Online Networking – The Definitive Guide

The new era of online networking

Traditionally, one would have to dress in a suit and tie to attend events and functions. Thanks to technology, networking has brought a new meaning in the current internet era.

It is relatively easier to find a career on the internet as opposed to fifty years ago. However, technology’s simplicity has brought about comes with its own set of rules and challenges alike.

To properly utilize these online networking resources, you need to boost your likelihood of you having a shot by employing the following four tips. You can also find more content concerning this topic on dissertation writers for hire.

1. Hone your profile

Nowadays, it’s vital to create and control your brand as a person for potential employers. Thanks to social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s now easier for job recruiters to run a quick scan on prospective job candidates.

Similar to the real world, an employer may judge a person’s professionalism based on the first impression. Having a neat and presentable profile picture plays an important role. Your photo should be a clear and candid portrait or passport shot.

Shun away from using photos you took from that vacation in Paris or the one you took with your family on a birthday. If you want to boost your credibility and ultimately make you appear more reliable, you should consider hiring a professional photographer.

2. Keep a close check on your public appearance

A good practice you should adopt if you haven’t been doing is googling yourself often. Please note the results that show after searching your name and the picture of you it paints.

Do you feel the search results are accurate and precise in terms of what you want the public to know about?

Do you find anything unappealing on the search results that may jeopardize your credibility and compromise your impression of decision-makers?

If you find an unpleasant result about yourself on the internet, you need to start working on your public image as soon as possible and bring favorable, helpful results to the front pages. There are many ways you can manipulate search results in your name.

You can start by purchasing your domain name, for example, “” After purchasing and customizing your URL, start selling yourself by demonstrating your professionalism to prospective employers or the market.

3. Look for new methods of expanding your network and reach

LinkedIn and Facebook have several millions of users active on their site and all of which are potential for you to reach. LinkedIn, for example, allows a user to establish their professional network through their connections and their connection’s connection. This way, they can link to several thousands of users in the same field and industry.

If you’re reaching out to a social media user for the first time, it is best if you use a “business e-mail format” as you will present yourself as a professional. The usefulness of a business e-mail is the ability to function as both external and internal communication methods.

It has three major formatting elements, including the heading, body, and signature block. Use good grammar and proper word choice when writing business e-mails.

After knowing a person well enough, you can start engaging with that person in a friendly manner. Be respectful, friendly, brief, and precise when making a request.

4. Regular follow up

After establishing a new contact, it’s your responsibility to compose and send a follow-up mail. It is the right way to remind a person of your presence and spread information about your career moves.

In case you get lucky enough to get in touch with someone within the same city or region, you can suggest a quick meet up for a coffee cup if you are in a position to.

It costs nothing to be humble and overly polite whenever you’re sending a follow-up e-mail. If you hope to listen to someone again, be patient and persistent by creating a friendly environment. However, if you don’t respond after a long while, you can move on with other activities.


Creating a network demands that you put in your effort by being actively aggressive. Everything has a starting point: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Use the tips provided above to start or continue your networking endeavors. I wish you well.

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