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Developed in 2004 by former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer, a podcast is an audio file often available in mp3 format.

A podcast is an episodic series in audio format for easy listening. It is very convenient for learning or entertainment. It can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to on any device, like a mobile phone, iPod, or computer.

There are millions of podcast listeners worldwide. Keep reading this blog to know what is so attractive about podcasts and why so many people are listening to them.

Benefits of using the podcasts

There are numerous benefits of podcasts, which is why people often find themselves searching for free popular podcasts. Some of these benefits are described further:

1. Extremely convenient

Podcasts are incredibly convenient and can be listened to anytime you want. They are very easy to download, as well. Above all, they save some reading or watching time.

So, you don’t have to stress your eyes on it. Instead, just relax and listen to the audio.

2. Highly Portable

Another benefit of podcasts is that they are highly portable. They can be downloaded and ported to any device you want.

They easily work on mobile phones, computers, and any other forms of personal media players.

3. Time-saving

Podcasts are an easy way to save time and perform multitasking. You may not be able to read a book and cook a meal at the same time, but you can listen to podcasts and work easily alongside them.

It also helps in improving productivity and keeps you entertained while you are on it.

These were some top benefits of podcasts. There are many more along with these. Listening to podcasts does not require a payment or subscription always. There are free popular podcasts available for full-on entertainment.

The top 11 free popular podcasts that are a must-listen-to are further dealt with in this article.

Here’s the list of free popular podcasts that you must know about and enjoy listening to.

1. Spooked

Spooked is a podcast series that contains true and real-life supernatural stories that will give you goosebumps. It comprises four seasons, and all the season’s stories are told by people who have faced the scenarios themselves.

Beware, you may not be able to go to the washroom alone after listening to the podcasts. But that’s where the thrill is, right? And if you are into supernatural stuff and stories, then you have to listen to this free podcast.

2. This American Life

This American life is another very famous podcast that is available for free. It used to be a radio show. This podcast is the first one ever to win a Pulitzer Prize. You can imagine its quality and worth from that. It is a nonfiction narrative storytelling type of podcast that indulges and entertains its listeners pretty well.

The total number of episodes in this podcast series is 710, which is way more than enough to keep you entertained. It has also won the Peabody Award, the James beard award for the radio show, and so on.

3. Every Little Thing

This podcast, like the name, says, deals with every little thing and question that never came across your mind. It provides solutions to the most curious questions and can even make its listeners wonder in the most beautiful way possible.

This free podcast is worth a try. Once you get on it, you will surely become addicted to it in a positive manner. So having some burning questions? Listen to every little thing now.

4. Why won’t you date me

This question has probably crossed all of our minds at least once in our lives. While some may feel embarrassed about it, Nicole Byer speaks on it in the most hilarious and somewhat relatable way that will make you laugh hysterically.

You may also find the best reasons and excuses to be single through this free podcast series. Why Won’t you date me podcast has become the favorite of many people, and maybe the next person to love this podcast is you.

5. The Alarmist

The Alarmist is another free popular podcast series that is a must-listen-to. The writer/comedian Rebecca Delgado-Smith, along with the hosts, explains the biggest disasters that happened in the past and questions the reason for them.

It further goes on with who is at fault for such historical situations. This podcast is widely listened to and admired by people, making it one of the most popular ones.

6. In the Dark

Kidnapping, murder, and other sorts of crimes are involved in the next free popular podcast, “In the Dark.” The first season goes around a journalist who reports a kidnapping. The mystery is solved and investigated in the most thrilling way that will make you fall for this series. You will be confused, suspecting, thrilled, and see every other possible emotion with this podcast.

7. Dolly Parton’s America

Fan of Dolly Parton? Then you must listen to this free podcast. Not a fan? Still, you need to give this a shot as the adventures of Dolly Parton will have an impact on you and maybe turn you into a Dolly fan as well. This podcast explores the American culture in the most entertaining way. So not only do you get entertained, but you also find some new facts and knowledge.

8. Serial

If you are into crime investigations and mysteries, then this serial podcast is a must for you to listen to. Made by the creators of this American life, this post-cast unfolds one true story in segments. It creates the best suspense and twist that will make you crave more, and with every episode, you will feel more and more involved in it.

9. Adulting

Yes, adulting is difficult, and almost every person going through it hates it. It is why this free popular podcast series is vital as it deals with the various aspects of adulting in the most comical manner. Listening to it will make you feel like being in Central Perk and talking with your Friends. You will certainly have a reality check most entertainingly with this podcast series.

10. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

This “Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People” podcast goes on most elegantly with comedian Chris Gethard talking on the phone to anonymous listeners for an hour. Each episode of this podcast goes with a different theme with different real-life stories. You will have a different perspective on the world after listening to this fascinating podcast.

11. Bodies

Bodies are hosted by Allison Behringer, which goes around the medical mysteries of the present and past. It excitingly deals with the science genre. You will find out more about the various aspects of biology and its hidden mysteries with this podcast. The host even talks about her medical struggle in the initial episode, which you may find relatable.

Different Types of podcasts

There are four different basic types of podcasts. They are hybrid interviews or panel discussions, repurposed content, and nonfiction narrative storytelling. They are explained as follows:

1. Hybrid

Hybrid podcasts are those that have one regular or common host. But along with that, there are often other guests hosted on the show. It can either be in a commentary format, a monologue, or an interview.

It can also start with a monologue and then change into a panel discussion according to the ways of the speaker or host.

2. Interviews

The interview style of podcasts generally includes one host and other guests or interviewees. It goes in conversations where the host usually questions and takes interviews with the guest.

It is flexible and can be broken down into different segments. Listeners usually feel more connected and indulged in such types of podcasts.

3. Nonfiction narrative storytelling

It is one of the most popular choices in terms of podcasts among listeners. As the name suggests, such podcasts include nonfiction storytelling in a very realistic and thrilling way that draws and attracts listeners in it. Some of such podcasts are “This American Life,” “The Truth,”, and so on.

4. Repurposed Content

Repurpose content podcasts can include seminars, workshops, interviews, and so on. “The Moth” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell” are some examples of such podcasts. These podcasts usually have stories that are relatable to their listeners and their experiences.

Some Final Words

So this was all about podcasts and the top free popular podcasts available. It is time that you give them a try and bring some healthy entertainment into your life, and who knows, you may find your new favorite thing to do.

What’s the wait for? Try these podcasts now and get involved with your favorite one. Plus, you can enjoy this load of entertainment while working as well, which makes it even more desirable.

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