Write, Design, Promote: Your 3-Way Guide to Ebooks

eBook - write, design and publish

Ebooks are a great way to generate more leads and convert more of your potential visitors into subscribers.

They are the best marketing tool that not only increases your customers’ trust in you but also lets them know that you have the solution to their problems. Ebooks allow you to establish your authority in your niche.

What are eBooks?

As most of you already know, the term “ebook” is short for “electronic book.” It means a book that exists in the digital format to be read on a computer, laptop, mobile, ebook reader, or any other handheld device.

Ebooks are easy to send from one device to another, and readers can get them in many formats. As far as marketing is concerned, ebooks refer to documents that are in PDF format that companies offer to their customers on their websites or blog posts.

Why Write an eBook?

Like we said earlier, ebooks are useful marketing tools.

They are great when you are trying to turn a potential website or blog post visitors into customers. When you offer an ebook on your website, you provide some value for your customers in return for their information like email address, name, and more.

If your ebook is exciting and provides them with information that they’re looking for, they will gladly give you their information.

Ebooks are also great for social media promotions. Most people have a tough time believing in the “Sign up now” CTA. Instead, if you offer them a free ebook, you will see your campaign exceeding your expectations. Users will easily take the action that you want.

Ebooks are suitable for your SEO too. They let the people know that you are the authority on your specific subject. When users download your ebook, it lets Google know that you have E-A-T, short for “Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness.”

How To Do It

You can write ebooks about any topic that you want. It is very simple to craft, design, and promote ebooks. You don’t need to be an expert author to do it.

Here, we have outlined the process of writing, designing, and promoting your ebooks.

Do Your Research

The first and most important thing to do is to research your topic. You don’t want to write an incomplete ebook. Without your research, you might end up with an ebook that is incoherent and all over the place. All your hard work and time will go to waste.

Keeping in mind your target audience, decide on the perfect topic. Ask yourself what your audience wants to know and what they need help with and what information can you provide them that will be helpful.

Once you have a topic, you need to plan it. Your plan might include the title of the ebook, the keywords that you will be incorporating into it. Determine the keywords from the search volume.

Find out how you can give the most value to your customers or anyone who visits your website or blog post. Create an outline for your ebook, what will come in each chapter, how many sections will be in your book. It will help you write it later.

Design Your Ebook

The second step of the process is designing your ebook. You need to create a path for yourself. It will make sure that your ebook is chock-full of information. Compare it with other ebooks available on the market.

Find out how you can create something that offers much more value than your competitors. What colors, fonts, images, media, and writing styles will work best for you? If this is all new to you, don’t worry.

There is a great software to create ebooks out there, which means now you don’t have to be an ebook wizard to pull it off.

Write It Down

Once you have done all the preparation, it’s time to write the content. Make sure that you use language that can be easily understood by a layman. There may be some topics that are only for a particular group; then, you can use as much jargon as you want.

But for most ebooks, keep it as simple as you can. You can use different tools to ensure that the readability and the grammar are on the spot.

Most ebooks are around 25 pages. Your goal is to give the readers information, but don’t overdo it.

Optimize It

Once you have done all the writing, it’s time to make it better. One of the best things about ebooks is that you can add links to it. If you’re planning to share it on your website or your blog, you can link internally to other blogs on your site. You can also post the ebook on Amazon and other places to get backlinks.

Use Your Brand

Since ebooks are easy to share, they have the potential to reach an audience far and wide. So you need to make sure that your brand is prominent. It can help increase your brand’s visibility like nothing else.

Just make sure that it looks tasteful and not feel like promotional material. You don’t want to oversell. Add a logo to the cover page and the back. Include your complete contact information so that your visitors can get to you if they want. Use the fonts and colors of your brand.

Promote It

Finally, you have your brand new ebook in your hands or the device in your hands. Congratulations!

Now you have to promote it so that it can reach the target audience.

If you already have an email list, you can send your ebook to your subscribers. Create a mini list that contains the email addresses of all those subscribers that you think will want to read your ebook and send them an engaging email with the download link of your ebook.

You can also contact influencers on social media platforms and share your ebook with them. If they like it, they will share it with their audience. It can help you get the exposure that you want.

Writing an ebook is not a onetime thing. Once you have created your ebook, you need to keep updating it according to the latest trends. This way, you can make sure that your ebook is just as relevant now as it was when you first wrote it.

So, there you go – your guide to writing, designing, and publishing your very first ebook. Happy Writing!

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