How to Safely Move Into A PG In Delhi During COVID-19?

Migrating to PG in Delhi during COVID-19? Tips for you to know!

With the easing of the national lockdown and the restarting of professional and academic pursuits, people have begun migrating to leading cities to kick-start their future endeavors.

In these times, hunting a safe and secure PG in Delhi, that follows all healthcare advisories, becomes a high priority.

But as the pandemic continues, it’s critical to take all appropriate precautions for personal hygiene as well as ensure the place you move into has strong sanitization and safety protocols.

This is where co-living accommodation providers come into the picture with their professional operations built around high-quality sanitization protocols, trained teams, and compliance with government healthcare guidelines. Just like it is for your family, your safety is their topmost priority.

If you are wondering what measures to take for selecting and safely moving into a Paying Guest in Delhi, here are some guidelines, you can follow:

Strictly use masks, gloves and sanitizers

This is something that we have been hearing from the early days of the pandemic, that we should continuously use masks and gloves to protect our nostrils and mouth from virus particles. Make sure the place you are moving to has a strict policy about this.

It should be mandatory for staff and inhabitants to wear masks in common areas and when in proximity to other people. Similarly, wearing gloves should be mandated, especially for housekeeping staff that deploys sanitization processes.

Also, carrying a sanitizer with you at all times. So, that whenever you touch something that you feel isn’t clean enough or to sanitize any other thing, you will have that readily available by your side. It is recommended to use an alcohol-based solution with 70% sanitizer content.

If you are moving to a professionally managed accommodation such as stanza living, you will see that they have strict processes for hygiene and sanitation, including arranging for sanitizers at all common areas, frequently disinfecting common touchpoints, etc.

Choose options that cover services

At this time, it is even more essential that you get access to uninterrupted services like healthy daily meals, regular housekeeping, strong internet facility, etc. Considering most PGs depend on third-party vendors (tiffin providers, cleaning staff, etc), one needs to be wary of how you are accessing all these services and how to mitigate the chances of infection spread.

At such times, managed accommodation can be opted for, considering they have in-house staff, so there are limited chances of exposure to external providers. Also, in an enclosed ecosystem, they continue to give uninterrupted services, so you don’t have to worry about suddenly managing all household work yourself, along with remote work/remote study concerns.

Steer clear from overcrowded PGs in Delhi

Social distancing is the new normal! Global and government healthcare advisories suggest strictly maintaining a six-feet distance in common places/ avoiding crowded areas, etc. In a shared living set-up, it is even more necessary that everyone individually takes the onus of sticking to these practices.

Ideally, even within a room, there should be adequate distancing between individual furniture and living spaces.

So, under no circumstances should you be compromising on space and adjust into an already cramped room from which a landlord is trying to maximize rent through multiple people.

If your existing set-up forces this, you can even report to the authorities. Or better yet, choose a professionally managed, organized accommodation provider.

Firstly, their rooms are designed to give ample square feet area per person, with separate beds, wardrobes, desks, etc so people don’t have to share or compromise on privacy, next they have adopted measures for social distancing across their properties so common area usage is effectively managed.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind and check for before moving into a Paying Guest in Delhi. If you are hunting for a quality option, you can consider Stanza Living for its well-outfitted houses and amenities. They are also employing effective health and hygiene measures for your safety.

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