How to Develop a Best Intermittent Fasting App like Zero?

Must Have Features of an Intermittent Fasting App like Zero

Losing weight and staying fit & healthy has become a habitat for most people because of their working style and irregular food habits. Maintaining proper weight according to age is very important to prevent your health from diseases.

Recently, many fasting apps possess similar functions to Zero fasting apps launched all over the world on considering the people’s interest in weight loss. The increase in the number of users who prefer to follow a scheduled diet at home leads to the necessity of choosing the best fasting apps from the market.

Not only fasting apps but also weight loss apps, diet and fitness apps, intermittent apps, nutrition apps, etc. have developed to keep track of consumption of users’ meals and manage effectively for losing weight.

This article is particularly for developers or fitness center owners who want to develop the best intermittent fasting app for the benefit of users.

Why Intermittent Fasting App?

Several kinds of research say that countries such as Germany, Canada, the Philippines, the United States and Kenya have shown great interest in intermittent fasting. The health and fitness market is likely to generate revenue of $179 billion by 2020.

Hence a fasting app definitely clicks among the public if it is developed with great features. Before you proceed with the app development, refer to several similar apps, and do analysis. This will help your app to perform better in terms of user interface design and user interface experience.

Top 5 Essential Features of an Intermittent Fasting App

The following features can give you an idea of what you should include in your intermittent fasting app development, and how it can help gain users.

The target users of your app will be either a person who follows a stringent diet but makes a sluggish process, or a person who is quite new to begin a diet at all. So the minute any of these people enter your app should have a clear idea of which type of fasting they wish to choose.

Also, adding some glimpse about the app benefits can help them. This is one of the best and impressive features that promote using your app to the audience. Many users prefer to see the common diet sheet they can follow while on fasting. So you can even add that along with the other information.

#2: Track history of previous and current fasts with reading/write Apple to health

This is an important feature that users expect to be present in the app. Meal tracking is necessary to know their fasting ability. Users may not find your fasting app interesting if they manually jot down their meal tracking. Instead, you should provide the feature in the app itself so that it becomes a regular habit of noting down.

Moreover, it improves the user experience if you have to edit and tracking options in the app. You should also introduce the read/write Apple to health option that allows users to manage data from multiple resources as well.

#3: Introduce manual logging activity and add relevant notes

Enable manual logging for users to provide feedback on how they felt each time at the end of fast. You can include the Add a Note feature to make it happen. Moreover, after the user ends fast, the fasting end time should be captured automatically in the app.

By introducing these features, users can provide their feedback to other users who are new to fasting or using your app for the first time. Make your intermittent fasting app a one-stop solution for all queries and needs regarding fasting. You can show statistics of their previous and current fasting and give them a clear idea of their health and fitness.

#4: Get tips from experts through virtual assistance

You can engage your intermittent fasting app with more users by introducing a 24/7 chat expert who has prior experience and good knowledge in fasts and diets. This will help users to progress further in a better manner under the guidance of an expert.

If the user gets stuck in between and struggles to proceed further, they can get the help of the expert and continue to fast. You can even play fasting related videos addressed by an expert in the app. It will definitely increase the number of users for your app.

#5: Share progress on social media platforms

Allow social media integration in your app so that users who have achieved their goals properly can share their views on the social media platform of their choice. Many users do great hard work and want to be an inspiration to others who suffer through obesity and unstable health.

By implementing this sharing progress feature, those who know the user for a long time take it seriously and spread the word. This is one way which increases the popularity of your app and improves the brand image vigorously.

All these features cannot be neglected because, for better user experience and engagement, your intermittent fasting app should definitely need them. But you can add many other features that may impress your users and return to the app for more information. You can even send push notifications of any diet or nutrition item if on discounted sale.

Bottom Line

Health and fitness industry is showing a gradual improvement in recent days. The consciousness of people being healthy and fit has increased in the recent past.

Hence, the demand for fasting apps has also increased rapidly among people worldwide. If you want to beat the competition of the best intermittent fasting app like Zero, you should introduce more interesting features that gain your users’ attention drastically.

If you wish to give feedback on this blog, please leave us a comment, and we will consider your feedback as a priority. If you require any help with developing an intermittent fasting app, get in touch with us through email, and we will guide you through the entire process. We have experts to assist in fasting app development.

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