How to improve your product delivery packaging

Product packaging

Yes, your products or services play a vital role in determining brand success. But that’s not enough; product packaging determines how customers view your products.

Therefore, don’t be phony about the packaging. Dedicate some time to create a design that resonates with your audience.

So, are you ready to start your packaging design? Start by answering these questions.

  • What is your product?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How are customers buying your products?

Let’s focus on each at some depth.

What Products Are You Selling

It’s the easiest to define. What’s the size? Is it delicate?

Answering the question helps you determine whether there are logistical musts for your packaging. For instance, a delicate product requires secure packaging.

An extensive product with odd dimensions requires a custom packaging solution.

Who Are Your Customers?

Are you selling the products to men, women, or both? Is it for adults or children? Are you targeting people with a higher disposable income or those who are environmentally conscious?

Your choice of product packaging should appeal to your target customers. As such, you need to identify your consumers before choosing your design process.

For instance, if you’re designing products for senior citizens, the packaging may need more astronomical texts. Products for affluent customers need materials that create a sense of luxury.

How are Customers Buying Your Products?

Are they buying the products online? In a supermarket or a boutique?

When selling the products online, don’t allow extra space on the packaging. It’ll cause the product to bend or rattle around. If selling on a boutique, the packaging should be an eye-catcher.

Are you now ready to select the product design? Here are some useful tips to consider.

1. Quality and Functionality

Yes, you want an innovative and appealing packaging design. But that’s not enough! It should be capable of protecting your products from damage in transit.

Your choice for packaging materials should protect your products till they reach the distribution facility or end customers. It’ll save you on replacing damaged shipments.

2. The Size, Shape, and Design

Opt for standard sizes, shapes, and designs for product packaging. It improves flexibility and convenience during handling, storage, and transportation. Further, it reduces transportation costs.

Even better, you can use smart designs to enhance the visual impact and brand recognition. Such may include bold patterns and colors that stand out on the retailer’s shelves.

3. Storage and Distribution

Don’t be in a rush to select the product packaging. Instead, take time and understand the production, distribution, and storage process. Your target customers might help you choose the right packaging.

Consider the distance that your shipment has to cover. What are the ideal modes of transport?

How do you ensure the package doesn’t suffer any damage in transit?

Select the best packaging material and design. One that can withstand all this pressure.

4. The Cost-Effectiveness of Product Packaging

For most people, cost-effectiveness means a lower price. But that’s not always the case.

You’ve already seen how standard sizing reduces packaging costs. But you can consider different materials and their effects on your overall costs. For example, some are lighter, which saves you on transportation costs. Others are easier to handle, thus boosting production efficiency.

5. Sustainability in Long-Term

As a manufacturer, you should be compliant with all rules and regulations. Before selecting your packaging materials, check for legal guidelines and industry regulations. If there’s any, compliance is a must; there’s no way out!

Further, choose a packaging material that boosts your long-term production sustainability. For example, you can automate the packaging process, thus saving you time and money.

Focusing on production sustainability helps you choose a recyclable packaging material. Doing so gives your brand an eco-conscious image. Use this to your advantage.

Select the Best Product Packaging

Making the right packaging decision establishes your brand identity. It appeals to your clients, convincing them to try your products out.

Having a thoughtful and innovative design reflects on your brand identity. Therefore, take time and select packaging materials and designs that reflect this identity. Be consistent about the packaging material on your product line. Using a reputable product packager like Mitchel-Lincoln.

Having the right packaging design boosts your sales. As such, it’s capable of improving your bottom line tremendously.

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