Personal Injury Lawyer can help workers’ compensation claims?

Injured employee with crutches business offer insurance claim document

Several claims can be catered by a personal injury lawyer to help you get justice and compensation. In this article, we will cover the workers’ compensation claims and how workers’ compensation lawyers can help you.

What is a workers’ compensation claim and its dos and don’ts?

If an employee is injured at his or her workplace, then in that case they have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation to receive benefits from the employer until recovery.

There are certain things to consider for both employer and the employee to make the compensation claim work out smoothly.

Dos for the employer:

  • The employer must provide the employee with all the required documents and guidelines.
  • Stay connected with the insurance company to file the claim.
  • Must fully understand and follow the set law for each compensation claim.

Dos for the employee:

  • Without any delay, inform the employer about the caused injury with all the relating details of the accident.
  • Make the utmost effort to file the claim formally to avoid any sort of problem. Gregory Smith Law, LLC – Workers’ compensation lawyer can guide you about all the legalities that need to be followed.

Don’ts for the employer:

  • Be the first one to inform about and submit the documents to the workers’ compensation firm.
  • Do not violate any sort of law set by the state.

Don’ts for an employee:

Where do workers’ compensation claims not work?

We all need to understand that we can not make claims for granted and file them where they are not validated. In the same way, workers’ compensation claims can not be filed if an employee has the following problems:

  • Any underlying health condition
  • Injuries caused due to fights and bad temper
  • Injuries occurred while going to and coming back from work.
  • Injuries caused by drug or alcohol influence.

5 different types of workers’ claims that are commonly filed

Claims can be filed for any kind of injuries that may take place during work hours, but the most common ones are,

  1. Slips and falls: These injuries are the most common ones caused due to lack of carefulness. Snowy walkways, oil, and water spills are great culprits of these kinds of incidents.
  2. Unhealthy environment: The usage of chemicals and the release of toxic fumes and gases are of an immense challenge to health, hence needs special attention. 
  3. Mistreatment at work: Racism, discrimination, and jealousy can lead to violent behaviors, causing great damage to employees and the company.
  4. Short circuits: Short circuits are the most unexpected ones but can occur anytime due to a lack of maintenance in the company. Electrical shocks can cause major injuries to the heart, muscles, and brains. So beware!!
  5. Fire outbreak: The occurrence of injury due to fire outbreaks can be life-threatening to severe and minor burns. Fire safety precautions must be taken by both employers and employees.

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