12 Affiliate Marketing Tools for Passionate Marketers (free and paid)

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing is as thrilling as it’s making you more money, and every marketer out there keeps their eyes on the top. There’s no hypnotic way to skyrocket your success with online marketing and earning real cash. However, affiliate marketing tools can be your best companion along the way.

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If you want to go far and go faster, these tools can accelerate your speed. Think blogging and marketing as a battle, and what do you need then? Only sophisticated weapons can help to minimize hardship. While some of these tools are better for content management, others do affiliate management.

We have compiled the list based on both free and paid options. Depending on your needs, you’ll decide what to select.

Disclosure: We don’t do affiliate, and there’s no affiliate link included on the following tools. We have added them because they are at the top of the industry. If you find better products, you’re welcome to use them in your projects.

Best affiliate marketing tools

A fledgling who is about to begin or a pro with year-long experience, whoever you are, these tools will help you in thriving success.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

WordPress for creating a quick website

If you couldn’t build a website yet, start making it right away with WordPress. Bloggers of today’s world have an incessant relationship with WordPress because of its flexibility, unlimited resource, and user-friendliness. To jump over the stiff competition and reach the destination, every marketer looks for options that save time and energy.

For building a website, nothing can be more beneficial than WordPress. Anyone without previous technical knowledge can create a gorgeous website in any niche. Along the way, hundreds of free themes and plugins will help you make your journey smoother.

Besides that, for any help, you can hire developers or designers because the WordPress community is insanely large.

TIP: The banality of your website may cause you reduced traffic. An enthralling WordPress theme can intrigue the user’s interest.

Bluehost for domain and hosting

When it comes to buying a domain name and a hosting package, there are thousands of companies available in the market. We suggest you choose a hosting provider that has a long-haul reputation of serving with satisfaction.

Bluehost is a winner in our eyes, and it deserves your best attention, too. Their customer support, related tools, affordable packages, various offers, and above all, the fast loading technology are some excellent reasons to mention.

From multiple packages, choose the one you think you need. They create those packages for bloggers, marketers, agencies, and big eCommerce companies.

Depending on your needs, you will decide which package should be your perfect match. Interestingly, you can always find a coupon for Bluehost with which you can get a discount on the actual price.

Amazon and many other eCommerce websites provide product link with an ugly shape that looks intimidating. Pretty Links is a beautifier tool that has one main goal: truncate the long links and make them cleaner. This tool is free to have from WordPress.org. This plugin works to clean up the mess from a link and make them easier to pronounce and comfortable to share.

You have to mention your affiliate links in multiple places and the shorter form will help you to attain your goal quicker. Moreover, Pretty Links also remembers the clicks an individual link gets (created with Pretty Links). Make your links sweet and natural and see how positively they impact your promotion.

AzonPress is one of the captivating affiliate marketing tools when you’re earning with Amazon Associates. This WordPress plugin is a real time saver and a fantastic choice for pro bloggers.

From generating links with intuitive search to localizing the links, AzonPress is undoubtedly a big player in the game. Another big reason we suggest this plugin is the aftersales support. You can get in touch with the team any time you want.

We have made a comparison between AzonPress and other plugins. Obviously, AzonPress stayed on the top with its top-of-the-line features and eccentric flexibility. It was truly made for the affiliate marketers who shoot for the big and want to achieve more goals in a shorter time. Creating comparison posts, bestseller lists, and other quick posts can be produced in a blink of an eye with this tool.

Ahrefs for keyword research and competitor analysis

We recommend Aherfs for doing both: keyword research and backlink study (of competitors). While this tool helps you find the most profitable keywords in your niche, it will also show you the strength of your competitors. By the way, Ahrefs uses its own metrics which are highly reliable and very accurate. For exploring keywords, content, and websites, Aherfs is a superhero (works online. lol).

Knowing your opponent’s power will keep you in a state of privileged position. On the other side, if you are blind to your competitors, you can’t figure out what to put on the plan. From their massive database, Aherfs will show you how other guys are performing in your niche. After analyzing those data, you can make more effective decisions with your content.

Screenflow or Camtasia Studio for screen recording

For making tutorials and guides on particular topics, you might need a tool to record your computer’s screen. It’s needed because when you’re promoting a physical product you can make a video on it.

That’s not possible with a digital item, say, an application. What you have to do instead is record everything from your computer screen, how to start, how to operate, these sorts of things.

