Keep your room warm this winter with these wonderful electric heaters

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It may be a while away, but winter has already started to make its presence felt. I love winter; something is comforting about being cozy and warm indoors when it’s cold and dark outside.

I have a rose-tinted view of winter, but I concede, sometimes winter can be unpleasant.

When the frost starts to break on the front lawn and the nights grow darker and colder, it can sap our energy and make us more susceptible to colds and flu.

What can we do to keep warm during the colder months?

Gas heaters are a great option, but they are expensive, cumbersome, and permanent. Woodfire heaters and gas heaters are visually pleasing and efficient, but they require your home to modified to accommodate them.

What if you need a seasonal solution? Oil heaters have remained a popular choice, but they are slow to heat a room.

It’s 2020 and the electric heaters are back. No longer power-sapping monstrosities, today, we can purchase a wonderful array of efficient, effective, and safe space heaters that will please even the most discerning buyer.

An electric heater is a perfect way to keep warm this winter while saving space and money. Here are my favorite electric heaters you can buy right now.

Dyson am09 hot cool fan heater

A thoroughly modern take on the electric heater, the Dyson am09 hot cool fan heater, is a beautiful option for those who want to keep warm this winter. With a fanless design, the am09 is safe for children and has a hidden heating element, too, for added peace of mind.

While extraordinarily powerful, the am09 uses brains to keep your space warm, with a selection of modes that increase the heater/coolers’ effectiveness. Personal mode directs a more focussed beam of hot air, while room mode keeps an entire room heated.

Noirot 2400W Spot Plus Electric Panel Heater

For those of you who want a heater with no-nonsense, keep an eye out for the Noirot Spot plus. This utilitarian panel heater should blend into most interiors while providing a thumping 2400w of heating power. Heaters like the Noirot represent everything an electric heater has become, unassuming, efficient, and capable.

If 2400 watts of power weren’t enough, this handy panel heater has a timer and can be adjusted for every day of the week. I like this heater because it uses natural convection to heat a room, meaning your air quality is more natural.

Dyson Hot plus Cool air purifier

Taking the superb design of the Dyson am09 and ramping it up, this electric heater also doubles as a cooling fan and air purifier. The Hot plus Cool air purifier can quickly and effectively warm a loungeroom while its HEPA filter keeps nasty microscopic particles out of your home.

With an increased awareness of airborne pollutants, an air purifier is a justifiable purchase; when coupled with one of the best heaters on the market, the Dyson Hot plus Cool air purifier represents a bargain.

Electric heaters have come a long way in a short time. While nothing can compete with the feeling of sitting around aa roaring fire pit, the danger of an open flame and the associated costs of fuelling such a heater far outweigh the benefits.

Electric heaters of old were woefully wasteful, used as a last resort when the mercury dropped in a room away from the central radiator. Today, an electric heater can be efficient, smart, and lovely to look at. This winter, why not add a Dyson am09 to your loungeroom for winter long comfort?

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