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We all love Nora Lighting products, but I want to step back a little. Why is light important, and who says what cannot be done when the world is in eternal darkness?

Well, beyond the obvious reasons for not being able to see anything, I want to point out a few key reasons why light is important.

Nora Lighting Explains Where Food Comes From

When you trace back the cause of anything that is going on, you should always come back to creating the universe. But quite a few steps before that, we have to pass by our own sun.

For instance, if one asks why I can eat an apple from a tree, then one can answer that it is because the sun gave its leaves enough nutrients to grow its fruits.

Almost all forms of energy that we have on earth were once a form of energy that hit the earth’s surface in the form of sunlight. As you might have perceptively deduced, sunlight is a form of light that comes from the sun. These simple day-to-day occurrences of seeing the sunshine in our surroundings can truly be sometimes taken for granted.

Sunlight is why we have food on our table, whatever it is that we are eating. Plants grow because they synthesize the energy sent by the sun in a process called photosynthesis.

This light energy is transformed into the calories that we eat in our cakes and bread. If you are eating meat, you would be eating another iteration of sunlight energy after it was transformed from the stored energy inside the plant into the animal eating it.

Nora Lighting Reminds You To Get Some Sun

Nothing beats the radiance of that newly tanned skin. But aside from looking particularly stunning, the sun does other things to your body that are essential for your head. Vitamin D is the vitamin that you get directly from the sun. Much like how plants use sunlight as a source of energy, we use the sun to activate our bodies’ nutrients.

A proper walk in the sun daily of at least a few minutes is good for the body. Be careful, however, as there is a window for you to do this. Beyond 8:00 am, you risk damaging your skin if you do not wear enough sunblock.

Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing and should not be taken lightly. While there are vitamins that you can take that include vitamin D, it should be noted that only sunlight can activate these.

Nora Lighting Points Out the Obvious – You Cannot See in the Dark

Our site is probably the best-developed sense. Among other animals that have eyesight, our eyes are the evolutionary jewels borne from millions of years of mutation.

The formation of the eyes that seem way too complex is theorized to have started its development long before their animals started to walk on land. And the only way to take advantage of this marvel is by reflecting light from the surface we wish to see directly into our eyes.

Imagine a world where there is no light day and night. We would have to rely on our other senses to get by, and I wouldn’t say I like those chances. Humans have so much relied on eyesight that it has become the primary source of information. From reading to witnessing day-to-day activities, it is sometimes astounding how much data can be transmitted to the brain by these organs.

Nora Lighting Reveals A Secret – Colors Come from Light

Ever wonder how color works? Besides mixing and matching colors like how blue and yellow makes green, there is a bit more complex subject beyond it that should be understood.

What color is, is really just a question of how much energy that ray of light is. Light, as already explained, is actually energy. And as a quantifiable entity, this energy has levels, and these levels define the color that we see.

The wavelength of the light wave designates the levels. The colors that we can see lie adjacent to each other to form the visible spectrum. The color with the highest energy level is blue, while the one with the lowest is red.

Beyond the color blue, there are colors with waves too high that we cannot see them like ultraviolet light. On the other hand, light waves weaker than the color red cannot be seen, and this is where waves light x-ray is found.

Imagine a world without color, where everything is just a certain shade of grey. If you see the same cartoon, I see in my mind right now, then you know exactly what it looks like. Being colorblind in a world full of color is a real tragedy, and we should be thankful if we can see the world in all its colorful glory.

Nora Lighting Tells Us What Keeps Us Warm

The world right now ought to be in a panic with the rising global temperatures. But, although the sun is truly the cause of global warming in the first place, it might be a bit too far fetched to start blaming it instead of how much industrialization has changed our atmosphere. Light is not the enemy here because it is doing an essential job, keeping us warm.

As illustrated above, light is indeed a form of energy. This simple sentence needed the brains of a few of the brightest minds of the 20th century to be proven as a fact.

And because it is a form of energy, it can be harnessed into a different kind of purpose. Like, for instance, electricity is what our solar panels do. And into heat energy that stops the world from freezing over.

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