How Do Customs Agents Help You and Your Business

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Because of the complexities involved in carrying out an import or export business, many companies employ the services of a customs broker to act as their agents.

These custom agents help in clearing import shipments or prepare documentation for export goods. Besides, they also collect taxes and duties where needed.

These agents act as intermediaries between your business and government, dealing with a company’s legislation. These customs agents have expertise in the clearing of goods for several business goods for either manufacturing or services. On the other hand, they also act as collectors for taxes and duties for government use that help in business legalities.

Customs agents charge a brokerage fee, usually determined by the percentage of the value of imported goods. Negotiations for rates also carried out between importers and agents, depending on the complexity of shipped goods. The frequency of custom entries and the value noted of the imported goods also determine the rates or fees.

Custom Agent Services

Most importers and businesses employ the services of custom agents that offer one or more of these services:

  • Custom valuation
  • Tariff classification
  • Custom clearance
  • Custom clearance through government programs
  • International trade consulting and facilitation services
  • Freight management
  • Consolidation services
  • Purchase order management for import and exports
  • Regional and national warehousing
  • Non-resident import services

The preparation of customs accounting documentation requires knowledge in fields such as tariff classification, duty rates, and origin of goods. Custom agents are the chief source of skills and expertise that helps importers develop systems that they use to report trade data.

Many countries have an electronic communication system through which they keep connected with automated customs portals. It enables the transfer of documents electronically and speeds up clearance systems.

A Custom Agent Helps in a Variety of Ways

In terms of business, a customs agent can assist an importer in areas like tariff classification. Other notable regions, like customs valuation, dispute settlement, drawbacks, and remission of duties, sales, and tax implications, also lie in their domain.

Other skill areas are payment of duties, seizure appeals, review of past custom documentation, and countervailing issues. A custom agent can also review a company’s operations for improvement.

Some agents offer freight management services based on the buy and sell principle. A custom agent buys freight rates in bulk and sells them to their clients. Besides, custom agents buy cargo insurance packages and make them available to brokerage clients for repurchase.

Custom agents also offer warehousing and distribution services. These services include inspection and storage of goods and small order processing.

A foreign company becomes a non-resident entity by authorizing a custom agent for shipment clearing through customs. All the records, including books, documents, and account invoice statements, must be maintained in the importing country for some time.

Services for non-resident entities include preparing accounting documents, delivery arrangements, and record maintenance. A custom agent can secure a passage through a custom examination in the shortest time and minimize risks at the lowest cost.

Custom Agents Benefiting the Business

Exploring New Markets

Custom agents remain well connected with the market trends, and they know what the market offers now. A new opportunity lurks in every single corner that a business needs to grasp. Custom agents can help a business out of my sweeping through the market to find any possible point.

They become a bridge between the market and the company by bringing them closer to each other. They act as a researcher for business and potential pathways for the market to conduct business smoothly. In this way, both the company and the market benefits for a customs agent and exploration of new market carries out.

Provide Expert Advice

Custom agents, while acting as an active part of the market, know where to take advantage. They offer their expert bits of advice based on the knowledge and skills they have to make a business grow.

Their information has a foundation of a lot of background study and market research, so they back it with claims. Their forecasting makes them a perfect source of market analysis for a business.

You can take advantage of their advice to design future strategies according to it. The guide you for custom valuation, tariff guidance and regulations, etc.

Technology Usage

Custom agents become an expert in the use of relevant technologies regarding custom clearance and tariff management. Their expertise in specific technological aspect gives them an edge in the market. They use a variety of evaluation tools and techniques combined with technical programming for practical analysis.


Custom agents benefit your business in terms of providing you with the best market analysis. The advantage they give your business is the clearance of custom goods of any sort.

They act as a critical part of the customs clearance process through effective channels. Their expertise and analysis give you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

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