From Travel Bubbles To Staying Local: Travel In 2022

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The tourism sector has to lead by technological innovation. Hotels are warming up to the idea of staycations, which have created new travel bubbles. Or people working from their suites. Airlines are also looking at innovative ways to draw in more flight-goers.

The pandemic has introduced a new usual way of living. As everyone adapts to the protocols of social distancing, the way we travel has also changed. Restrictions are slowly being lifted in some areas, on and off in others, and people are looking to jump on to make new travel plans. Here is how travel was changing in 2022.

You can have a staycation or extended stays

Staycations are a practical travel choice, giving travelers the option of a holiday while staying close to home, just in case. Your local city or region no doubt has plenty of places where you go just to relax and unwind. It may be a resort or camping grounds; you could just head across town and stay with family, or grab a campervan and drive around your local region for a few days. 

Something else changing is the length of time we’re going away. Short getaways are seeing a dip, mainly as many people can now work from home — or anywhere they choose to. Hotels are making changes to ensure they’re more suitable for working, embracing this new style of traveler.

If you’re looking to travel for a vacation, longer holidays are in. Work over the weekdays, and head over to a resort during the weekend. There is no pressure on household chores, so you get a real break and can stay as long as you want (or can afford).

Flights to nowhere

How about taking a flight to nowhere? Let’s face it. We hated long flights to fabulous destinations, but now that it’s not even an option, we’re missing it. Flights to nowhere, also called pleasure flights, are a fun way to explore and get the excitement of a flight mixed in. These flights take passengers over scenic landscapes, providing the comforts of air travel without a destination.

Australia’s Qantas has provided a seven-hour journey from Sydney with low fly-bys of the natural troves of the Great Barrier Reef. They’ve also had flights over Uluru, and recently they offered a Supermoon flight, where people were treated to views of the Supermoon eclipse from the air. Want to go even further? They also provide scenic flights to Antarctica.

Great road trips

With flights becoming a bit more expensive, local destinations are often the preference. Road trips are becoming increasingly popular, whether you’re traveling to see family you haven’t had the chance to see in a while or simply looking for destinations within the boundaries of your regional restrictions. Many road trip options are available, from heading to the outback to following the coastline.

Make the trip even more fun with a campervan to drive. It is like a home on wheels, assuring the most enjoyable ride and providing you with a free accommodation option to boot. Get your hands on any of the best campervan models, and you can hit the road whenever you want.

Bleisure travel – yes, it’s a thing

A flexible work environment and a growing desire to travel coined yet another travel buzzword called Bleisure (business + leisure). Business travel was majorly hit with international closures, but combine it with leisure travel, and it is starting to come back.

The Global Business Travel Association reported that the number of business travelers is starting to increase again, and bleisure travel is positively impacting. According to recent research, 78% of people stated that including leisure days in business travel adds value to work assignments. This suggests that bleisure could boost employee happiness and engagement without incurring additional business costs.

Look for travel bubbles

Social distancing, hygiene, and safety are top priorities, especially in international travel. Travel bubbles could be the answer. You still get to enjoy trips overseas, and you can rest assured the destination you’re headed to is as safe as the one you came from. 

Travel bubbles or travel corridors are an exclusive partnership between two countries that have effectively contained COVID-19 to open their borders to one another. People can freely travel within these special bubble zones without compulsory quarantine. 

For example, the on-again-off-again bubble between Australia and New Zealand can help you explore more and avoid the feeling of being stuck at home. Unfortunately, traveling isn’t the same anymore, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop altogether. Try these options above, and you can still have a great holiday and stay safe at the same time.

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