Important Things to Know About Custom Enamel Pins

Custom enamel badges or pins

Custom enamel pins are those metal pins or badges that are being worn on clothes as accessories. There are a lot of types of enamel pins, and all of these can be customized in different ways.

Some Facts About Custom Enamel Pins

You may find it interesting how those enamel is being painted on pins. If you are an enthusiast of these custom enamel pins, then you may be interested in some interesting facts about enamel pins. Here they are!

1. Types of enamel pins

The soft enamel pins

There are a lot of varieties of enamel pins that you can choose from. These soft enamel pins are one of those choices. These type of enamel pins have ridged finish and these are also less expensive than the other types.

So, if you are one who is always conscious about the cost, because of a tight budget, or you just want to maintain savings, then you may want to consider getting this type of pin. You can check over the internet so that you can have a vivid idea of what these soft enamel pins look like.

The hard enamel pins

These enamel pins are more durable and are also scratch-resistant. But, as compared to the soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins are more expensive than the former. They also have a flat and glossy surface. These hard enamel pins are also hard-wearing, smooth, and they also have a crisp finish.

2. Which type of enamel pin is more preferable?

If you are conflicted as to what type of enamel pins should you get, then the deciding factor will boil down to the specific requirements and the needs that you have in an enamel pin. So, if you need enamel pins for the purpose of corporate promotion, trade shows, or service programs, then it would be better if you are going to choose the hard enamel pins.

The reason is that with the hard enamel process, this contains a wow factor and also because these pins do not look cheap. On the other hand, if the use of the pins is for a less formal setting, then you may want to opt for the soft enamel pins because these soft enamel pins are not that expensive.

3. How enamel pins can be used

There are a lot of things where you can use enamel pins, and one of the most famous uses of it is for decorative purposes. Other uses of enamel pins include some of the following:

  • Enamel pins can be used to show where a person is associated with or as to what cause or organization such a person belongs to.
  • These enamel pins can also be used as a symbol of achievements, such as when business is using enamel pins when they are recognizing their employees, wherein such pins are being handed over to the employee to serve as a symbol of their achievements and accomplishments. By giving out hard enamel pins as a symbol of an organization’s award for their employees, this could, in turn, increase the engagement, productivity, and morale of the employee.

4. The impact of enamel pins on employer branding

With these custom enamel pins, they are being used by companies as they go for their branding efforts. There are other companies that are suing custom enamel pins for their trade shows, job fairs, networking events, conferences, and other sorts of corporate events. It is also notable that these custom enamel pins are also being used as popular giveaway items because they are contributing to the establishment of the company’s identity.

5. How enamel pins are being produced and designed

When it comes to designing the enamel pins, the first stage is by molding the surface of the metal so that the design will then be created. The next stage is by cutting the molds that have been created.

Then, the next stage will then involve the attachment and the plating of the enamel pin. When the plating process is done, the surface of the metal is now going to be polished until it becomes smooth and shiny.

When the plating and the coloring are done, the impurities of the enamel pins, including the extra colors, are going to be removed from the surface of the metal. Then, the material will then be baked wherein the metal piece is also being removed from the surface of the metal.

The baking process will then take about fifteen minutes at approximately 450F. Finally, the enamel pin will then be coated with epoxy, wherein the clear epoxy will be placed on the surface in order to protect the enamel pin from cracking and fading.

6. Different kinds of enamel pins and other embellishments

These custom enamel pins do not have a minimum coating and it can be produced in accordance with the needs and the specification of such a person or organization. There are a lot of enamel pins that are available for you to choose from:

  • The pin on the pin is an enamel pin that has a three-dimensional look.
  • The spinner pin is an enamel pin that has a spinning mechanism, and because of this mechanism, the pin can spin at 360 degrees.
  • The LED pin is an enamel pin that lights up, then it is being activated. But, if you use such pins, then you may have to frequently change the batteries of the pin, making this type of pin unpopular because of its cost increments.
  • The lenticular pin is an enamel pin that has two or more pictures which has the ability to change with the pin is being tilted to a certain degree of angle.

How to Style Custom Enamel Pins

There are a lot of ways to how you can show your creativeness and display your quirky and sassy with these enamel pins. Here are some ways that you can try:

  • Attach the custom enamel pins to your tote or your bag
  • Attach the custom enamel pins to a metal framed case
  • Attach the custom enamel pins to your denim jackets, your caps, or even your jeans.

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