How to Purchase the Right Precious Metal Jewelry

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Metal jewelry exudes class and sophistication. They elevate your status. However, purchasing the right precious metal jewelry can be confusing.

The market is filled with lots of vendors. Plus, if it’s your first time, things can be overwhelming. Luckily, this guide helps you choose precious metal jewelry you can be proud of.

Features of Precious Metals

Precious metals are always rare to find. They possess unique characteristics, such as the ability to make magnificent jewelry. Some of the metals that are deemed precious are silver, gold, platinum, ruthenium, osmium, palladium, iridium, as well as rhodium.

Unlike easily oxidized base metals like copper, nickel, as well as brass, precious metals come with a high surface luster. Plus, they don’t rust or corrode easily, meaning that they can last for many years while still giving you the perfect shine you’re looking for. Here is a review of Goldco Precious Metals to help you make an informed decision.


When it comes to jewelry-making, gold is one of the most sought-after materials. And this is mainly because it doesn’t tarnish or corrode easily. Plus, its lustrous nature is extremely attractive. Jewelry artisans can easily incorporate gold into an extensive range of designs, either by utilizing it for base pieces or combining it with other decorative elements.

Gold’s malleability makes it one of the easiest metals to work with. However, pure gold is too soft and might scratch or bend easily. That’s why it’s usually blended with other materials, such as silver and copper, for a stronger and more resilient alloy.

Most often, jewelers use the term karat to describe the amount of pure gold present in the alloy, with 24 karats or kt being pure gold and anything below that proportionally less.

Gold Jewelry: Understanding the Types

Different pieces of gold jewelry are priced differently. The choice you make will solely depend on your budget and personal preference.

  • Solid gold – this alloy features at least 10 karats of gold and isn’t hollow.
  • Gold-plated – These items are usually coated with at least 10 karats of gold. A base metal, like brass, is inserted into a bath of electroplating solution, featuring a lump of solid gold. And when an electric current is passed through it, a thin layer of gold will be deposited on the metal.
  • Gold vermeil – Here, a coating of gold is applied on top of another metal, but it entails using a thicker layer of at least 100 microinches. Typically, gold vermeil is applied over sterling silver, producing a coating with a purity level of about 14 karats. As compared to regular gold-plated jewelry, gold vermeil is more durable.  Other types of gold are white gold, blue gold, and rose gold.

Choose the Perfect Piece

Jewelry is an important part of how you express yourself. So when choosing your next style, consider the above types of precious metals and dress with confidence. Whether you’re in love with the current trends or crafting your own unique style, you can rest assured that you’ll find a perfect piece for your personal needs.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t purchase any precious metal jewelry. But the best one. The above guide is all you need to get it right when it comes to the precious metal jewelry you purchase. These are the tips that will get you the best bracelet, necklace, or ring. Good luck!

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