7 Reasons Why You Should Rent an RV When You Visit Philadelphia

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If you’ve found yourself in the historic city of Philadelphia, then you’ll find plenty to do, from seeing the liberty bell to visiting the many museums.

However, if you want a change of pace, there are lots of road trips you can take from Philadelphia, and there are lots of advantages to renting an RV to see more of Pennsylvania or the surrounding states. Here are a few of the reasons to rent an RV when you visit Philadelphia.

You can save money on accommodation

RVs aren’t just for exploring the outdoors, they are great for all sorts of travelers and can be useful if you’re on a budget as you save on hotel costs. There are several RV parks in Philadelphia, both close to downtown and in the surrounding suburbs, which usually work out cheaper per night than a central hotel.

Some parks even offer a park and ride, so you can leave the Recreational vehicle parked up and take a shuttle into the city for the day.

It’s easy to explore the surrounding countryside

Philadelphia is in a great position to explore national parks, mountains, and more. If you drive a couple of hours north, you can visit the Poconos, which during weekends and holidays is packed with Philadelphians.

The best way to enjoy the lake and mountain scenery is to look for a Philadelphia RV rental and stay in one of the RV parks surrounded by leafy trees. In the summer, you can go swimming, fishing, and sailing, while in the winter you can enjoy skiing and snowy activities.

Some other easy RV trips to take from Philadelphia include:

  • Hershey, PA
  • Delaware Canal State Park
  • French Creek State Park
  • Nockamixon State Park
  • Ridley Creek State Park

All these places are less than two hours from Philadelphia, yet allow you to explore the unspoiled countryside, whether it’s for a couple of nights or a full week.

It’s also a good way to hit the coast

Renting an RV is also an excellent way to get from Philadelphia to the coast, which again, could just be for an overnight trip or a more extended beach vacation. There are several beaches close to Philadelphia, and it’s a good starting point to see the Jersey Shore.

You’ll find all sorts of beach towns along the shore, from the lively Ocean City with its neon-lit boardwalk and funfairs, to Avalon, a quiet, small town where the promenade is lined with mansions and the beaches are peaceful.

Renting an RV makes sense when you visit coastal areas, especially during peak times, as accommodation in hotels can be quite expensive. Many RV parks are just a short walk to the ocean, as well as having facilities such as pools, so they’re ideal for a beach vacation.

You don’t have to eat out every night

Staying in hotels can be fun for a few nights, but even with the vast selection of restaurants in Philadelphia, it’s easy to get bored with eating out. Not to mention, it’s expensive to go out for every meal.

Staying in an RV allows you to cook for yourself, which can be useful if you have small children who are fussy eaters or need to eat at odd times. You can also spend time browsing Philadelphia’s fantastic food markets and shopping for ingredients, from fresh fish to local cheeses.

Heading for the coast? Pick up some freshly caught crabs and lobsters to cook in your RV’s kitchen.

An RV is ideal for families

If you’re visiting Philadelphia with your family, renting an RV can make your vacation even more fun because:

  • You can easily drive from place to place
  • There’s plenty of space for all the family
  • You can take them on family-friendly days out around Philadelphia
  • It makes long road trips so much more exciting
  • You get the good parts of camping, without long hikes and the kids complaining

If you haven’t taken the kids on an RV trip before, then renting one makes sense, as it means you can give this kind of trip a try to see if you like it. If nothing else, they’ll love the novelty of driving in an RV, which means they won’t mind long drives.

An RV is perfect for all kinds of weather

Philadelphia has distinct seasons, so when you visit in summer, it can be extremely hot and humid, while in winter, you can expect snow and ice. If you stay in an RV, then you are guarded against these weather conditions, as you can crank up the air con when it’s hot or run the heating when you are cold.

This means you can visit Philadelphia pretty much year-round. However, you’ll need to be cautious about driving an RV on icy roads and take any precautions the RV company suggests.

It gives you a new way to see the area

Many people visit a new city, see the area for a couple of days, then head home, but if you do this, you don’t really get to experience what the place is all about. Renting an RV in Philadelphia allows you to stay for longer and explore more, finding sites off the beaten track.

You don’t just stay in a hotel and see downtown; you can see the entire city and beyond with ease. RVs are great for those who don’t just want to stick to the usual tourist traps but want to get out there and really experience the city.

When you stay in Philadelphia, you are in an excellent position to explore the Northeastern USA, and just a couple of hours in each direction, you’ll find everything from beach towns to national parks and mountains to cities.

If you can’t decide what to do, then consider renting an RV and hitting the road. Whatever direction you go in, you will no doubt find somewhere interesting to explore, and you can feel the freedom of the open road.

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