Top Digital Marketing Trends To Boost Your Business This Year

9 Digital marketing trends to watch for

If you belong to the digital marketing industry, you must be aware that it is a product of several moving parts. While SEO ensures improved online visibility and increased traffic to your site, a good social media presence helps in brand building.

PPC can elevate your brand’s ranking on SERPs, and marketing automation can provide you with more personalized engagement.

We live in an era of constantly evolving technology, and making predictions about consumer behavior is next to impossible. Therefore, those old research and techniques are not going to work. Digital marketers cannot keep going with the same practices and expect favorable outcomes.

As these practices keep changing with regular algorithm updates of Google and Facebook, it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends in digital marketing. Digital marketing practices in 2020 can be very different from that in 2028. To deliver the best results to your clients, you must keep yourself updated with all the latest and upcoming trends.

1. Neuromarketing

For many marketers, this term may be new, so we have kept this one on the top. Neuromarketing, being among the wow-inspiring upcoming trends, analyzes human brain activity and helps determine the type of content a particular user may find engaging.

This information can be used to optimize content and create better strategies. The richest marketing data is stored in a person’s brain, and any technology that can help understand it will be a prominent marketing tool in the future.

2. Google Ads Smart Bidding

With intensive competition, paid campaigns are slowly killing organic reach and will be among the top trends in the upcoming year. In between all this, Google ads’ smart bidding feature can be a game-changer.

The feature allows many signals for optimizing bids that include the device, weekday, physical location, ad characteristics, OS, browser, etc. With smart bidding by your side, you will get sufficient time for other important activities.

3. User-Generated Content

UGC is going to be a potent resource for increasing brand engagement and conversion rates. It can be in the form of comments, or you can introduce a new section into your website or app, where users can share blog posts, images, or even videos. You can encourage your users to share creative things by offering discounts and incentives or partnering with them for a cause.

4. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are websites that function like native mobile apps. They load faster, work offline, and come with push notification features. With the number of smartphone users growing like anything, these web apps will be more crucial than ever. To achieve more traffic, it is important to offer your mobile users with improved user experience. And, PWAs can play an essential role in doing that.

5. Social Media Marketing

Though this is not a new trend, it continues to be among the most effective strategies this year and will be useful for the next few years. We will get to observe some significant changes for sure.

While social media used to be a platform for promotion by running campaigns, companies slowly understand the importance of nurturing loyal followers. With the introduction of new technologies like VR and on-demand services, Social Media Marketing (SMM) will trend this year.

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing will be among the best marketing practices for the next 5-6 years, and it is worth it. If you are still in doubt, you must look at the following data:

  • 70% of users tend to share brand videos if they find it useful.
  • 52% of users have confessed that product videos have greatly influenced their online purchase decisions.
  • 72% of businesses claim that brand videos have contributed to their conversion rate.

7. Interactive Content

Interactive content has been one of the fastest-growing trends in recent years that has made marketers switch from the traditional content to more dynamic content that can better engage users.

This content can be in several forms, including embedded calculators, quizzes and polls, 360° videos, augmented reality videos, and more. Because of being fresh and original, interactive content can better connect with users and influence them in making a purchase.

Gone are when one needed to tap on the search box and type what they wanted to search. It is time to take this experience to a completely new level with visual search technology, which is the hottest trend. Many leading brands are already using the feature to engage their users better and turn them into customers. The technology allows users to upload an image and deliver similar results.

9. Personalization

As per a recent study, 63% of consumers hate generic ads and skip within seconds. It means that those old advertising strategies are not going to help much. The only thing that can save you is personalization. Showing your consumers personalized content will make a positive impact.

For instance, you can ask your users to participate in a campaign that helps them find a suitable product based on their social media profiles and other public data.

Wrapping Up

Irrespective of the types of companies and products you deal with, you need to understand the upcoming digital marketing trends and use them to grow. It is a well-known fact that digital marketing helps improve visibility and ensures better reliability for a brand. However, it is important to understand its evolving nature and follow the latest trends.

Online marketing practices are becoming more precise and personalized with time. While managing a website or social media handle used to be an easy task that was all about advertising online, that’s not the case anymore. One has to do in-depth research on their target consumers, understand their needs and expectations, and run campaigns accordingly.

For instance, if you work for an Android game development company and are looking forward to promoting an online game, you will target a like-minded audience. It will be easier to turn them into customers and help you further promote your product. Growing with time and embracing new technologies will keep you surviving and ensure better chances of success.

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