks when you find them before they become bigger. For cracks less than ½ inch, you can fill them easily with a ready-to-use crack repair. Then, complete the job with a coat of driveway crack sealer.

How to Do the Repair Work

Make sure the outside temperature is above fifty degrees for the concrete surface and above seventy degrees for blacktop repair. Pressure wash the surface thoroughly first, to remove grime, and to loosen any crumbling concrete.

Once the surface dries, fill in any cracks with a trowel, feathering the edges to join the repair to the surrounding material. Allow the surface and the repair to dry completely before finishing your repair by applying a sealer.

Concrete Sealer Application

Mix the concrete resurfacing material according to instructions. Dampen the concrete before applying the product. Pour onto the prepared surface. Use a squeegee to smooth the material across the surface, feathering the edges to ½ inch from each side. Tap the squeegee occasionally to remove the excess and finish the surface by using a broom to add in texture and prevent slippage.

Blacktop Sealer Application

In addition to sealing the surface from cracks, a blacktop sealer can prevent fading, drying out, and further deterioration due to exposure to UV rays and oxidation. After filling in the cracks, water the area with a fine mist to cool the surface for one hour before applying the sealer.

Blacktop sealers range from an inexpensive tar mixture to a more costly rubberized formula and offer varying degrees of life span and cure rates, so check the labels carefully to determine which would work best for you.

What Else to Consider

Regardless of which surface your driveway is on, you will be investing some of your precious time to clean and seal the driveway, so make sure you’re using the best product you can afford.

Ask the staff for the best-named products and have them explain exactly how to apply the sealer. If you buy the right product and apply it correctly, you’ll have years to admire your beautiful driveway before you need to reapply any driveway crack sealer.

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