13 Crucial Things To Consider When Buying A Sailboat

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Nothing beats the adventure of sailing. It can be even more adventurous if the sailboat is yours.

Nowadays, you have the opportunity to buy any sailboat you want. But no single sailboat will have all the features you desire. So, you have to make some compromises.

Moreover, if you are new to sailing, then the experience of buying a sailboat can become a nightmare. But what is the solution? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s find out 10 of the crucial things you need to consider before buying a sailboat.

What kind of sailboat do you need?

There are many kinds of sailboats available in the market, but not all have the same quality or features. Here we’ve discussed about some of the basic kinds of sailboats available in the market.

1. Sloop

Sloops are the most common type of sailboats available in the market. They come in all sizes from 8 foot dinghies to 100 feet maxi boats. A sloop has a single mast and two sails. They usually have a Bermuda rig. These rigs are tall, thin and easily maintainable.

Sloops are faster, easily maintainable and can be used for both racing and cruising. But physical strength is a must control a sloop.

2. Ketch

Ketches are another type of sailboats. They have two mast and three sails. They can be of any size depending on the designer and your needs. Ketches are usually larger than sloops. Managing a ketch does not need a lot of physical strength. So they are preferred by old sailors. But they are slower than sloops.

3. Catboat

Catboats are popular for their simple design. They have only one mast and one sail. They are mostly Graff rigged.

Catboats are easy to make, more manageable and have a low maintaining cost. But they have little or no ability to sail in the upwind.

4. Fixed kneel

All large cruising or racing boats have fixed kneel. Kneels are needed to keep the boat being bended on a side. Moreover, it’s needed to balance the weight.

Fixed kneel boats are safe and reliable. But these boats can’t enter into swallow water.

These are some of the basic types of sailboats. Boat size, safety, maintenance, cost are also some important issues you need to keep into consideration while buying your desired one.

Keep reading to know more.

5. Size

Consider a few things before deciding the size of your sailboat. The first thing to consider is whom you’re sailing with. If it’s your family then how many members are there.

Then, if you need any sleeping arrangement in your sailboat, how much space do you need? After that you need to consider if you are expecting any guest or party in your sailboat or it’s just for personal use. Lastly, you need to consider if you are only sailing by you and your family or you need a crew.

These questions will help you to determine the size of your sailboat. Because sailboats are expensive and the maintenance cost can be a big factor if your sailboat is big. If you buy a sailboat bigger than your need, then it can become a white elephant. Again, if you buy a smaller one than your need then you will end up storing it in a dock.

6. Safety

Safety should always be the first priority. Modern sailboats are safe enough. But some extra precautions won’t hurt. Moreover, if you sail with your family or loved ones, it’s always better to be one the safe side.

Before buying one type of sailboat, you have to know about all the safety regulations of that type, how to control one in case of bad weather or emergency. Do you need a hand or crew to maintain it? And what are the safety features that boats have inbuilt?

7. Destination

Destination is another big factor while buying a sailboat. I know it’s hard to decide where to sail before buying a sailboat. But if you don’t consider it before, you may regret later, since sailing in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean is not the same as sailing in a lake or river. Each of them requires a different sailboat.

8. Cost

Cost is a big factor before buying a sailboat. Because not only have to pay for the boat but also pay for its insurance. Remember, if you own a bigger boat, you have to pay a lot of insurance bills. So, you have to consider all the additional things you need to add to your boat and their cost.

Next, you need to know where you will dock it while sailing are their docking & mooring fees. Not to mention the winter storage cost.

Lastly, keep in mind the interest rate if you are buying your sailboat with a loan. Because boat loans sometimes cause you to pay a higher interest rate than your home loans.

9. Purpose

Your purpose of buying a sailboat is another big factor since it’s important when choosing a certain type of sailboat.

If you want to buy a sailboat just to meet your hobby, then you can choose any of them. If it’s for cruising, then you have a certain type of sailboats available for you.

Again, if you buy it for racing, then you have to be very careful and know all the specifications of the boat. If it’s for recreation, then you must consider the size.

10. Maintenance

According to research, 40% of the bigger sailboats in the US are not used frequently or stored on a dock because of high maintenance. If a boat is not maintained well, it can become dangerous.

So, if you have a choice already, at first know the maintenance cost of the boat. Can you afford it yearly? If yes, then buy it without a hesitation.

11. Experience

Experience matters in sailing. If you want to sail, you have to understand the wind, the tide and the weather. Sailing is not an easy thing. It needs patience, physical strength and a clear mind while sailing.

So, if you’re new to sailing and want to buy a sailboat, please try to hire a professional for the first few days or try to go sail with an experienced person to learn from them before buying a sailboat.

12. Future Plans

It may sound funny, but believe me, it’s a crucial factor before buying a sailboat. Just think, you are spending thousands of dollars to buy one. But will you be keeping it for a long time? Will your kids or predecessors want to have it around?

If yes, then buy the best suited one for yourself. If not, then try to buy a smaller and cheaper sailboat. Because you may lose a lot of money if you want to sell it in the future.

13. The Buying Process

This is the most important thing to consider before buying a sailboat. You must learn about the market first. Do some research. Learn which type of boat you need. Here is a link to sailing boats for sale that you should check.

If you are buying a second hand boat, please go for several trail runs and check your engine from time to time by a professional because engine problems can cost you a lot.

Don’t forget to consider the additional cost of it. If you are buying a new one, try to know about its quality and features first. Go for several test runs. Don’t rush to a decision. Try to make the best use of your money.

Buying a sailboat can be very exciting. But all your excitement will go away in just a moment if you take a wrong decision. So, please be careful while buying your desired sailing boat.

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