Origins of Baseball: U.S. or Britain

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For almost two centuries, there has been a consistent debate with respect to the origin of baseball. It is said to have been originated in England, and it was first mentioned in 1755 when it was called “baseball.”

It was known as a rounder in England. Subsequently, it became a codified sport often played in Wales and North West England, particularly Merseyside, in the 18th century. Francis Ley was said to have introduced the international version of the game.

The development of baseball in Britain

The National Association of Professional BaseBall Players was founded in 1871, and the national league was subsequently established five years later.

It grew quickly in the years preceding World War II. The baseball team often shared ground with many football clubs in England with over 10,000 spectators. One of the most famous matches was between the US Army and Navy, with over 38,000 supporters at Stamford Bridge.

The 1938 victory of Great Britain over the United States to clinch the inaugural World Cup of Baseball was a remarkable record in the United Kingdom.

The British Baseball Federation governed and administered the baseball leagues since 1987 with the UK, improving the level of participation in the UK Baseball since 2000.

Today, you will find there are more than 40 baseball teams and over 900 players across the UK. After the outbreak of the Second World War, it is safe to say that the popularity and recognition of the game started to decline.

History of Baseball in the United States

The origin of baseball dates back to the 19th century when a baseball hit the New York Metropolitan area when it was regularly played on Saturdays in 1823.

In 1847, the American Soldiers played the first baseball game in the city of Mexico. Baseball is a descendant of ball games often played in the medieval period, with Britain playing a significant role in its growth and development.

An immigrant from the United Kingdom brought the game to the US. One of the founders of the New York Knickerbocker baseball club Alexander Cartwright codified some set of rules which directly became the fulcrum for modern baseball, thereby advocating for foul lines, diamond-shaped infield, and three-strike rule, differentiating it from cricket. The first recorded baseball game was played between in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1846.

The knickerbocker and 16 New York area clubs constituted the National Association of Baseball Players (NABBP) to govern and administer the game, among other things, to establish a championship.

Its membership further grew to 1oo clubs and 400 by 1865 and 1867, respectively. The foremost professional club during this era was the Cincinnati Red Stockings. With the formation of the major league in 1876, the first professional league spanned from 1871 to 1875.

Development of baseball in the United States

Several leagues emerged in the 1880s, which eventually became the National League known as the league of eastern cities, although the western league of western cities started in 1893, which culminated in the American League.

The two leagues, in a unanimous agreement however, signed an agreement to play each other in a world series contest. In the 20th the game gained momentum with the first 20 years, a remarkable rise in the game, with designated large stadiums such as Polo grounds, Comiskey Park, Shibe parks, and Ebbets Field. Interestingly, African Americans have played the game as long as their white counterparts.

On August 5th, 1950, the first radio broadcast was made over Westinghouse station, also with an increased offense and appearance of Babe Ruth; according to The Baseball Stop, this was the time often referred to as the “golden age.” Of baseball predicated upon its popularity in the country.

Television broadcast also assisted in the transformation of the game with an increasing seasonal attendance in 1962 upward. It has been watched live from the nooks and crannies of the country with increased attention and the generation of more revenue for the major league clubs.

The major league game has witnessed some reforms emanating from improvement in the science of sports conditioning, changes in the marketing and television broadcasting of sporting events, advertisement and sponsorships, greater visibility, and free agency.

As such, average attendance increased in 1979 with over 20,000 spectators, and 30,000 was recorded in 1993, although it was later affected by the strike. Sponsorships from a large corporation such as Nike were seen on the clothing and shoes of the players in the league. The players signed commercial endorsement, shoe deals as well as sponsorships.


In view of the above-highlighted fact with respect to the history of baseball, it is widely considered having originated from the United Kingdom. Also, it appeared to have emanated from the two English games: rounders and cricket, and it is traceable to the Anglo and Norman period, Medieval England.

It continues to be one of the popular sport alongside basketball in the United States. It is safe to say that the US is credited with the biggest growth and development of baseball, having been generally recognized as their “national pastime.” Next Check out Sports that are encouraging disabled participation.

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