Big Data makes technologies think big

I believed that knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving, so I would like to share my knowledge of big data with you briefly. Big data literally a big data, it is a huge collection of data sets.

Big data is not merely a data to think upon, but it is a complete subject. Big data includes frameworks, techniques, and various tools. The big data is the one, which cannot be processed by the usual computing techniques. The big data is a union of data from several applications and devices. It can be categorized in three ways structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data.

The list of fields from which the data can be extracted

The family members of the big data are as below:

Social Media Data: Social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook stores the information and the views posted by people who have their accounts across the globe.

Power Grid Data: Power grid data stores the data utilized by an appropriate computer with respect to a base station.

Black Box Data: it is a component of the helicopter, airplanes and jets etc. it hold the information of the performance of the aircraft and catches the voices of the flight crew, recording of microphones and earphone.

Stock exchange data: This catches the data about ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ decisions taken on a share of different organizations made by the customers.

Transport Data: The transport data includes model, capacity, distance and availability of a vehicle.

SEO Data: Search Engine Data will collect the data from various databases.

Big data technologies

The most suitable technologies which are capable of solving the issues of big data effectively are mentioned as below.


Hadoop is an open source software platform for handling the big data. The Hadoop created the specific platform for structuring the big data and makes it more essential for analysis purpose. It has gifted the best features such as data distribution and faster processing, thus, Hadoop is critical for any business handling the big data. The Hadoop is more suitable for large files rather than large quantities of small files. It is known fact that the Hadoop is an open-source platform and uses the commodity hardware, that makes is more affordable and help in achieving the data. An added advantage of using the Hadoop is, it facilitates for all kinds of data, such as structured, unstructured and semi-structured.


MapReduce uses the multiple machines to process huge data sets. The MapReduce is basically a programming paradigm that handles the big data effectively. The Apache Hadoop framework is a well known MapReduce framework. That makes you understand the complete process in handling the big data. The Hadoop MapReduce got invented by the implementation of an algorithm, developed and maintained by the Apache Hadoop project.


SkyTree is a machine learning and data analytics policy mainly concentrating on handling the big data. It is a high-performance machine learning, in turn, a part of Big Data, since the gigantic data make manual analysis, or even conventional automated exploration methods impracticable or too expensive.

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  2. Very useful information shared here, I appreciate your efforts. Yes, big data has many benefits like it assist businesses while taking decisions, it helps in improved customer service, early risk identification and big data can be used to better the organizational efficiency. So there are many good opportunities for Big Data professionals, Learn Hadoop and pace up your career.

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