Travel Documentaries: Top 7 Free WordPress Themes for Travel Bloggers

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In this generation, blogging has developed to be a more straightforward way for everybody to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the global platform.

And they keep on searching for blogging sites where it can assist you by providing the specifics of a particular place.

Questions arise, including how to get there.
Where to stay?
Where to eat?
What will be the travel routes?
What landmarks can be seen?

You can discover a plethora of travel websites that meet the queries of travel aficionados where WordPress can be an accessible alternative to make a travel-associated website.

Certain travel websites assist people in sharing travel experiences and stories and provide a little bit of supervision. At the same time, other types of travel sites are for the travel agents’ official websites.

Okay, if you’re someone who wishes to have a refreshing look for your travel blog, then you’re at the correct spot. Here, you can discover various fantastic travel WordPress themes for creating a great travel site. And take note, it’s free!

Traveling and WordPress Themes

WordPress is perhaps the best thing that has transpired in the tourism industry since the discovery of the wheel. Cheap or free, this platform presents its consumers’ incalculable potentials of display and expression, unsurpassed by any other site.

The true extent of variety among products efficiently ensures that no matter what your preferences may be, you’ll discover something here that will match your style. With that being stated, let’s take a peek at a few of the best free WordPress themes for all travel bloggers out there!

1. EightyDays

EightyDays is an elegant and simple theme for making magazines and travel blogs. With ease of use and a lovely look, this is one of the most excellent WordPress themes that’s offered for travelers.

If you’re a travel agency or a traveler who shares photos and experiences, EightyDays can be the ideal travel theme for you.

2. Camera

If photographs perform a crucial part in your travel blog, then you ought to have a look at the Camera WordPress theme. This dazzling WordPress theme is unquestionably great for all your travel blogs.

With it, you can establish a distinctive photo sequence in a full-width carousel to contain both portrait and landscape images of your Patek watches.

3. Peak

Are you searching for a sophisticated means to show off your travel snapshots? Why don’t you take a look at Peak? This wonderfully devised WordPress theme is ideal for tourism, travel photography, and even for personal sites.

It comes with various page templates, slide-out widgets, gallery layouts, page title banners, multiple styles, and more. It is compelling yet pretty straightforward to use with comprehensive theme alternatives that assist you in running through the setup.

4. Gnar

This WordPress theme with a touch of adventure is perfect for travelers who enjoy exploring the quests and thrills while traveling. It has standout headers and pages with video and parallax choices to display in the background.

5. Shapely

Shapely is a fantastic theme for personal travel-associated sites as well as for travel blogs and travel agencies. It comes with big images, a captivating design, a portfolio, excellent parallax ribbons, and superb parallax scrolling. Overall, it is a wholesome, professional, photo-adapted theme.

6. Vertex

Vertex is a free theme from WordPress that you can utilize with benefits for travel bloggers who travel across the mysteries of the Earth. Show off your travel encounters elegantly and exquisitely with this theme.

7. Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel is a free ladylike theme that’s exclusively designed for female travel bloggers. If you would like to take off your travel blogging voyage, its delightful design and stylish color combination will help you create a lovely travel blog.

The integral customizer allows you to do alterations to the fonts, designs, and colors of your blog. At the same time, an Instagram feed, video banner, custom widgets, and image-focused layout will support you in adding functionality and elegance to your blog.


To be inquisitive is to be human. Your routine symbolizes the downfall of the human spirit, and what better approach is there to staying mundane at bay? Traveling isn’t just about wasting money or publishing pictures online. It is about moving beyond your comfort zone and going to places undiscovered.

The WordPress themes in this directory are all about telling a story and revealing experiences. Your life is pretty short, and it would be a shame to ruin them and not discover what other countries and cities have to offer.

Be it tundra or tropics, wilderness, or deep down in the ocean, cherish and experience the birthright of our little planet.

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