The Best Ways To Travel When On A Budget

Guide to traveling on a budget

Travel is one of the greatest experiences you can have, but the price can come a little too high, which is why not everyone has ventured to the far corners of the globe.

If you’re planning an adventure, but believe that the financial commitment might be too much, we have compiled some of the best ways to travel when on a budget.

So before you close the book on a plan to see the world in all of its glory, here are the hacks that can see you doing this and without breaking the bank.

Look around for the best value travel insurance

Finding cheap travel insurance will take some looking around, but you may want to be looking at a little more than the price. Ideally speaking, you want to find travel insurance cover that suits your needs with reimbursement amounts that can act as a safety net if you experience a delay or any other incident.

Most travel insurance providers will have a range of covers, so choose one that best covers the scope of your travels at the best rate on the market. When your flight is canceled and you are entitled to a hotel night stay at no cost to you – it will be worth the spend.

Explore all forms of accommodation

If you are hoping to travel on a budget, you can all but rule out premium hotels, and maybe don’t even look at them to start with. You want to be exploring accommodation options like Airbnb, hostels, couch surfing and maybe even serviced apartments.

As a thrifty traveller, you have to see accommodation as only a bed, spending your funds on experiences and adventures instead. Another benefit of hostel-style accommodation is that you are also sharing space with other savvy travellers, and can also hear their hacks or go on group activities so you can reduce your spend.

Homestay accommodation is another incredible experience, allowing you to immerse in a traditional household and go about life as their family does. The best part about this arrangement is that the small cost of this homestay goes directly to the family.

This won’t be available in all countries, mind you, but you should definitely consider this if you are heading to some third world countries.

Be flexible

You may set out with the best intentions, but the truth is that travel can be a little messy, and that’s okay if you can be flexible with your plans, timeline and standards. If you want to take a tour bus or participate in a group activity, look to see if there is a day of the week that the cost is lower.

If you are already on your trip and learn that there is a cultural holiday coming up in your next destination, see if you can shuffle around your plans so that you don’t experience a spike in accommodation prices.

You may also meet some other travellers on your trip, and might find that they have hired their own vehicle instead of taking a tour bus, and you might want to join them instead.

Being flexible will open you up to exciting, cost-saving opportunities. None of this is to say that you should be doing anything that is unsafe, however, as saving a few dollars is not worth your mortality.

Becoming a savvy traveler that cuts costs where possible is something that comes with practices. Remember that you are heading to new destinations to see what the world is like, not have a comfortable ride that feels like being at home.

You might also feel some peace in mind having an emergency fund that you could use if anything goes wrong in a dangerous way.

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