7 Exceptional Ways to Gamify Writing Projects

Best Ways to Gamify Your Writing Projects

“Gamification” is apparently a thing that fuels all creative efforts put forth by the students. It goes without saying that assignment writing or working on other creative projects are an integral part of every academic practice.

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These may include dissertations, research essays, coursework, and more.

When it comes to writing, things might tend to get tedious in a process where manual efforts are involved. No one really enjoys working on those heaps of pending projects, adding references, or citing sources manually.

Imagine, simplifying the process of writing with online resources that can help you gamify the task. Sounds cool? How about checking out this amazing list of seven creative resources that will add the elements of fun and creativity to your writing?

Here you go!

Ways to Gamify Your Writing Process
Best Ways to Gamify Your Writing Process.

1. Get paid for meeting writing deadlines with Beeminder

As a student managing bulk writing projects, you may need to set realistic goals and achieve the same to meet all stringent deadlines with precision. This is exactly where Beeminder comes into play.

Key Features:

  • The app uses monetary incentives to help you stay focused on your writing goals.
  • It offers its users fresh blogs to read and seek references from.
  • It has an open forum for users to engage in a plethora of interactive topics.


Beeminder is available for $8 to $32 per month.

2. Develop writing ideas and interesting stances with Reddit’s Writing Prompts

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Are you lacking enough ideas to develop a particular assignment topic? No matter what, Reddit’s Writing Prompts is said to offer all requisite solutions online. The digital community is apparently one of the most effective forums for students and aspiring writers to seek inspiration from.

Key Features:

  • The community is filled with a plethora of poems and stories composed by Reddit users.
  • You too can post interesting content on the portal and can expect instant feedback on the same to help you brush up your writing skills.
  • You can write anything on Reddit without the fear of being judged. The forum allows you to be completely anonymous.
  • The platform aims to help you with Header Prompts, Sidebar Prompts, Prompts Tags, and more.
  • The writing resources include helpful tools, wiki pages, subscriber guides, etc.


This is an open forum, available for free.

3. Enhance your vocabulary with One Look Reverse Dictionary

Repetition of words or phrases carrying similar meanings can end up adding monotony to the content. This is one major loophole that makes it challenging for a writer to produce unique papers at the end of the day. One Look Reverse Dictionary resolves such issues via digital assistance.

Key Features:

  • You can use this tool to track and discover lists of similar words.
  • It allows users to search for words by their definitions.
  • One Look helps you to look for more than one hundred synonyms for each word.
  • You can access the tool via leading social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Relax! This one is available for free as well.

4. Write, save, take a break, and repeat with Draft

The draft allows writers to work together in real time. This particular tool is often referred to as the best alternative to Google Docs.

Key Features:

  • The “mark draft” button in the application allows users to save story drafts and continue working on the same thereafter.
  • The tool helps you to save four drafts and compare them side by side in four writing panes.
  • The draft helps you with copy-editing, presentations, cloud sync, keeping track of character count, and other analytics.


Draft facilitates free sign-up.

5. Edit your text and keep going with Ilys

No writing process is ever complete without perfect editing. Ilys is said to be one of the best alternatives to MS Word. The tool allows you to set a word-count goal and continue writing until you achieve the target successfully.

Key Features:

  • The resource allows you to keep track of your writing.
  • While you start writing, tell Ilys how many words you want to write. You cannot go back, delete or edit anything until you have achieved your word-count target.
  • New users get to utilize 3,000 free words.


Ilys is available for $9 per month.

6. Engage with others and produce better write-ups with Wattpad

It is always better to engage with a community of writers and bloggers to share and create interesting ideas to sleep on. Wattpad precisely provides you with such opportunities.

Key Features:

  • You can present your write-ups on Wattpad and collect valuable feedback from the community members.
  • Readers on Wattpad will also let you know if you are on the right track.


Wattpad Premium is available for $5.99 per month.

7. Produce grammatically accurate and plagiarism-free write-ups with Grammarly

Good writing is all about good grammar and originality. Unless the write-up is grammatically accurate and plagiarism-free, you won’t be able to make an impression of excellence. Grammarly helps you rectify minute grammatical errors in the copy along with plagiarism-free content.

Grammarly – AI-powered writing assistant

The most popular AI-based spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly logo and Icon

Key Features:

  • Grammarly checks for missing articles, outdated words, misspelled words, repetitive phrases, and more.
  • The premium version of Grammarly allows users to check and rectify plagiarised content.


Grammarly Premium is available for $29.95 per month.

To Wrap Up,

Take note of each of the aforementioned ways to gamify your writing process and always stay ahead of the competition out there. Here’s wishing you good luck in your future endeavors.


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