Thanks to software like Screenflow (for Mac) and Camtasia (for PC and Mac). With these easy-to-use tools, you can record anything happening visually on your computer screen. This way, you’re allowing your users to have an insider look at the application you’re suggesting. Customers are likely to buy those products because they know what they’re going to get before making any decision.

Grammarly for grammar and plagiarism checking

Honestly said, Grammarly isn’t directly an affiliate marketing tool still it has a massive impact on improving the quality of promotion. It’s an undeniable necessity to keep your writing error-free (both spelling and grammatical). Not only the excellent quality of articles attracts readers, but it helps boost your position in Google’s eye, too.

Moreover, plagiarism is a silent killer of your website’s ranking. In most cases, affiliate marketers hire writers to create content or buy bulk packages from content providers. In both situations, there’s a possibility of happening copying-and-pasting. To prevent your site from this harm, you can utilize plagiarism offers by Grammarly.

Grammarly – AI-powered writing assistant

The most popular AI-based spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly logo and Icon

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer for adding a cherry on the post

The title is the cardinal part of a blog post that evokes the user’s interest in the first place. If your headlines can’t create a great appeal and readers don’t feel intrigued, you’re probably not doing it right.

That’s where a tool like a headline examiner comes in really handy. It feels like some burden reduced from your shoulder, and you seriously can expect a better output.

Thanks to CoSchedule which allows you to generate catchy and engaging headlines for your blog posts. A well-optimized title conveys the value of thoughtful content. Based on the types of words, length, and how it feels, this tool provides a score on several parameters. You will have to work then to improve the title to make it more beguiling.

Buffer or Hootsuite for automated social marketing

The truth is you can’t afford to miss your appearance on social media to get more traffic and earn more revenue. Making your effort on social media cost-effective is not an easy task. Only some kind of automation can help you invest your time somewhere else.

At first, people think they would publish the posts as their own because it wouldn’t take much time. Later, they would find out this is actually a time-killing process.

Buffer and Hootsuite are two smart tools that are introduced to automate posting on social media. Schedule your content and choose the platform where you want to see it later. On which day and at what time do you want to share it with your followers, manage everything from these two platforms.

Both tools are evenly great, and there are other social media management tools. Select the one you think is best for your project.

Google Alerts for getting advanced notifications

Have you ever used Alerts before? This free option from Google is a beneficial tool to keep you updated on your target products. You will get everything related to products, news, announcement, blog, and other information. Finding these essential items manually would require a painstaking effort, but Google Alerts made it simple.

Nothing is consistently online. What seems ultimate today may become obsolete tomorrow. When you’re working with providing information about products you should stay in the front with the latest information.

Was the bug fixed that hampered the product’s reputation earlier? Is there any recent update with a successful item? Capitalize on affiliate products as you have this amazing tool by your side.

Yoast for on-page optimization

Without proper care of SEO, you may jeopardize your website’s position on the search ranking. To measure the basic requirements that are fulfilled, a tool can be handy support that ensures nothing slips away.

Yoast, with its golden reputation, has been established as a superpower in the SEO industry. It has both free and premium versions. Of course, the free copy is recommended for the beginner.

As one of the most downloaded plugins of all time, Yoast has all the power to turn your project a successful one with positive SEO and quality content. What you need to ensure with on-page optimization, Yoast covers everything in a sophisticated manner. You need to check whether all things go with the parameters suggested.

TinyPNG for compressing image

Do you know users tend to leave the site immediately if it takes too much time to load? And, a lot of things are responsible for that. Images have a significant impact on your site’s overall performance. They prevent your website from being loaded fast and result in a slow and low-grade position.

A post might have 5-10 images, and it’s not a big deal. But, when there are dozens of posts you are going to publish, think about how it will affect your site.

TinyPNG is such a tool that turns all images into bite-sized without compromising the quality. Consider this tool as one of the best friends in your blogging and marketing. It offers superb services and takes no cost. A few minutes with TinyPNG can give you the speed you desire.

Bottom Line

The affiliate marketing tools described in the list are basic yet essential for getting success with your online entrepreneurship. Do you find other tools more useful? I appreciate you mentioning them in the comment section.

For those who are working with Amazon, AzonPress is truly a butt-saver. If you want to step an Amazon affiliate, we recommend you start by reading our guide on how to start affiliate marketing on Amazon.

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